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  1. hoooo.... thanks ... in that way it works!!!!
  2. What happen to the Account setting Page?? I MUST change my email address but when I try to access to this page I have a HTTP ERROR 500...... Please correct it!!! Rino
  3. Sorry guys but I can't post in other places!!... Every time I access to the <POD HD Forum> I receive an error message 502 and display the message: " <h3>We're sorry.</h3> <p>There seems to be a problem with the page that you've requested.</p> <p>Please try again later.</p> " What happen to my connection? Please note that it happens both at my home PC and office one..... Thanks Rino PS. I can write here because I have received a mail Notification of new message with link and in this case it works....
  4. What is the MIDI message I must send to HD500x from ES-8 to make HD500 going to a specific patch (pressing an es-8 button) In other words.... I have all the external stomp boxes chain and the ES-8 connected to the HD external FX send and return. I have also a specific patch where I have the Ex FX module and an amp modelling. I want to press a bank button on ES-8 to make the HD500x to switch to this patch.. Hope it's clear enough!! Rino
  5. The balanced XLR Output on HD500 (x) IS NOT mono ... only the unbalanced (Jack) out could be mono if you choose the L (if memory helps!!) out
  6. Just for let you know what is my solution. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions... I've tested different solutions but the one that give the best result <FOR NOW (!!!)> is to connect the HD500 as a stomp box in Loop 7 that is a mono In/stereo Out of the ES8 The chain is: Guitar -> ES8 IN -> Stomp in Loop 1...6 -> Loop 7 =HD500 Guitar IN-> ES8 Send / HD500 Stereo OUT-> ES8 Stereo Return= -> Loop 8 (stereo)Delay 2290 -> ES stereo Out -> PA In this way I can use the HD500 as a stand alone unit and also as a stomp box with amp & speaker simulator..........I must test all the situation for this connection but it SEEMS to be OK.... Hope it can help other people and if you have suggestion ... they are welcomed... Rino
  7. thanks again.... probably I'm not so <deep> in the 500x use but... I don't understand. The only solution I see (maybe I'm blind!!) is to connect the SEND and RETURN port of the 500 to the IN and OUT of the ES8... Sorry.... can you explain better to a poor beginner? Rino
  8. pianoguyy and jvrock84 Thanks for your support and for your suggestions BUT I can't use the 4CM!! I don't use and I don't have an external Amplifier (except for a small, old Fender VibroChamp), I go directly to the mixer and than to the powered box...... Well I'll tray.. Thanks Rino
  9. mmmmmm.... maybe the solution is not to connect the HD500x to the ES8 ... BUT ... to connect the ES8 to the HD500x .... mmmmm
  10. Hard question!! I have the HD500X and many external effects. Until now I have used a switch to send the guitar to the pedals or to the HD500X. Yesterday I received a Boss ES8 that allows me to change the order of the pedal in the chain and to experiment different sound, I would like to put the 500X in this chain The plan is to use it as normal HD500x alone and also as an effect system (compressor and/or EQ, etc.).with the external pedals What is the best way to connect the HD500X to the ES8? Using a loop of the ES8 to the 500X IN and OUT port or to the SEND and RETURN. Hope the question is clear enaught Thanks Rino
  11. @Jvrock ... this is another question .... I play at home, no band or other... so till now I've connected the balanced output of the 500x to the mixer and than to the studio monitor. So to answer to your question is .... WITHOUT 4 cable method. I have also connected the unbalanced mono output to a Fender Vibro Champ just to test...... So I'm just experiment different configuration, but now that I have finished the effects looper I want to use the old pedal......
  12. well ..... I have another question related to HD500x and external pedal, I need your help/suggestion.... In my guitar story I have collected 5-6 pedal, quite vintage, like TC XII Fhaser, Boss DD-2 Delay, CE-2 Chorus (Clone), BK Tube-Driver, Fuzz, Flanger, TC Nova Delay..... well .. Now I build a Effects looper using a PIC MCU with 8 send-return loops all in mono. The question is: HOW to connect the HD500x to the Looper?? in other words, Using main IN and OUT or the FX send -return?.... what I want to do is to use some internal effects emulation (like compressor or equalizer) and external ones.... Hope it's clear.....!!!! Any Help??!!! Rino
  13. this is not an answer but a question for you ... what kind /model of EMG pickup do you use? I have a 5 string banjo too and I need to buy a pickup.... price?
