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  1. I just submitted an idea requesting that Line6 increase the amount of turn required before the amp and effect models start changing on the joystick. A couple of other folks and myself have found that it is a little too easy to accidentally change the amp or effect in a block when you are only trying to navigate up or down or left or right. Please vote for it in IdeaScale here at https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Provide-option-to-change-joystick-behavior/788248-23508 if you find you are having the same issue. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I thought this might not really be a bug but more of a feature request. I am glad to hear that it is something you get used to although I think implementing more of a turn or a slight delay would still improve user satisfaction. I will remove it from the Helix bugs topic. Don't want this topic to get cluttered with issues that are not bugs. It is in Ideascale if a significant enough number of other users find it an issue they can make their wishes known there.
  3. I wonder if reinstalling the Helix App using Windows "compatibility mode" would help?
  4. I agree! Way too much drama. Please delete some of this. I am not responding to any others any more. If you don't like my review, have at it. I think I may have the law follow up on his last two posts.
  5. My thanks to the Line6 forum moderator for pinning this topic. I hope it provides some helpful feedback.
  6. Great idea! I have old dual 1/4" switchs laying around that would be easier though.
  7. I don't know if it will help but I put in a request at the top of my review asking people to repost the whole review if they are inclined to just post the more critical bits and not quote it out of context. Subtlety and nuance in a troll is definitely better, they are supposed to be under the bridge.
  8. Fricking hilarious "Apocalypse Now" reference. Thanks, much appreciated! :)
  9. Thanks and I agree! I am sorry to see my review being misused that way. Essentially being quoted out of context.
  10. Your brevity is laudable and I agree. More paragraphs in the future.
  11. I am not sure everyone who mentions a competing product is just being a troll (although I am sure some are) for Fractal or whatever their favorite flavored competing board happens to be. It does not seem entirely illegitimate to make some comparisons to the Fractal units as they appear to invite some obvious comparisons with the Helix. I ultimately decide to go with the Helix as Line6 managed to deliver the features that were most important to me. There is probably a happy medium most users can be satisfied with in regards to the number of amps and effects and Line6 has a bit of a way to go before it hits that mark. I am struggling to remind myself that in this space of high end processors, the Fractal product has been around a lot longer, is more expensive, and been allowed the time to mature. I agree that there is a point where the demands on Line6 and requests can get ridiculous. Line6 like every other company is constrained by development costs. They are demonstrating an obvious desire to provide a new, better, and consistent standard of quality in their amp and effect patches rather than just spin up a bunch of crappy emulations to please their users. The challenge is that their user base has a wide range of favorite amps and effects, even though as you point out, only a very few amps and effect will make it into most user's live or recording rig. I think the challenge for Line6 is finding that delicate balance of maintaining quality and providing their user base with an adequate, not insane, number of choices such that many or most of their user's will be satisfied by finding some, not all, of their favorite amps and effects. I for one was hoping they would start with considerably more choices than they did and add to them as they went along. They will never be able to please everyone, maintain a quality product, and not go broke in the process. I wonder sometimes if units like the Helix could adopt an Open Source model where users could create amps and effects and offer them up to the Helix community free and/or paid. The programming may be too difficult or perhaps it would result in too many crappy amps/effects surrounding the occasional gem to sort out. Just spitballing here. Anyway, I think Line6 would serve itself and its user base well to provide a bit more robust library of amps and effects. They have plenty of room before they eventually hit the point of diminishing returns. There is a win-win situation that can be reached in terms of sales vs. user satisfaction vs. development resources. Not sure if that equation is quite balanced yet, and why should it be, the unit has only been out for a few days. Despite that fact, I can't help but be a bit disappointed with the initial range of choices when it comes to amps and effects. However, as of right now the good still far outweighs the bad, this baby is not going back. I am choosing to trust Line6 to offer a larger library in the near future.
