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  1. Yes I would agree with you Shane, Guess any blues boutique anp model will do! ;)
  2. I wonder if D I will add this 1 channel amp PRS J MOD to the Helix in 2017? Will be intro,, at Namm link also has an excellent video with John Mayer
  3. Guess I was wrong too thanks Roscoe, although the cabs could have sounded better because of the general stability improvements /minor bug fixes and optimizations!
  4. German engineering eh!! If it last as long as my Mercedes it might be a good pedal..IMO Helix has way more to offer....
  5. I think it was modeled after a Divided By 13 CJ 11 model it only has 6V6 Power Tubes with a Master volume, here;s a link
  6. I"m also liking the Divided Duo ( Divided By 13 JRT 9/15 ) here "s a link on youtube Just wondering if the Divided Dou in the Helix was modeled after the one in this video? There"s a switchable EL 84 and 6V6 mode.
  7. The 59 Brit Plexi Brt and Jump is one of my favorite amp models in the Helix! But I also like the JCM 800 / 2204 and the 65 Brit JTM 45... Alot of amps are sounding great in the Helix lately Soldano, Matchles Dr Z Litigator PRS,,,Fenders :)
  8. IMO 2.12 sounds much better! Better cabs and amp tone/matching, Better overall volume and clarity! I woulds definitely do the update!
  9. Yes for sure Roscoe5 I agree after i updated to 2.12 everything sounded better more pristine really close to the real amp models.. I played for 4 hours straight lol.... Couldn't get enough....
  10. Quite a nice line up of amp models!! Thanks Dshow and H O.. Really loving the amp models in the Helix after my last update 2.12 and the improvements my Helix never sounded better!! Im sure some tweaking was done with the Factory cabs and amps and pedals in the Helix.. Seriously Helix is amazing and its been a great investment and IMO its getting better and better..The tones im getting from the patches is amazing..I use a FrFr setup, the Marshal plexi amp sounds amazing not to mention Fenders, Matchless. Soldano and Line 6 Originals, The list just keeps going.. Really happy with my Helix.. " Thanks Line 6.... D I and Staff
  11. Does the Headrush pedal come with headphones or does it have built-in mini Celestion Vintage 3's? :lol:
  12. Thanks Dshow! Did you try re-installing 2.11 before rolling back?
  13. @Dshow did you have to install the 2.10 editor to roll back as well or can you use the ( 2.11 editor)...
  14. Great video Pete and diagram Spikey! Here's a link to an article from premier guitar with the lowdown on load boxes, attenuators and reamps.
  15. Hey Phil I really like the stock cabs but I think they can be tweaked a bit to sound even better... Do you know if there are any future updates in regards to the stock cabs or if there are any plans to add new cabs?
  16. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy 2017...
  17. Just did a 10 and 11 reboot and got my tone and volume back wheeef..... ;)
  18. Yes have to agree with you Music Law and H O with why EXP 2 is the default. but there may be a reason why it;s set up this way... Thanks for all the feedback( pardon the pun) B) much appreciated!
  19. Thanks H O just noticed your post on the other thread regarding 2.11 update.. I'm amusing the wah pedals default to EXP 1 and volume pedal defaults to EXP 2..
  20. May just be my expression/volume pedal and the global settings -exp pedal preferences-.. Does anyone know if the volume pedal auto defaults to EXP 2 on every preset??
  21. Re installed 2.11 but I didn't have that much time to play yet but will post by tomorrow...
  22. Same here not sounding as good as 2.10 .. last update the amp sounded better and more clarity. after I updated the amp and presets sound lower and muddier going to try and re install 2.11..
  23. Guitarzman

    No update...

    Your welcome jp2 lol! He probably got the update done and couldn't put the Guitar down yet! :P
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