  14. Well... if you have hundred of patches and you sell you old device for the new one, it start to make sense!!!!... The final goal isn't to play the 500 or 500x patches on Helix but to import the value and the type of the effects from one device to another. After that I agree, you must work on it
  15. Look in your control panel on the software installation list. Remove software is not the same than remove driver!!!! Generally software installation have also an un-istallation procedure.... NOT for the driver For the driver you have to lock in the list......... actually I'm at work so I can't explain it better but this evening (in Italy) I look on my PC.... Seems to be hidden because driver are installed in the windows directory in the driver sub-dir....
  16. If this can help.... I have both Line6 and Mission pedal used as EXP2 on my HD500X, normally I use the Mission pedal because more heavvy than the Line6 one... Well yesterday night I have opened both pedal because of a little problem on the Mission one (0 was not real 0). Both have: Pot (not measured but around 10K linear), a output Jack (mono) and ... NOTHING ELSE!!!! I mean, one of the external pin of the pot is connected to the tip of the female Jack, the central pin is soldered to the other external pin and than to the ring of the female jack... nothing of special than a variable resistance.... no other components ... no PCB.... only two cable, jack and pot. So.. I work with electronics components every days.... I don't see any problem to use another pedal with the SAME caratteristics..... 10K Linear Pot, Female mono jack Rino EDIT... I never had your problem... every time I switch On my unit the external EXp Pedal is ready to work
  17. 59 here, plaiyng guitar since 15, only acoustic guitar but last January I had my first electric guitar (fender) and my HD500X
  18. I use Mission EP1-16L... it's very robust and well made.... but I have a little problem, it seems not to stay a 0... infact if I use it as Whammy pedal when I return to the UP position (0 of the pedal and normal note) it works normal but if I pull off the feet from the pedal the intonation gain 2 or 3 cent...... maybe I must do some adjustements!!
  19. +1... me too..... I have also cleared the cache but still the same...
  20. I'm still practicing, more or less 1 hour and 45 (in Italy are 10,30PM). Seems all are working correctly, same patch, cable rooting, connection, situation described above..... who knows!!!!!! Rino
  21. @Kronda ... I don't think so..... all the system sounds are disabled and the one from mp3 and video player goes throught the PC integrated sound card that it's connected to my main mixer on a stereo channel. Also... I have disabled it (POD audio play and record) from the audio preference.... As I said, I have disconnected ALL the cable from the POD (Balanced, Unbalanced, guitar) but not the USB... so it could be but it sound very far from the reality... Also, When the <fact> happened there was only the POD EDIT software opened because I was planning (but never done!!) to play with the delay setting of the patch Anyway... I'll play (I had to!!) in the next days and I let you informed Rino
  22. @ jandrio ... NO I'm sure ... I've disconnected ALL the cable before to switch off the unit... the noise was still there..... probably I forgot to disconnect the USB cable I forgot to say... I have (normally) the USB cable connected from the unit to the computer and POD Edit opened... no MIDI, no digital and no, I don't use the HD500 as sound card the configuration of the patch <DG SOS> downloaded from CustomTone: Pre: Tube Comp A: Hiway 100 + 4x12 Hiway mic 4038 ribbon - Tube Echo - Phaser (orange) B: Volume Pedal EXP2 (I have no EXP 1) - Tube Comp - Digital Delay - Rotary Drum - Mixer : Volume at 0db - pan center Post: Hall (Reverb)
  23. hooohhh gosh!!! happened to me too!!! Just switched on my new HD500x (2 months old, fw 2.62, NO new expansion pack), connect my Strato with EMG pickup, select <DG SOS> patch (from CustomTone) and start some practice...... after 5 minutes of test...... THE NOISE... at very high volume...... I can't explain if it was like larsen or like white noise..... !!! something similar when you touch the tip of the guitar jack but at very high volume and tone I was just playing my guitar and moving the pedal (for SOS effect)...... The strange thing is that I was practicing yesterday for two hours in the same condition without problem... and also.... I have switched the 500x off and on again and play without problem!! strange.... well.. the setup: -Strato in the guitar in -Balanced out connected to the mixer, input fader on the mixer at 5 (0db), MAIN output fader OFF -Un-balanced out L (Mono) connected to my little Fender Amp, Amp switched OFF -Using headphone as monitor connected to the mixer I'm sure that the noise come off from the 500x because before to switch it off I've disconnected the headphone from the mixer and connected to the 500x, disconnected the guitar and all the cable... but.....same noise I'll test the exact same condition in the next day... to see if it happen again (and for practing!!) NOTE: before you ask..... I've installed new FW(s) with the option to delete all patches and after the installation I've done a global setting reset and pedal calibration, than download my previously saved setlist.... It's the first time in two months of life of my 500x...... hope it'll never happen!!!! Rino EDIT... forget to say ... Global EQ was/is OFF
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