  12. Whether or not Line6 did an exceptional job of getting the amp/effects list out early is now moot, it is out. You may find that you feel differently about this published list when you receive your Helix and start scrolling through the somewhat sparse amp and pedal selections. You sound like yet another person who has yet to receive his unit and therefor experience the first hand disappointment of a relatively small library of amps and effects and consequently express the hope and desire that more be delivered in a future update (near future). I don't believe I ever stated "everyone unanimously" would want more amps and effects, just most; please provide a quote. Whether you admit it or not you may well feel the same way when your Helix arrives, or even better yet the issue will be addressed by Line6 by then. I stand by my original plea to Line6. Please let us know as soon as possible if more amps and effects are on the way.
  13. It is my sincere hope that those who read my initial review that seems to be generating some backlash take away from it two things: I think the Helix is a groundbreaking, fantastic sounding, and wonderful product eminently worthy of purchase! The Helix addresses several of the most critical areas in my wish list that no other product has been able to provide. I am delighted with it on a variety of fronts. I think it has some shortcomings, most of which will hopefully be addressed with firmware updates. True, Ideascale is a great place to make specific product requests. However my overarching intention was to make a broad request for more amps and cabs, not for my specific favorites (although I did note IMHO some glaring omissions, hard not to in a general review). I very clearly stated that no one is expecting everyone's pet ("robot dog") requests to make it into the product (see my comment in the original review above). I think most early adopters anticipate eagerly that we will see more amps and effects added to future firmware updates along the way. With that said, as I stated, I think the Helix was released without a proper baseline of amps and effects. You are welcome to disagree with that assertion .
  14. I have two suggestions that worked for me but may or may not apply to others if you are using Windows 8 or 10 to run the Line6 Updater (formerly "Monkey"). I could not seem to get the Updater to see the Helix until I installed the Helix "application" which also has the Helix drivers. Once I installed the Helix application the updater recognized the Helix. Not sure if I just did not wait long enough the first few times I tried to run the updater or if it was the installation of the Helix application that solved that issue. Several of us have experienced lockups on edited or user created presets after installing the 1.01.2 update. The solution was to run the "Loading The Newest Factory Presets (Optional)" procedure. Not enough time has passed yet to say whether or not this resolved the lockup issue but here's hoping.
  15. The "Good, the Bad And The Ugly" is a reference to the title of an old Western movie, I wouldn't get too wound up about it. Can you honestly say you would not like to see some more models and effects on this unit? The topic I posted my review in was for the express purpose of requesting reviews of the product and was not started by me. A useful review usually contains both positive and negative unless the subject of the review is absolutely perfect. I don't expect the Helix to be perfect within the first few weeks of its release. It is however damm impressive! The list of things in my review to love on this unit contains many more items (15 items in "THE GOOD" section and only 1 item in "THE UGLY"). Just because a shortcoming is documented does not mean it is not an issue, and in this case, happily, one that can be addressed. Balanced reviews are helpful and often lead to product improvement. I am trying to give honest feedback in hopes that a great product can be even better. If you can't stand to hear anything negative you are welcome to skip over my posts or only submit glowing reviews of your own. No flame war intended!
  16. I am curious if anyone has had this lockup issue reoccur after having run the procedure for updating the patches (rebooting while holding down 7 & 8) which is listed as "(Optional") in the 1.01.2 update instructions?
  17. Thanks, this sounds like it might well be an explanation of the intended behavior on this effect. If so, the only issue is this is the only phaser on the Helix so far and it has no mechanism/parameter to increase the phasers dry/wet ratio. I find the "maximum" effect level to be insufficient at the 50% level. I suppose there might be some internal routing options you could use as a workaround but that seems like an overly complicated solution. Looking forward to future updates with more flexible effect parameters and/or another phaser or two to choose from.
