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  1. Yep. Assign the ones you want to switch on and off to the switch and then go to each effect you want to turn off and hit the bypass button. Then save it.
  2. Is that their real title?
  3. I am keen for a PC editor. I am finding it a pain in the butt building presets by sitting on the floor or leaning over all the time. I had it up on the desk however then I can't use it as a pedalboard. PC Editor would be great.
  4. It's worth the wait. I was in the first shipment however being in Australia meant that it didn't get here until the 26th of October. I had 3 and a half weeks of people arguing with each other on TGP to make the waiting even worse :P It's a real kick-arse unit.
  5. I am using a Line 6 L3M however I would really like two Mesa Thieles to use with my Fryette Power Station. If only the Fryette did stereo out.
  6. My has been flawless except for the other day it froze when I tried to add a second amp to Path 2 (4th amp at once). USB was plugged in. I turned it off and on again and unplugged the USB. Nothing has gone wrong since. So far it has a better strike rate than the 4 of my Xbox 360s did :P
  7. Hah all good. I kept switching to the Vibe because my arm would brush the capacitive top. I need to start rolling sleeves down. :)
  8. I'm using Windows 10 but yeah, I'd already downloaded the firmware before I connected it do I am not sure if your problem is isolated it due to the OS.
  9. Yeah I read this and thought "Doesn't it get you to confirm before it does it?".
  10. There is nobody easier to convince than the one who is looking the hardest for confirmation.
  11. Firstly, you don't want to use Monkey to update it. There is a new updater. Secondly, you probably really should put a new OS on your computer as you'll probably want to take advantage of updates.
  12. Nope not posted it before. Just repeating what Digital Igloo stated.
  13. As a publicly traded company they are not at liberty to divulge work in progress until a certain point.
  14. Plastalmonus

    Helix Live

    The Friedman ASM12 is a powered FRFR speaker. Not exactly the same as running into a Matrix power amp and then into a cab as X-Mann is still using cab IRs with the FRFR speaker.
  15. It's in the title. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/helix-kemper-clips.1629076
  16. I imagine it would be as easy as not applying a Cab block. Unless you mean in the factory presets, then I don't think so (this is from reading the manual).
  17. Are you on El Capitan as this has been listed as a known bug for many audio apps.
  18. I totally managed to miss that entire sentence when I read the first post. My apologies.
  19. Have you backed up the presets via the application to a PC/Mac yet? If not it may be prudent to do so to avoid having to entirely re-do them if you have any further issues. Not meaning that you should have to worry about this happening again, just presenting the reality of it.
  20. Whilst having great faith in the development team to rectify these issues I will agree that it is a little disappointing that these sort of issues are appearing after release. It seems that pre-release testing may not have been as robust as required. That being said I am willing to give it a little time to have all the bugs ironed out. I have been an early adopter enough times in my life to be not surprised when it happens. I do completely understand your frustration however. Mine is still on a ship crossing the ocean to this side of the world so I have not had to experience these issues firsthand. Also lollipop really does put an extinguisher to the flames of your post :P
  21. Best place would be to post it here: http://line6.com/support/topic/16083-helix-bug-reports/
  22. Good thing the auto filter replaces everything with lollipop.... well, nearly everything :lol:
  23. Wha?! I preordered maybe 2 months ago and got told they are in the process of being shipped here (literally shipped) by the distributor and are expected by about the last week if October. Did you get it locally or special order/air mail?
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