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  1. Actually rotating doesn't work either just left right up and down works..
  2. Hey Darrel, I can move the -Joystick- button left or right and up and down on existing presets that does work, but when I push down to select an effect with the Joystick to edit nothing happens.. - ( the screen to change amps, cabs or effects nothing come"s up)
  3. Need some help with my Helix, yesterday I was editing and changing my amp models and was working fine, and now my edit screen doesn't come up so I cant change any Amp models, effects cabs etc.. The Joystick button is just to the left of the volume button! Number 7 on the owners manual ( page 6)... The Joystick doesn't look damaged, I keep it on the stand at all times! Thanks! Joe
  4. I agree, the dual cabs on the Helix are excellent and sound way better than most 3rd party ir"s I've tried as we"ll! Would be nice to get a few more cab options to choose from directly from the Helix....
  5. Sounds Great man, really like the sweep echo and delay at 1:44 - 2:00 and the chord progressions/dynamics right after that well done B)
  6. Hey Arislaf just tried the Hiwatt pre in front of the j45 gives a nice tone and boost thanks for the tip!
  7. Does anyone know how to keep the looper on the same preset while adding a different tone on another preset?
  8. Ahh got it, thank you for your help makes things much easier ( hopefully)... ;)
  9. Thanks you for the help , so basically need to save/export the presets individually and then after the update import them back to the user list again!
  10. Backup presets and IRs with Helix App 1.03 Download and install the Line6 Driver2 ver. 1.77 (If you are a Windows user) Download and install Line6 Updater 1.07 (some users reported issues installing this version without uninstalling the old version first, you can ignore the "certificate not signed" message) Download and install Helix App 1.04 Upgrade to 1.06.5 version of the firmware using the Line6 Updater Run the 9&10 global reset procedure Restore presets with the Helix App 1.04 Got a question on saving bundles and new update.. I did this update and saved my user bundles ( User 1 then 2 then 3 ) but when I try and import a bundle all the Factory bundles get changed to the previous version as we"ll. <_<
  11. This update 106.0 is da Best!! Just updated from 104 and the tones are amazing all the amp models sound great, pretty much just like the real amps!! Thanks line 6 gonna dig in.... :P
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