  18. Please put any software/firmware/hardware bugs you discover in the Helix here. Hopefully they will be addressed in future updates. If the issue turns out to be user error instead of a bug perhaps someone can offer up the correct procedure. Please include your firmware version when you post your bug. Thanks! This topic is not intended for bad-mouthing the Helix but for providing Line6 with maximum feedback to assist them in fixing issues as early as possible. Please provide as much info as you can on your use case so they can recreate the problem in their "lab". Important: Please submit a support ticket once you establish you have indeed discovered a bug. Line6 has a process in place for bugs and you have a much better chance of them seeing and responding to your issue here: http://line6.com/support/tickets/ Please come back in to this topic and comment that your bug has been fixed once and if Line6 addresses it. Thanks! Submit your bug in whatever manner communicates the issue best but here is a suggested format. Hardware: Helix (e.g. Helix, LT, HX Stomp, Pod Go, etc.) Firmware/Editor: Firmware 2.82; HX Edit 2.82 (Make sure to include your firmware and editor version, hopefully the latest, don't want to waste Line6's time with bugs that have already been fixed) OS: Windows 10 (Include your OS if relevant to issue, computer hardware/manufacturer also if pertinent) Global Settings: Bottom row presets, top row pedals [assigns] (Include any global settings you think could pertain to your bug) Attach Preset: Attach your preset if you think it will help troubleshoot the issue! Bug: When saving preset to another list, pedalboard reverts to Factory 1 list song 1 ("WhoWatt 100") after save. (Short description of bug) (Step by step description of how to reproduce bug) Use Preset knob to select preset from Factory 1 list (I selected 21C "Almost Not Fair") Save "Almost Not Fair" to User 5 list in the first position, 1A. After Save Helix home screen reverts back to the first song in Factory List 1 ("WhoWatt 100").
  19. Same thing happened to me, same symptoms with only the top scribble strip showing data, same fix. I think therei could be a Helix killing bug in the new update. Were you on the latest version 1.01.02? Did it happen when you tried to load one of your own user created presets?
  20. I am running the new update version 1.01.2. My Helix locked up too! No amount of restarting would restore it. The failure occurred when I switched from the Factory presets to a quite simple one I had created in the "User1" list and the unit locked up. The board would only display in the upper scribble strip, Helix logo was frozen. All knobs, buttons, and footswitches were locked up. Nothing I pressed, turned, cajoled, or ridiculed made any changes to the screen. I did the factory reset procedure 1. Press the two leftmost footswitches (7 & 8) on the bottom row while turning the Helix on. 2. Release the buttons when the resetting message come on the screen. I believe there is a very serious and grave problem, as in it causes the unit to become a zombie with the new update, although it can be resuscitated with a factory preset. I am wondering if everyone running into this issue is having it happen after they create a user patch and try to use it and are you also all on the latest firmware?
  21. The expression pedal on the Helix has a relatively unique design where it recesses into a slot in the top of the Helix chassis. I am curious whether there is some kind of sleeve or a separate cavity that isolates the slot so that dust, dirt, humidity, or worse case scenario, liquid don't constantly find there way inside to vulnerable electronics? Anyone on Line6 that can comment on this? If it is not isolated it seems like it may prove to be a poor design choice.
  22. Different strokes for different folks, I have always found the original Mutron envelope filter pedal to be the best one I have ever heard on the guitar. Really glad this emulation is on the Helix although I would agree there should be at least one more option for an auto-wah/envelope filter sound.
  23. LOL, could have been more concise. Good practice for a first novel.
  24. Maybe I need to clarify that section. I was not referring to controlling external effects. I was referring to the capability to add additional external footswitches that could control functions on the Helix. The capability to give yourself a couple of extra switches to, for instance control Bank changes on the Helix. This frees up the Bank switches on the Helix to control effect assignments or other parameters. You will find other multi-effects that have external footswitch jacks for just this purpose. Not a critical feature on the Helix which already has many assignable footswitches, but a nice to have. Was just surprised it was not available on this unit which has such an incredibly flexible and well provisioned back panel.
  25. I did not realize the scribble strip showing "EXP1" & "EXP2" could be customized. That feature alone adds value to this scribble strip location as I can use it to label one pedal "Rate" or something similiar depending on what paramater it is controlling in a given patch. Nice to hear you have additional plans for it as well.
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