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  1. I find it a bit disconcerting that a “Line 6” rep would make such a statement. Like I stated in my previous post, the AMPLIFI TT is a disaster. I just tried using it again today, 9/10/21. It’s the SOS. Drops Bluetooth connection ALL THE TIME!! I have the latest FLASH and App. I’ve tried to understand why this is happening. It will connect right away however as soon as I start playing a song to jam with it almost immediately loses Bluetooth connection. If I stop the song and wait it will eventually reconnect via Bluetooth but then when I go to start the song again the same thing happens. Sometimes after about 3 tries it will connect and stay connected through that song, but then if I switch songs it’s does the same thing. Very frustrating and now with Line 6 stating they will no longer support it,it’s basically a doorstop!! I would advise anyone not to EVER purchase a Line 6 product!!!
  2. I agree with “cbrillow”. I’ve had an AMPLIFI TT for a number of years. I’ve gone through the app updates as well as the “Flash” updates for the hardware itself. All seemed to go well only to have the same problem with Bluetooth connectivity. I use an iPad Mini 2 mostly but I have Bluetooth issues of it dropping the connection right in the middle of a song. Very frustrating, and it would seem Line 6 has abandoned these products. Not a good situation. I was promised good things before my purchase of the TT, now I rarely use it. My wife got me a FBV footboard for my birthday a few years ago and it pretty much sits in its box. I will NEVER purchase another Line 6 product. Enough said.
  3. Make sure you are running the most current App 2.60.2 and the current firmware for the amp. I believe it's 2.61
  4. Looks like some people are having success with iOS11. Doesn't appear Apple has issued it for iPhone yet.
  5. The same thing happened when Apple went to iOS 10. Guess Line 6 is not with the program....AGAIN! I set my iPad to not update unless I do so manually. In other words I shut off automatic updates. Did the same with my phone.
  6. Never mind I figured it out dah! Unistalled and reinstalled the app fixed
  7. I updated the iOS software on my iPad and now all my tones are missing and when I select a song from my song list to jam along with the app doesn't load ant tones. I believe this happened before but I don't remember how I fixed it. Help!
  8. No apologies necessary Mark. I believed you meant headphone jack. I run mine through my home stereo surround system and at times I plug in one of my amps to go along with the audio on the stereo. I also have a Line 6 FBV Shortboard Mk II that I use with it. I haven't figured out all the nuances of the Shortboard yet but will be working with that this next year. Merry Christmas!
  9. Microphone port? There are two "mains out" on the back of the unit (left & right). Two RCA connections to go to a home theater surround system. One "Amp Out" to go to the "guitar" input on the amp, however, only the guitars output will be present here. To get audio from another source such as iPhone/iPad/Andriod device you must route the output (mains or rca) to monitors or home stereo. You can also patch from the "Amp out" to the input on your amp (typically guitar input) to run your guitar through the amp while playing the audio from a source via the AMPLIFi app, but again only your guitar will be present at the amp. I hope this helps and isn't too confusing. There is no "microphone port" on the AMPLIFi TT. There's is a USB port and an Optical port on the rear. The USB port is for updating the firmware on the unit and the Optical out can be routed to a stereo amp that has that capability.
  10. Exactly. The Amplii TT has a very low output. You need to connect it to either a Home theater sound system via RCA (red & white connectors) or to a Powered PA system in order to have stored music audio present (i.e. To jam along with). You can connect it to an Amp via "Amp out" however, only your guitar audio will be present. Any music played from an iPad, iPhone, or Android will not be heard.
  11. I ran the update for iOS 9.3.1 on my iPhone 5C and it wouldn't connect via Bluetooth at all. I tried about 6 times ....no go. I haven't ran the update on my iPad and I won't until I know for sure the update works. The update my iPad wants to download & install is 9.3 not 9.3.1 but I still won't do it. My iPad connects immediately but like I said I haven't ran the update on it. I'm running the Amplifii TT.
  12. Is the Amplifii TT connected only to your surround sound system via RCA connectors? It would seem it is, you can play music from a source (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Android) I'm not sure what you mean by "surround sound", I imagine you mean your home theater stereo system. The Amplifii TT has a very low output so you need to turn your surround sound stereo up because it uses the power amp section of your stereo system to add power, but here again you are able to play music so it would appear you have that done. Also, if you connect an amp via "amp out" on the rear, your guitar sound will be routed to your guitar amp and you will not hear it through your stereo system, only the music will be fed through your stereo. The only other thing to do is open a trouble ticket with Line 6. This Forum is not for troubleshooting.
  13. Has anyone updated their devices i.e iPhone, iPad with this new update just released by Apple? Any problems?
  14. You need to get a "Line 6 Shortboard Mk II". It connects to the back of the TT via a cat 5 cable, included with the Shortboard MkII. It allows you to access the many banks of tones & also there are 4 user programmable slots where you can assign your own tones to those locations. I believe you can also overwrite tones in the other many banks, not too sure of that since I haven't tried it. It allows remote control via foot switches. My wife got me one for my birthday last Sept.
