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  1. Fully charged battery, guitar plugged in , push switch no light no works? any ideas? brand new guitar shurkien two days old?
  2. Make absolutely sure you don't have it activated on any other devices, only allows two computers with license. Had same problem on Macbook pro deactivated on all other devices then its would log in and run.
  3. Well I will be tared and feathered: Removing all of my "authorized devices" made it work finally But I guess you can only have on one computer, as soon as a set it up on my DAW at home the laptop stops working and the home system does. So it seems you can have only one computer "Authorized" at a time, going to test it now in a track I will let you all know how it goes.
  4. Maybe I missed the fine print, How do I submit a "Ticket" to line 6.?
  5. Ok, This is a realtime recording of what is happening with Helix Native:: Native.mov
  6. I have tried everything, reinstalled everything twice and ran uninstalls , checked versions everything seems to be right, it just wont run for some reason.
  7. Same issue as above: Stuck on this "Loading screen"
  8. I am having this same problem on my mac min, stuck on that display screen, what gives??? This is the operating system I am using. Latest version of Native 64bit. DAW software Cubase Elements 8.
  9. Don't know if this will help I had same problem drove me nuts. Here is how I solved it used another computer to reset password, shut down native and DAW, rebooted computer running native then restarted it and used the new login information then it worked. It looks like when you do a password reset while native is running it doesn't clear the password cache and reuses the first password you entered even if you put the newly changed one in, so just setting it up on other computer or smartphone should do the trick.. I hope this helps...
  10. Well I took the plunge, after some minor problems I got it loaded and working great and no noticeable latency. Now I need one of the native experts to tell me how to do this next trick: on a macbook pro in cubase elements 8, record one track using just native- works perfectly next play back track and play along with it- opps lots of clicks and buzzes turn off native on one track back to perfect re enable second track to play along RE- solo over existing track running native same problem ... It seems I can't run a track using native and record another using native.. Computer limitations maybe. Please reply with any ideas you may have. Other than that I don't have to drag my helix in to record any more just my computer and interface 1 cable and guitar Bam recording anywhere!!! Awesomesause!
  11. Yea! got it to login and run, BUT cant hear playback while using, it records just fine but can't seem to figure out how to hear while i'm playing, Any ideas any one? using cubase elements 7 & 8, windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I want to but it while its on sale for helix owners, but its gotta work..
  12. It would be nice if it would run on at least one of my computers; system one 64 I5 16 gig ram win 7 64 system 2 64 i7 32 gig ram win 7 64 system 3 macbook 64 i5 8 gig ram macos (Latest version) I would buy it in a heartbeat to go with my helix but if it won't run on over $6000 worth of computer equipment Why? Please help!
  13. More trouble, keeps giving error mesage wont sign in for nothing changed password reboot everything wont login under any account with correct (Tested) passwords and usernames...geeze
  14. I would love to try it, but it wont accept 5 new password trys 2 new accounts, keep getting error user name or password incorrect over and over again WTF? reset, reboot, reload but wont log into server with proper credentials.......dam
  15. Made a Backup just like instructions said, followed update to the letter, will not load the update I made today when backed up, a. The file is there.... I can see it in explorer b. Helix editor only shows "Older back up" made months ago Lost my Last backed up set list... Please help!!! :angry:
  16. I want to thank you, This is what I was trying to find out. my issue is: Our original worship music changes from Very cleans to Hard edged and back and forth, with both guitars playing question and answer with loud melodic leads. I found a great clean preset, A very cool 80"s sounding distortion preset, A crazy lead sound that cuts thru mix. I switch back and forth from these presets every song, what I am trying to achieve is to lose the delay time between these presets. I do use IR's. The sound is incredible, I just wish I could get the same sounds contained in a single snapshot. I will try all of your ideas, see what I can come up with.. thanks for your help. I will continue to monitor this forum for new ideas on how to get here from there :) Thanks again !!
  17. Just wanted to input here: 8 member band 1 drummer on SD running thru mac, 1 bass on line 6 x3 live , two guitars on line 6 one on helix, one on HD500x, and one lead vocals 3 backups. presounis RMA16, 4 Galaxy 1900S stereo 8 beltpacks. no onstage speakers. all 8 members using iphones and ipads everyone can control their own personal mix in IEM, front of house easy mixing, no other sound to compete with. done by assigning each member a left or right mix on their system. front of house is recorded each service and sound like studio recordings. I love my Helix...... :) Line 6 you Rock!!
  18. Ok I am going to try to simplify my question: 1. can a user, using pre-made dialed in presets, Assign said presets to exist in a group of snapshots, to eliminate delay when changing presets live? 2. Spent a lot of time setting up a pre-set group or set list, I want to get rid of the long lag when changing presets, I play guitar for a worship service, and time lag is very noticeable on live broadcast recordings. Can some one help?
  19. So glad I'm not the only one, I thought I was crazy until I put a db meter in line with output. Well maybe some one can shed some light on this issue, other than that this Helix is crazy cool, sounds great at my church thru front of house, and in my In-ears...Line6 hit it this time, now what to do with my HD500X lol. it is only got two hours of playtime on it.. Oh well found my true love, Thanks Helix! :wub:
  20. Do you know if "setting it to digital", will mantain, say (main volume knob-large one) when set at 50%. Will the gain level on the XLR output stay on the same "Db" output, as long as the main knob is not moved. In between power ups? Thank you for responding :-)
  21. Question?, How do you set the Helix for: " I actually set it so that both outputs are outputting at fixed levels" So they don't change upon reboot from power off?
  22. HELP....Hello, I don't know if this is a problem, or I am doing something wrong. Here is the problem: Helix is set up plugged into (front of house) DI to pa mixer. After show Helix is turned off, with master volume set to 50% (large knob)- level is set to match mains mix on mixer and to other respective levels of guitar, bass, drums. When Helix is booted up for next show, (Nothing is moved, just power switch on Helix turned on) Gain levels are different, (no longer matches amount of gain in channel) and has to be recalabrated to other guitar, bass, and drums. Note: large main knob has not been moved, but amount of output on XLR is Different each boot. usually much louder. Can anyone help? Robert, P.S. I love this Helix!!!! :)
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