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  1. I made her a CD with this mix on it, so I hope she holds on to it and remembers it when she's older.
  2. Last week on Tuesday I found out we'd be playing Joy to the World on the weekend (which ended up turning out really well). So to practice and try out a few different amps and tones, I decided to record the song in Mixcraft and have my 10 year old daughter sing lead, and since my brother is staying with us while in town for Christmas, I asked him to sing harmony. Thanks to Palico for the suggestion to use the Marshall Super Lead with a T-75 cab, as it turned out to be a perfect combo for the tone I was looking for. The band had fun playing it this weekend, and I had fun recording it at home with my daughter and brother, so I thought I'd share: This is my favorite tone so far that I've been able to get with the Marshall models on the HD500X. It's just the amp using cranked mids with a screamer in front of it and plate reverb at 30%. The right channel guitar does have analog chorus added, but that's it. I also used the bass octaver and the flip top model for the bass part.
  3. Yeah, house recordings generally don't sound very good and are not a good sample of what something really sounds like live because of all of the sounds from the stage that fill the room that help the mix that aren't actually captured at the board (a good example is bass guitar; it's low frequency sounds great from the stage, and our sound guy rarely adds much to the mix and therefore the recordings because it would overpower the room with the already strong bass presence from the stage). I haven't tried what you're suggesting, and I'm not familiar with the Tascam DR-40, but if I were going to do it, I'd test some recordings ahead of time using both the headphone out and the 1/4" left (with the mixed down signal) to see which one sounds more like what you'd like to have to add to the videos.
  4. Have you read the manual that came with the HD500x (I'm assuming you have it since you mentioned it being new)? If not, you really need to read through the manual as there aren't really any shortcuts for using this pedal for your personal tastes. If you go into the System Setup menu by holding the "view" button down, you'll see an option on the first page (of 10) for FS Mode. This allows you to configure FS 5-8 for either footswitches to enable/disable specific effects, or to act as ABCD buttons for switching between 4 presets. To do 8 different patches, you'll need to set 4 patches in 2 different banks. There are 16 available banks per setlist for a total of 64 possible patches per setlist. The buttons on the very left allow you to move up and down between banks. Set your first 4 patches on bank one and your next 4 on bank 2, and then you'll be able to use the bank select buttons to switch between the 2 banks.
  5. So I really liked the LA Metal Mick patch posted above, but I thought it was just a bit brighter than what I'm looking for. Other than that, cool patch that just needed to have the mids boosted some to be usable live. I ended up making a new patch with the Plexi Lead 100 (normal) and the T75. I generally put my 57s off axis but followed the suggestion for that mic being on axis for this amp/cab combo, and I really like how it is turning out. The mids are at about 90% with treble and bass a little over 50%. I've got 2 other similar patches I'm working on, so I haven't made up my mind 100% yet which I'll use, but here's what I have on the patch that has the Plexi Lead. It's my favorite so far. (I just threw this together in about 2 minutes and couldn't find a drum track on the spur of the moment that was 160 bmp like the original song, so I used this one at 147, and I didn't get time to double-track the guitars): I'll still do some more tweaking, but I like this as a start. Edit: Here's the Metal Mick patch (I didn't pay attention to levels when I exported, so this is much louder than the other file) Edit 2: Here's another patch that I've been using live for some time, but I think it sounds a little too muffled for this song (although I've had a few people tell me they like this tone the best):
  6. Thanks Palico, I'll give that a shot, too. I was thinking a TS would help with the sound once I get a good basic tone from an amp model.
  7. The descriptions on those sound like what I'm looking for, especially the second one. I'll check them out to see how they sound and to see if they need EQ adjustments for a live set. Thanks.
  8. I'm playing this song this weekend (just found out about it) and most of my heavy gain patches are a little too dark/metal sounding for the song (up through 0:40 will give a good sampling). I'm not looking for someone to make a patch for me or anything like that, I'd just like some suggestions on an amp model and/or distortion pedal model that would get me in the ballpark of this tone. I'm plenty comfortable enough to build the patch to sound good in the live mix, it's just that since I bought my HD500X last April, I haven't familiarized myself with all of the amp models as much as I would like to have by now. So what are some good amp models to start with to get somewhere near the tone for the song in the link? I'm thinking maybe one of the Marshall amp models, but if anyone has a better starting point, I'd appreciate any recommendations.
