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  1. Wow! I love all the activity in this thread. I wasn't trying to get anybody shot! (I know you were joking, bra - I have a sense of humor) I just thought the Home page link, to what seemed like a link to the 2.6 firmware, took you in circles. So as 1 person pointed out above, my intention with this thread was to simply notify Line6 (with a little humor) that the link seemed kind of wrong to me - but it may be exactly how they intended it. I meant no more, no less! I'm sorry some were confused with this post and thought I needed help with the update. Sorry to cause undo concern! And thanks to those of you whom also felt the link a little confusing - I appreciate the support! This is a rough forum (very easy to offend people here if you criticize L6)! I just have to return to the fact that all of us forked over $500 for our HD. We are all Line6 supporters here! I realize criticism of any type can be seen as negative, but that's arguably what a forum is for! Again, I'm very sorry if I offended Line6, or any of its customers. OK - rock on everybody. Enjoy the new model packs. And keep up the good work, Line6! Way to get that update out by the deadline, I know you worked your asses off to do so.
  2. I appreciate your replies to my post, but you guys totally missed the point! haha read the whole post. I'm not having a problem with performing the update. I'm simply saying the link to the 2.6 firmware on the Home page doesn't take you where you want to go.
  3. The link to the HD500X 2.6 firmware update on the front page seems confusing. I already have the 500X, that's why I'm clicking on the link to the firmware; I don't want to go the HD500X page where there's no mention at all of the 2.6 firmware update! Ok - I'm an idiot, I should realize I need to go to Support and then Downloads to get the update. Great, I'm there! ...and there's a helpful link to the 2.6 update as it is popular! Great, I'll click on the link to read more to learn how to apply and get the update--DOH! I'm back to the HD500X page again - where there's still no mention of the update! hahaha... OK, like I said, I'm an idiot. I went back to the downloads page and used the drop downs (as I now realize Line6 intended) and downloaded all the new software pertinent to the firmware update and my operating system. Problem solved, but am I the only one who thinks this slightly confusing? Seems like it needs to be a little more 'idiot-proof' to me; at least make the link on the Home page take you to the download page, or add a little blurb about where to go for 2.6 on the HD500X page? Am I the only one who went in unnecessary circles on this one? Probablay--doh! haha
  4. Cool. If you change your mind... the FX-100 works best with most amps running into the effects RETURN or in... you want to send the sound out of the pod and INTO the power amp of your amp. So a 1/4" cable from the left main-out of the FX100 to the effects loop input or return on your amp, with nothing connected to the send of your amps effects loop... the guitar out on the FX-100 can also be used. Use the guitar out in conjunction with the main L and R to have music play only out the mains and guitar only out the guitar out. The MASTER volume on the FX-100 controls your amp volume (on most amps, some have efffects loop level control) when running into the effects return, so start with it off and turn up slowly!
  5. I like your sound! I only had time to check the first two songs... but they were great. Reminded me of older David Bowie (please take that as a compliment). I'll be sure to check the rest soon. I was enjoying the song so much I forgot about trying to pick out the XT vs Linn! Thanks for sharing. Rock on
  6. As another tube amp begins to volume shift on me, I feel ya! Lately I've been so happy with my HD500X into the Roland PM-30 (which came with my v-drums). While I'm not selling em yet, my tube amps are getting dusty.
  7. See this website before? http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/
  8. Hahaha. Right! I had to read the manual three times - I couldn't bring my self to believe there wasn't a power switch! :-) Maybe it was left off on purpose to avoid accidental shut off with foot? I guess a little power switch/strip does the job and is easier to replace if it wears out. Note: The FX-100 does have a power switch, and I really enjoy using it as it's plugged into a shared power supply.
  9. Thanks, I was having issues setting it up trying to use a CC of my choice, but when I used the built in expression pedal CC of 11 in Mainstage 3 it worked perfectly. I'm not sure if that was coincidental due to other parmeter changes I made or if you must use 11. Obviously, I'm learing as I go. I have a couple reasons for not always using the HD500 amp models and effects/wah. I have amp plugins that sound better and have even more features than the HD500X... and when using one HD500X as a midi controller for multiple items (bass, guitar, keyboard, vocal) within a Mainstage concert, it seems easier to control levels, effects, and amps, from one place. Your setup sounds cool. I look forward to the blog entry!
