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  1. None of my music or jam tracks have sound though they both seem to be playing; like I have a mute button active on my FX-100. I am plugged into the left/mono output. The guitar works perfectly. I have the latest firmware update and latest version of Amplifi fx from the App atore (ios). What am i doing wrong?
  2. I too was a bit disappointed with the tone matching system. For me, it works as expected, but I had hoped there would be more of a following and more quality tones offered. There are some decent tones for sure, but so many famous shredding guitar players with classic tone are not even represented. Alas, I have to admit that I have not done one thing to support the tone library myself - so I suppose I have no business complaining! I got my FX100 last October and put it away by XMAS and went back to using my HD500X. I wasn't loving the FX either. I just recently took the FX100 out for a spin, and I have to say, it sounds really good with little fuss, and has so many more amps and effects than the HD500X. It's funner and easier dialing in tones with full color on the retina touch screen of your iphone or ipad than using the little hd500x low res B&W screen. After using the HD500X quite a bit, the simplicity of the FX100 is refreshing. I'm loving it right now. I didn't mean for this to be a comparison between the two units, but it became one. On that note, the HD500 community and tone offerings are more established and better than the FX100. Hopefully, the FX100 community will improve with time.
  3. Speaking for myself, I am currently back to guitar/same. I don't hear the filter combing effect reported by others... the 6db loss is really noticeable.
  4. I think either 1/4 or 1/8 will produce the same results (with the proper cable) - won't they? I've found the HD500X using a trs cable (dual 1/4 mono to single 1/8 stereo) works great into amps with an 1/8 aux in. I use my Line 6 Studio 110 via the 1/8 aux in with my HD500X and it too requires a dummy 1/4" plugged into the input.
  5. Right! I missed that comment - and a good deal! Good to know the DT series is going strong.
  6. Ritchie Castellano - guitar & keyboard player for BOC - the guy rips and seems super cool judging by his videos with his other projects outside of BOC - that's Blue Oyster Cult, for you younger kids out there. Check out his cover band - Band Geek - they shred and he uses an HD500 on all of the videos - he matches up some classic tones with the HD500. I beleive he is sponsored by L6 already - if not they should give him some product! In one video he plays an Engl amp too - using the HD500 to control it via MIDI. But for the most part... Once you reach the level of sponsorship and have people to haul your stuff - I'll take real amps over modeled ones any time! I think most people feel that way... so there really aren't many famous guitar gods using HD modeling. As pointed out above - go look at REAL multi rig pro setups of your guitar heroes. The pros all have crazy setups full of racks and elaborate pedal boards and heads and power amps - and technicains to keep it all sorted out and working - as emulated in the POD for regular folks like us. Keep the conversation constrained to portability and there is no competition for the HD!
  7. Damn! Missed the DT25 head for $449! Good score for those of you that got one. Yessss. Interesting - but sad story about Guitar Center - I did not know they had fallen prey to that new way of running companies... into the ground so a handfull of investors can make a quick return. I don't really want to see GC fail - but it might be the best thing for all of us... Sorry to get off topic. Hmmm hard to say if this was GC trying to raise some quick cash, or Line6 hinting at a replacement or refresh of the DT series. You currently can't seem to backorder the DT25 head from GC.
  8. I use my HD500X to control all sorts of MIDI things - it is a bonafide MIDI foot controller. The knobs of the HD500x can not be assigned, but you can assign all buttons and both the on board (and extenal expression pedals if you have). I've never had the pleasure of playing with a Kemper, but if it is standard MIDI spec the FX500 should work great! Midi controllers are pricey. This is definitely a value add for the HD500. In addtion to controlling MIDI amps, It works really well with ipad audio guitar amp apps. It works great with Ableton too - assigning the expression pedal to some sort of filter or effect parameter can produce some really NEW sounds... assigning cab IR's via foot switch - provides another great way to change your tone in an unexpected way - so many things you can do when playing your guitar through Ableton, or Logic, or Mainstage, etc.
  9. Really? I'd never seen the 44 magnum. Is it loud enough to play live? This is exactly the solution I was looking for, but I was afraid the tone would not be up to snuff at volume... but you are happy with it? Hmm... thanks for sharing!
  10. No doubt - It's often fun to play out of a70's setup... It's amazing how much more playing I did back then... Like you said, learning songs was work... rememebr when cassetes came out! hahaha I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - made learning songs a snap! being able to rewind to a specific location. These days, I can literally amp and effect my electric guitar with a myriad of digital solutions - but I spend so much more time on the technical aspects that I'm sometimes spinning my wheels on tech rather than just playing! So now I haunt these forums to answer all the new challenges presented for the modern player. Oh yeah - there were no forums in the old days either.
