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  1. I dont think the Boutique amps are included in the Ultimate bundle.. Try to PM Glenn!
  2. Picked up the patches and they sound great. All the amps sound different and have they're own individual imprints and sound like the real amps. You can also tweaked the patches to your own needs. Glenn uses the Helix pre-amps And amp models with the stock Helix cabs and his own imprint Ir s that bring the everything together and sound amazing, Great job Glenn!
  3. Yeah they sound awesome with the Helix esp. the new EVH 5150... Ive been also using the mics mixes as well.. Using the same mic and changing the distance( ie EVH M20-PR 57-00 with EVH M20-PR 57-04) give s a sweet fuller tone.
  4. Just Purchased the new EDVH 5150 Ir s from Ownhammer and they sound amazing best IR s iv yet to hear...Great tones from the Gm12-20 s and Gm12-25 s Also purchased the 212 Bogner Shiva from Ownhammer and sound awesome as well!!
  5. Yeah sounds like the Joystick needs to be replaced, got mine fixed fairly quickly only took about a week and working great again!
  6. Did it again Fremen very nice, super-cool effects and delay!! ;)
  7. I purchased the Mart 45 and got some really nice tones .. Best Acoustic IR s i"ve yet to hear! They come with files for acoustic, electric and Piezo pick ups!
  8. Yeah for sure was the cables thanks Peter!
  9. Picked up the presets yesterday and they sound Great, well worth the $50.. Fremen put a lot of work tweaking tones and effects! Really nice work Fremen!!
  10. I purchased new cables that sounded great through my Marshal JCM Super lead so I figured they would sound just as good in my Helix and through my FR FR speakers and didn't think twice!! Little did I know just plugged in a different older cable I had purchased a while back and the sound in my Helix just popped!!! Way better sound and way more tonal range with my Helix with every amp models, cabs, ir s etc .. I"m really getting amazing tone's through the Helix!! Sweet....
  11. Guitarzman

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    Mine works fine as well....
  12. Note to all Helix user s please don't mess with other people"s patches on Custom Tone....The same thing happened to me with one of my patches a while back...Now that i got my Helix fixed i"m going to be uploading a few patches on custom tone should be fun... Thanks so much to Line 6 for the excellent service on my Helix..
  13. Thanks Fremen! Going pick up the pack.. looks great....
  14. Put in a support ticket to get my Helix repaired and also spoke with Frank Ritchotte from Line 6 who I might add was very helpful with any questions or concerns... Thanks Line 6
  15. Hey Fremen they look great going to pick up the pack today.. How many IR s come with the pack? And are the 175 presets all on one set-list or do they have to be imported separately?
  16. Yeah mine is still not working! Im using the laptop editor to edit my tones but its a really annoying. spoke with support but its not a software issue and was told the joystick button needs to be replaced.. Sending my helix back for repairs.....
  17. Question regarding re-installing Fw 2.01 because I want to update from my main USB port on my laptop which I figured out which one it was although not sure if it will make any difference.. But would i have to re-install from version 2.00 or can i install from 2.01? Thanks
  18. Thanks so much for the help!!
  19. Or should i re-load firmware 2.00 first before 2.01..Please help line 6 staff Thanks
  20. Would there be a problems if I wanted to re-instal firmware 2.01 with a new laptop that has Windows 10 instead of windows 8...
  21. Happy Birthday Scott!! B) Great Video....
  22. Tried them yesterday and they sound Great! I mixed 2 single cabs one of your IR s and one with either 3 Sigma , Ownhammer or the Factory Helix ir s and the sound seems to Pop almost like a real amp!! THANKS!
  23. The 3 sigma IR s sound great but I also think the built in I R s in the Helix are great as well , a lot of different ways of getting great sound by using different mic s and distance from the cab a long with all the effects eq and dynamic pedals there are so many combinations available...
  24. The Budda Superdrive, or Zilla... The new Mahlo sounds pretty sweet too!
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