  10. Wow - very helpful. Great work, buddy. Thanks for sharing!
  11. The HD500X makes a great MIDI foot controller. I use it with Ableton on the desktop - works great; I love assigining the foot pedal to some effect parameter or filter - so cool. It works great with JamUp on the iPad too. I am having trouble setting up the HD500x expression pedal to work with one of the wah pedals in Mainstage 3. I can turn stomp boxes on and off via MIDI just fine, but I'm having trouble with the expression pedal assignment; I can't figure the correct parameters. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  12. Really? So an updated HD will now have non HD models? Am I the only one who thinks this odd? Why not start from scratch with any new amp models and keep the HD truly HD? So the three model packs will each have a mix of HD and X3 models? I don't understand where all the value is - you bastardize your HD with old amp models - and you pay $ for it? Will the X3 amp models sound better than they do on the Amplifi FX-100? Ooo - I sound kinda harsh. I don't mean to be. Again, I am a longtime fan of Line6 and literally have $1000's of dollars in Line 6 gear. All of us in this thread spent at least $500 on our HD; we are all prepared to pay to play, but cost needs to be fair. What is fair? That's the Line6million dollar question, but as others have pointed out, modeled amps are becoming cheaper and cheaper. I bought all sorts of modeled amp software in the form of ipad apps, desktop apps, and desktop plugins in 2014 and continue to do so to date. From my perspective, considering the current amp model software market, and the proportional cost of the actual device (HD500X) to the proposed model pack price, and the arguably lesser non-HD models being included, I do not think the price is justified. As many of you have pointed out, I can elect to not purchase... but where's the fun in that! I agree with a comment above, if they really are going to turn our HD's into an app store of sorts... Let us buy the amp models we want. Offer em all individually, and they can then bundle em all sorts of different ways to offer discounts when purchasing multiple amp models at once. Maybe come out with an all-HD model pack for those wanting to retain the HD only nature of their device? BONUS QUESTION: How are the actual models stored on an HD500X; are there any storage concerns? How many different amp models might an HD500X hold? Are there any storage differences between 500, 500X, and Pro versions? And Uber, you are the man, but please don't be so negative... you never know what Line6 will do! Let's give em a chance! :-) I think you may be wrong... I bet new HD500x's will include the new model packs or offer an update for free. Who would pay $500 for a new HD500x knowing a $100 update is required to get all the amp models? Once they clear some revenue on the L6 diehards that can't wait to pay whatever for whatever Line 6 puts out, I think they just may open up the new model packs to all. I'm gonna keep the faith.
  13. I think it's absurd to charge $99 for the new model packs - especially if they're not even HD... but then again, maybe HD doesn't really mean what we think it does. Perhaps it's just marketing. I have both the HD500X and the FX-100 - and for jamming at home and basic recording - the FX100 sounds just as good if not better than the HD500X. I'll take everybody's word for it that the HD500 is superior under detailed situations and a trained ear. One could argue, my POD 2.0 produces tones that rival both units... So, yes, if you are home grown rock star jamming to the tv and your favorite tunes and you want a bunch of amp models and effects, take the $99 bucks and invest it towards the $200 Amplifi TT - much better bang for the buck. Only those extermely high on life can argue the HD500 screen is easier to navigate than the retina display of the Amplifi app on a phone or ipad. The Firehawk is just about out - and it has every amp model the HD500X and FX100 has, with as much I/O and routing options as they care to enable via software. The HD series is old and it's replacement will certainly be the Firehhawk 2 - or whatever they call the HD replacement. Costs incurred developing these new amp models is more than worth it to keep an aging product afloat -- and knowing line 6, they'll use these amp models for years in future amps, floorboard, and software units. It's not like they hired a team to make these new amp models specifically for the HD500. Developing amp models for a wide range of products is what they do! We already paid -- and we'll pay again as we move forward buying new products. Having said that, I LOVE the idea of keeping a product going for as long as possible - if it aint broke, don't fix it (Did I mention I still use my POD 2.0). The problem with the HD series is the now aging processor... So while software updates can extend the usable life of your PC, you get to a point where your hardware limits updates. The HD processor is old like that and definintely at the end of its life cycle. There are numerous ipad virtual guitar apps under $20 that already sound better than the HD (try BIAS) and include all sorts of amps (consider how much more powerful the processor is on your ipad vs the processor in the HD500). How can Line6 justify charging $100 for 10 new amps on old hardware? Save that boutique pricing for recording plug ins! Now, if they were selling a new processor, or a color screen you could update your HD with, then that might be worth $100, but to charge us for software they are already developing feels kind of like a scam. I'm hoping that Line6 is going to surprise us all and give away these new amp models for the HD series. Get us talking about buying them in these forums and THEN 'give' them away... that would be some cool marketing. That would make me feel better about the $1000's of dollars I've dropped on L6 over the years. Isn't customer loyalty worth giving away a few amp models to EXISTING customers?
  14. Often times you can simply adust the z-impedence - I usually run spanky guitars (tele) at 230k, and humbuckers/low output single coils at 1M. I'm guessing these 2 guitars sound pretty different through the same real tube amp as well, but the differences come out in a way that's pleasing! I've never dialed up a tone via HD500x on my Strat that sounds good on my SG, or Les Paul... but I can plug into my Hot Rod Deluxe with the knobs at noon and all guitars sound great. The pod really needs to be tailored to the axe/output device for the best results - that's why so many people lollipop about POD presets! :-)
  15. Really? They're going to charge for X3 models to put on your HD? Will they sound better on the HD500X than they currently sound on the FX100? How much are those model packs going to be? Are any of the new models coming out HD? Isn't the HD platform nearing the end of its lifespan? Why are they even charging for these model packs? Seems like the Firehawk is going to offer quite a bit of the HD technology and I/O. Are they going to leave something out of the Firehawk to make the HD500x still desireable? These model packs don't seem like the answer! haha
  16. I have an idea... you could asign a button to switch between using EXP1 as wah/volume; instead of the EXP1 toe switch.