  11. Hey Buddy. Welcome to the HD500X. You've done a great job of finding all the different ways to hook up to your 8080 - you can find detailed info on how to physicaly setup each of the configutrations listed above. I'll give you a quick rundown to get you going: Yes - you can easily treat the HD as a front of amp pedal board. Turn off the amp model (and speaker and cab model gets turned off when doing so) in the patch and add effects as desired. Plug the line out L into the inpur of your amp. This uses your marshall as the complete guitar amp it is - just like putting 8 stomp boxes in front of your amp. The drag about the above method is that you cannot place effects AFTER the preamp (which is where delays and reverbs usually work best, some of the best pod tones are created using an EQ after the pre as well, chorus can work well after too). To the rescue is 4CM - which allows you to place effects both before and after your preamp - and gives you the ability to use your preamp and/or your amps preamp; even mixing the two if desired. Diagrams for 4CM physical hook up can be found with a quick search. If you want to use just the power amp of your marshall, the pod works great plugged into the effects return/in. Go from the pod line out L into your 8080 effects return. Start with the master volume on the pod all the way down as your amp volume no longer effects the heard volume - the pod master becomes the overall master for amp and pod. Use a pre amp model (rather than the amp models with power modeling too, there are pre versions of all amp models). The USB cable allows you to plug into your computer to record from the pod directly or you can simply use the pod as a USB interface and then use software amps of your choosing (Garageband, Logic, Amplifi, Mobile Pod, Pod Farm, etc, etc). Easy hook up - USB cable from pod to PC. User your OS audio settings to configure the pod as the in/out source for music. After setting the OS to recognize the device, you often have to then configure your specific software to use the POD. Again, there are volumes of detailed posts and videos explaining the details. Be sure you have the Output of the POD set accordingly to LINE or AMP. The cleanest signal can be had when using a standard guitar by setting the POD input to guitar only on A and Variax (or mic or aux) on B, and then setting the pan on to 50%. When using 4CM be sure the effects loop is set to line. ALL the info and more can be found here:
  12. Hahaha - second that name change!
  13. Cool! Nice song and video - thanks for sharing. The new amp models sound great. Keep up the good work!
  14. Way to noodle it... The more I use the HD500x, I look at all the amp models and effects as tone adjusters, rather than the real hardware they claim to duplicate. I often find the tone I'm going for uses a different amp or cab or effect than expected.
  15. I use the pod as a MIDI controller into mainstage, using the Apple amps and efffects. It works great to control the effects and wah, but you can also use it to control amp parameters and more; basically to control anything MIDI within Mainstage. Midi foot controllers cost like $200 bucks - so this is a real nice extra use for your HD500x. HD500 tones works great right into Mainstage too... this requires less PC processing power too as the HD500x is doing all the modeling work. You can mix and match apple effects and HD effects in the signal chain too, use your favorite IR's with HD amp models, etc. If your computer is fast enough, it's easier to use the apple amps and effects - they are quite nice... the fact that these are the EXACT amp models and effects as in the $200 Logic Pro makes Mainstage a must have for even the cheapest digital music buff. You can run through 3 amps or more in Mainstage if you have the processing power... and then route all those signals through plugins of your choice. It's really quite fun and there's no limit to what you can do if you have the processing power. The notion of having unlimited sends and returns allows for some crazy routing options.
  16. Hahaha right! I hear ya... Have you looked into thrid party IR's? If you are trying to get good recordings, you may consider bypassing the HD500X cab and mic models and use impulse responses from others. I like these alot
  18. scott93105

    manual :(

    Yeah - the orginal POD 2.0 manual was awesome - but that's not how it's done these days. I recently got the FX-100 and the manual was but a few pages. Most products ship with little these days in the form of a manual. But I realized that for all the amp model descriptions, etc, I could look at the X3 docs. I too was a little disappointed with the online-only advanced guide for the HD500X, but some of what is lacking in the HD500X documentation can be augmented with the M13 documentation in regards to a detailed description of each effect parameter (the HD500X manual actually directs you to this info). I expected the online manual to update along with the firmware, as I understood that to be the point of the online manual in the first place. I guess we expect too much. I'd LOVE a job at Line6 maintaining the manuals online - hint, hint --unless meambobbo wants the job, of course!
  19. Has anybody tried the Tech 21 Power Engine 60? OMG - I've been wanting someone to come out with something like this for years! And it's made in the USA for $400. I've specifically searched for such a thing but never found this until now. I want one! Are there other powered cabinets like this on the market? This seems like the solution I've been looking for to take the POD live. I like that it looks and transports like a standard combo amp. The sound seems great in the videos with all sorts of devices. What ya think? I always wondered why Line6 never made something like this... I suppose plugging into the power amp (aux in) of a Spider 3 or later is about the same thing, huh? Upon further consideration, I suppose the DT combo is this same idea taken to the next level with real time 'power shaping' (yeah, I made that term up). I just like the simplicity of this Power Engine and wondered how it sounds in real life with an HD500X and the Amplifi FX-100 (I know, wrong spot to post Amplifi).
  20. I have an HD500X, but the HD500 should be similar. Look in the HD500 manual (online if needed), go to the MIDI section of the advanced guide, appendix B at the end. All the MDI values are listed for all the controls of the HD500X. Refer to your FCB 1010 manual to learn how to assign those values to the desired pedal.
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