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  1. Can you reveal if there a plans for a future PowerCab model that would be bass friendly?
  2. Would it be possible to use the 4 OSC generator as a control for other effects and amp parameters?
  3. The CV plug on the Helix is an output. The real concern would be what you are trying to plug it in to, or couple it to. If that thing is expecting audio frequency signals, it might have a filter at the front end that would get rid of any low frequency or constant (DC) voltages. That would make it AC coupled in this context. I didn't watch the entire video you posted, but it looks like the issue was trying to get CV signals, which are effectively DC relative to audio frequencies, into a computer via an audio interface. Since the audio interface is likely expecting audio frequency signals, there's a good chance that it would filter out low frequency signals like control voltages. But if you are plugging the Helix's CV out into something that is expecting CV or expression (slow) signals, then it would be highly unlikely that it has a filter, or is AC coupled.
  4. I want to use CV outs on my theremin to control a variety of parameters while I’m playing guitar. I move a lot while I play anyway, might as welll turn that into some dynamic sound modulation, lol. Most TRS expression pedals receive a reference CV on the ring, divide it down with the pot, and return that lowered voltage on the tip. So it is effectively a CV even though the pedal is passive. I think that’s why many products will accept either a passive pedal or a CV as input. But Line6 just uses TS for expression. So I’m not sure it would work, or worse could damage something.
  5. Hey, Does anyone know if it is officially safe to plug a control voltage into the EXP inputs on the Helix? I haven't found anything in the manual that would answer this. It seems to assume that you would just be using a passive controller like an expression pedal. But some devices will also accept a voltage source. Just not sure if the Helix is designed to do that, and I don't feel like frying it just to see what would happen. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sweet clip! But didn't they start picking up air traffic control over their wireless system later in that scene?
  7. I mostly use over-the-ears for dialing tones in, just to reduce any direct guitar sound. I play a mix of acoustic and electric, so it’s more an issue with the acoustic. The Westones I have are designed to let a lot of outside sound in; they aren’t isolation IEMs. I don’t like that isolation playing live.
  8. I use IEMs with my Helix (Westone AM Pro 20). I also use a cable from Rock On Audio that's basically an instrument cable and headphone extension wrapped in one cable housing. On the Helix end it has a 1/4" TR for the instrument and 1/4" TRS for the headphones. On the instrument end there's a 1/8" female near the end that the headphones plug in to. Keeps cable clutter down if you aren't wireless.
  9. The analog inputs to the L3t do go into an ADC, so there is an extra D -> A -> D step using the analog outs of the Helix and analog ins of the L3t. Digital signals are probably less susceptible to noise pickup. The L6 Link does bypass the feedback suppression of the L3t, so if you need that (acoustic guitar, running vocals through the Helix?) just know that it won't happen over L6 Link. For me, the L6 Link is great if you're running multiple compatible speakers.
  10. Any chance you can use the control voltage outputs of a theremin in the EXP2 and EXP3 inputs? You could control all kinds of stuff just by moving around. But I’m guessing plugging a CV into the EXP might be a bad idea.
  11. This might be far from traditional effects modeling, but I think it would be great if they could implement discreet analog synth modules: Oscillators, LFOs, Filters, VCAs, Envelope generators, noise sources, sequencers, gates, etc. And then be able to use the "voltage" outputs of these things as controllers for other block parameters. The flexibility of the block ordering, routing, splitting, controller assignment of the Helix seems like it would lend itself pretty nicely creating a virtual patchable analog synth. Plus, most stomp boxes don't allow for external, dynamic control of their parameters. You could add that functionality with the Helix. It would really open things up for some way outside-the-box sound creation.
  12. What would be super awesome was if there was a LFO and/or envelope block whose output could be used to control parameters of other blocks. The envelope could do exactly what you want.
  13. I placed the order Nov. 1 and it arrived on the 8th. I opted for the free shipping.
  14. I received mine. It looks to be the exact same thing that sells for $130 everywhere else.
  15. I mis-spoke. Each preset can have 64 controller assignments. I'm not in front of my Helix, either. It could be that a each footswitch has a limit of 8 "things" it can control, through some combination of bypass and parameters.
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