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  1. The overall tone to me sounds way better.. Does anyone know what the Digital Output Level does in the Global settings / ins and outs?
  2. Nice lob Line 6 love the update so far!! The guitar impedance adjust on every patch is great not to mention snapshot, Mark 4, Vintage delay etc etc etc... The tone and sound on the Helix after this update/ 2.00 is the best yet! Great job everyone at L6.... THANKS!! :P
  3. Great!! Cant wait o get home from work :D and try the new update !! Thanks Line 6 !!
  4. Got it thanks so much for the help!
  5. Thanks DI great example, so when Pad is on Auto the impedance can vary depending on the first pedal in the chain is that right?
  6. Thanks Peter!! That's the way i keep my settings Global eq off and Factory Globals sounds best to me that way as we'll. I also have been using your Brit Plexi norm patch (same as in the video ) and substituting with different IR's and have been getting great tones! I've tried the Sigma 1960 a Freidman and the UK Custom... Really loving the tones going to try my Ownhamerr IRs as we'll.! Thanks again Peter... Much appreciated best Joe
  7. Hey Peter, Thanks for sharing really enjoyed the video and will put it to good use! Got a question regarding the global EQ and if you used it during this video and also your global settings where they left on the Factory settings! Thanks best Joe
  8. Thanks Jeff was considering rolling back to 1.10 myself... the Helix was working ad sounding awesome for me before the last update 1.12 going to see if there s a difference will roll back later tonight...
  9. Hey Jeff did you roll back to firmware 1.10 ?
  10. Hey Silverhead a fellow Canuk! What do you mean by power cycle Helix!
  11. Same I get the same message didn't think it was a big deal...I also did a re-instal still and got the same message!
  12. Definitely keep your Helix i'm getting better and better tones especially with FRFR speakers and putting gain and eq blocks in the right spots in your signal chain!
  13. Im using FRFR active Rockets 10/ 3s and use the cabs and IR s on the helix and sounds great....getting different tones and amp models is half the fun!
  14. I also think the delays in the Helix are pretty good sound wise, but it would be nice to get a few more selections to choose from!!
  15. The response to the effects is great better than a tube amp im playing through two FRFR speakers and the tones are crystal clear awesome job!
  16. Amazing Line 6 The Helix is far and beyond simply the best modeling effects pedal of all time!!!
  17. Just downloaded the Beta Editor and Firmware 1.10.00 couldn't come at a better time lol ,, The new Firmware update is GREAT! The Helix sounds way better!! Running through my FRFR speakers..
  18. Nice!! just noticed the Beta Editor is out been waiting should do the trick for now!!
  19. LoL thanks for the post Darrel , 1 of 3 and they sold a few thousand units wow !! :blink: maybe I'll play a lottery ticket or something... Gonna check out The Gear Page and see what's up! Looks like my units going in for repair soon though :wacko: grrrr *&(&(&...
  20. Thanks Darrel yeah not too happy I did open a ticket this morning! I think the Joystick push down switch is faulty! Pretty sure because when I tried to save a preset the joystick push-down switch to select a letter ie caps or number"s didn't work either.. I will let you know!! And yeah already re-installed the firmware.. Thanks again Darrel,
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