  9. I always use the XLR outputs directly into the board. I originally posted this thready back in May, but other than continual tweaking of my patches and the fact that we bought some powered monitors to leave at the building (rather than me bringing my Crate PA system with me for a monitor), I haven't changed much in the way of setup since then.
  10. It's really hard to answer that question without knowing what kind of pickups you have, what kind of tone you're going for, what kind of setting you're using the POD in (ie. live, studio, home recording, bedroom practice, etc.). For the very basics, start going through the amps to see what you think sounds good to your ears. Once you find some amps you like, work on EQ and gain levels for those amps. Keep in mind that if you're playing live, you'll need to boost your mid-range levels (almost the opposite of the scooped sound a lot of players use at home) if you want to be heard in a mix. Then start working on adding delay, reverb, etc. and any other effects you like. The best way to learn the unit is to get your hands on it, but do finish the manual as there is a lot of good info in there. Also, a lot of members here often recommend this site: I don't use it regularly, but the times I have used it, I've found a lot of really good, useful info.
  11. Great price. I got mine brand new from Amazon a little less than a year ago for $354 shipped when they and Best Buy were seeming to have a price war with it.
  12. What are the EQ settings on your channel on the PA? You have to have a good thick mid-range to be heard in a live mix, with less bass and treble, otherwise you compete with keyboards, bass guitar, and vocals and either sound thin and weak or disappear altogether. The reason I ask about the PA EQ settings is because once when I was playing live, I had my tone set exactly the way I usually did for playing live, with plenty of mids, but all of a sudden my sound was very weak and thin without me having made any changes. Turns out that someone had been messing with the EQ settings on my channel on the PA mixer and had the treble and bass really high, and the mids completely down, taking any fatness out of what my POD was feeding into the board. Once I saw that, I set everything back to flat at the PA and everything sounded great again.
  13. Ha, I love that movie. Haven't seen it in years but I may have to watch it again.
  14. Is the recording a mix of both bridge and neck pickups? The beginning sounds like bridge pickup to me, and the second half sounds like neck.
  15. Just downloaded the patch. I'll check it out over the weekend. Thanks for the upload.
  16. I've never been able to edit info on any of my uploaded patches. It basically hasn't worked for me since I first got my HD500X. I've emailed tech support (early 2014?) and they said they were aware of the problem and were working on it, but it has never been fixed for my account. I've seen others post on here that their account is able to edit info just fine, and they've explained step by step how to do it, but it just doesn't work for me no matter what browser or computer I use, so I gave up. The only option I actually DO have is "delete" which works fine, but that doesn't help much, of course.
  17. But the real question is, were you surfing in Circles at Midnight? ;)
  18. Great sounding patch. I agree with radatats, you should post it up on CustomTone and share the link.
  19. Absolutely. The closer the strings are to the magnets in the pickups, the more the magnets pull on them, keeping them from vibrating as long. I keep my action at about what I would classify as medium (not really high or low). It doesn't negatively affect my playing at all compared to lower action.
  20. I'm glad I read this. I have one patch that I love the sound of, but it always seemed to cut some of my sustained notes short compared to other patches. It didn't occur to me to lower the noise gate on this patch since I have it set similarly on most of my patches, but reducing it did the trick.
  21. You might try spraying it with electrical/contact cleaner first.
  22. All of mine are stereo to stereo. The stereo effects work fine once it's pulled out slightly.
  23. Not me. I'm using a set of real closed ear 60 Ohm headphones with a normal 1/8" connector.
  24. Yeah, I have to leave it slightly out, but this is actually the best of the 4 or 5 that I have. But this one seems to have more of an issue on the female 1/8" side so that the headphones won't work right if they're all of the way plugged in.
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