  15. You need to make sure there are no other devices operating in the Bluetooth range of 2.4ghz. Items like other cell phones, iPads, etc.....anything that could possibly cause interference with the Bluetooth connectivity. Even other items like a laptop, Bluetooth headset, etc will cause problems. The AMPLIFii TT can only accept ONE device via Bluetooth. Next make sure the "FLASH" update has been made to the AMPLIFii TT which I believe is now 2.50.2 and the APP is 2.50. Also, I'm not sure how your updating these devices, (Windows computer, etc) but you have to use the correct download/update utility to "FLASH" the AMPLIFii TT. Meaning if you using Window 8.1 then use that utility, if Windows 10.X then use that utility, otherwise I believe the update will fail. Beyond that you would have to contact "TECH SUPPORT from LINE 6" possibly via a "trouble ticket". Hope this helps some. I know how frustrating it can be.
  16. Line 6 makes an "FBV Shortboard MkII that interfaces with the AMPLIFii TT. It connects to the back of the AMPFLIFii TT via a CAT 5 cable that comes with the FBV Shortboard MkII, which then allows you to select tones/effects and also to store downloaded tones to the FBV Shortboard MkII. I have not tried taking the output of a pedal board as an input into the AMPLIFii TT.
  17. I have an iPhone 5C and just downloaded the update to iOS 9.2 and I've seen no problems. I have the AMPLIFi TT.
  18. The FBV Shortboard Mk II does allow you to access ALL the 24 banks of presets as well as the 25th bank which is for "User Presets". I assigned Bank 25 Position 1 with the tone for lead on "Hotel California". I can access that tone and was able to access that tone even during the fiasco with the iOS9.x debacle. When I received my FBV Shortboard Mk II, and it was right before the iOS9.x debacle, I read the instructions and it advised me to upgrade the Firmware for it right away, which I did using "Line 6 Monkey" and my laptop via USB.
  19. Same iissue with my iPhone 5C. Tonight I was playing a song that I wanted to practice and all of a sudden nothing! Looked at my iPhone and it was showing the "Apple" Icon, as if the phone rebooted, believe it did, as I had to log back onto my phone. After that still had connection problems. Very frustrating. Guess it's time to go back to "analog" man and pull out my Marshall half-stack.
  20. Just got done trying out V2.50.0. Found out that the "Tabbed Mode" works on my iPhone5C but as soon as I send audio to the Amp in "Tabbed Mode" is says at the bottom of my phone "Amp not connected". The phone is still connected and sends audio but I have no tone control, so guess this must be for iPad users. WhenI I shut off "Tabbed Mode" by moving the slider to the off position everything seems ok.
  21. I have been using my wife's Android tablet since the Apple iOS9 fiasco won't allow me to use my iPhone5C & the App for my AMPLIFi TT. The problem I'm encountering is the audio from the Android to the AMPLIFi cuts out from time to time. I can connect my iPhone5C via bluetooth to the Amp and my iPhone5C shows a connection in "settings", so I can stream audio from my iPhone to the Amp without using the App. The problem doens't seem to occur when using my iPhone only when using the Android. As far as I know the software in the Android is up to date. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.
  22. As the other user stated, I can stream audio through my AMPLIFii TT but the app crashes immediately upon loading. My iPhone 5C tells me the Amp is connected via bluetooth and it must be or I couldn't stream audio through it. So I suspect there is a conflict between the app and iOS9. Apple released iOS9 before it was ready for primetime because just this past week Apple issued an update to it so it's now iOS-9.0.1. Wonderful how these software engineers/companies release something to the general public and it has bugs in it.
  23. Apple just released and update to iOS9 (iOS 9.0.1) but still the same problems. It seems I can connect via bluetooth to the Amp and stream music to it but that's it.
  24. If you have an Android device (phone or pad) there is a program you can download at: http://www.wondershare.net/ad/mobilego/?gclid=CPKitN6tkMgCFQUGaQodDNsHBw. I was able to transfer some of my music from iTunes to a Samsung Galaxy pad using this program. I have only had an hour experimenting with this so don't know all the ins & outs yet. I do know that it only allows you to transfer 10 songs without purchasing the program which I believe is $60.00. I have also been able to transfer my preset tones to the Android pad, I doubt if Line 6 will get the Apple app fixed anytime soon.
  25. That's a terrible statement to make. Line 6 knew about the update to iOS9 months ago! They have records of everyone who's purchased a Line AMPLIFii product by the warranty registration, but they couldn't take the time to forewarn consumers with an email to not update to iOS9. That's poor customer service.
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