  17. This is an interesting question. I too was thinking the Amplifi would be great with the HD500x on the AUX IN, but I'm not so sure. Normally, the AUX IN is a perfect way to hook up your pod HD; on most amps this is just like hooking up to the RETURN of the effects loop (bypassing the preamp)... but, unlike normal amps, the Amplifi amps don't use all their speakers equally for the guitar signal. Beyond stereo, there is the wet/dry balance between the main guitar speaker and the mid speakers. The Aux IN probably sounds great for music, but is the HD-500 going to sound good with the same signal going through all 5 speakers of the amplifi? The AUX IN is not smart enough to utilize the guitar speaker for the core HD500 tone and send the effects to the mids, etc - instead it will be using the main guitar speaker as more of a sub woofer (great for music but not so much for guitar). You'd probably get better guitar results using the AUX IN of a Spider IV with an HD500. The cab and speakers of a Spider IV are optimized for modeling already.
  18. One option; try assigning the volume pedal to the amp(s) volume parameter. And, yes, the volume pedal maintains your stereo signal. To globally reduce volume while maintaining gain, it's probably better towards the end. In front, the volume pedal can act as a preamp; and have more of a 'clean up' effect as the volume is lowered.
  19. I have tried my FX100 through the preamp of numerous amps and PA type devices including a Hot Rod Deluxe, a Kustom Profile One, a Roland PM-30, Mackie Thump 12, Crate FXT120, Fender Ultimate Chorus stereo 2x12, Acoustasonic Jr stereo 2x8, and into the front of Fender Twin, and Blues Jr. No doubt, a good stereo PA is going to sound the best - but PA's are large and expensive for a good one! I 'imagine' the L2 (or a pair of those) is going to yield the best possible sound... but that's $1600 new. On a budget, I think you get the most bang for the buck using a guitar amp with a send/return; plugging in to the return and bypassing the preamp of the amp itself. Even if an amp doesn't have an actual effects loop, many amps have a CD in or AUX in - which also bypasses the preamp and provides a great way to use the FX100 (or any POD). If the amp is stereo, you can hook both the left and right outputs of the FX100 to enjoy stereo effects. Get the most watts you can afford within a given amp genre (tube or SS) as most amps get a good deal of their volume from the pre amp section. To get the most detail out of the amp models you need alot of overhead; 100 + watts for SS, and 30 + watts for tube. If you like tube amps, the Hot Rod Deluxe can often be found for $300 - $400. This amp has a two inputs and a send/return jacks. Plug into the front and turn off the amp and cab models. Plug into the return and enable an amp model - turning the cab on or off as desired. Of course, the Fender power amp and cabinet colors the sound - but in a good way IMO. You also just bought yourself a great tube amp that sounds amazing on its own! You can get even more bang for your buck - and flatter response - from a solid state 2x10 or 2x12 combo. A Line 6 Spider III (or better) 120, or 150 makes an excellent platform for the FX100 - plug into the aux input. Remember, these amps were designed to 'model' amps so they have a nice flat response; the speakers and cabinets were designed to color the sound as little as possible. Spider III 120 and 150's can be had for about $200.
  20. You aren't able to switch between EXP1 and EXP2 with the toe switch? And you've recalibrated the foot pedal? Think of pushing forward with your heel when engaging... I thought I had the same problem as you, but I was not engaging correctly.
  21. The main outs work perfectly - that's what I have been using.
  22. Hey Triryche! Well - if I crank my amp or PA I can hear a faint crackly guitar signal... so there is sound, but not at all usable. I talked with a Line6 tech at length about it and he diagnosed it as broken - not working at all like it is supposed to. Here's the rub. I bought it used from GC for $200. I got the 1year extended coverage they offer. The unit arrived with the AMP OUT broken. The extended replacement coverage doesn't kick in until the 60 day return policy passes - so I can't use the extended coverage until 12/30. So I can return it now - but since it was used I would have to pay another $100 for a new one... Or I can wait 60 days and use the coverage for a brand new one... that was my plan. Then the TT came out - and I actually like that form factor better... so I wanted to trade out for that one - but it's release date has now been pushed back to 1/15/2015... so I guess I need to return my broken FX100, and just order the TT before my coverage runs out. So, I'll be out an Amplifi device of any type for at least a couple weeks... or I can stick with the FX100 and get a new one after 12/30/2014 when my GC coverage kicks in.
  23. The shortboard (MKII) along with the TT actually offers MORE control than just the FX100 board. Most notable differences would be the full displpay that will give you patch and bank numbers, one button control of bank switching (pressing the 2 FX100 buttons simultaneously to switch is hard if not impossible for a small foot), and the ability to turn off and on indvidual effects within a chain just like a real stomp box. Why you hate the CAT5 cable is beyond me? It works great, it's cheap, easy to cut to your exact length, and carries 6 wires vs the 3 wires of standard TRS 1/4" cable. Why do you dislike it so? What did it do to you! haha I'm just messing around - to each his own!
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