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  1. Just curious as to if I'm missing something. Both sets of power tubes are not modeled in this thing like the real amp, correct? It's too bad, especially with snapshots now... Clean would be 6v6, edge of breakup and crunch el84, and then lead 6v6. The most impressive thing would have been the ability to seemlessly transition from one set to the other via a knob, rather than a black or white switch. All that gray is very intriguing.
  2. They were initially modeled separately... That's what I'm getting at. They are completely different circuits that have zero interplay other than the pre driving the power. They HAVE to be modeled separately. That is also why we have all of the preamps.
  3. Dude, it literally would take them ZERO resources. They ALREADY have the models, they just haven't released them to the public. And to think one preamp into one poweramp could create issues because "they've never seen each other in the wild" is laughable. Amp manufactures release special editions with different power sections all the time. They are two separate circuits.
  4. It would be pretty simple for them to include the poweramps separately, so i have no idea why anyone would downvote such a thing. They already stripped all the preamps from the whole amps, why can't they package the other half of that amp? Makes zero sense.
  5. Simple pitch and whammy sound fine to me for a half step. You just have to make sure you can't hear your actual guitar strings. So you have to play really loud, or through closed headphones.
  6. One of the ways I found to work around the 8 per, or 3-channel amp stimulation is to stack pedals. Pedals 1 and 7. 7 switches between your clean and crunch "channels", and 1 switches on your lead/solo effects. Both off you have clean, click 7 and you have dirt, click 1 and 7 and you have distorted lead, click 1 and you have your lead boost on either the clean or dirty channel. The buttons are directly above each other on the far side of the board, so it's easy to stomp either one, or both at the same time.
  7. You're looking for "scenes," and no, they don't exist as of yet.
  8. Did you ever end up grabbing impulses off the lonestar cab? I'm working up an Andy Timmons preset, and those would sure come in handy. Especially if you grabbed them with different power tubes, as he is not running two different poweramps, el34 & 6l6. ;)
  9. Acoustic A1000 stereo acoustic amp/pa. Has a true stereo fx loop, Bluetooth, 4 trs/xlr inputs, auto feedback destroyer on the l inputs(not on the fx loop[great for using it as a monitor with a Mic in the input and helix through the loop]).
  10. Check out the acoustic a1000 acoustic amp. 2x8 stereo amp. It's designed to be used as a pa wedge as well as amp, so the coloration is naturally minimal. Also has Bluetooth connectivity. $399 Firehawk Lite*
  11. Just giving you all a heads up. This thing is only $399, and it's a portable acoustic amp/pa. It contains two 8" coaxial speakers and a bass port. It's also true stereo at 100 watts, 50 per channel. It was here when i arrived home today. Pumped some music through it via Bluetooth, and it sounded great. Tomorrow I'm gonna blast some music and then hook up my helix. Judging off of the music replication being very flat, i have very high hopes for this thing as an affordable stereo "frfr" powered cabinet. Not to mention the built in Bluetooth!
  12. Your post is very confusing. If it's a difference between the monitors and headphones, balance the two knobs on your helix so they're level comparatively. I still have no idea what Cubase has to do with this scenario. When you're plugged into the headphones Jack, you're monitoring direct from the helix, your pc has zero to do with levels regardless of whether you're recording from the usb or not. At least that's what I've come to understand.
  13. My idea of allowing any footswitch to set the engaged/disengaged state of any other footswitch. Basically, you could go into your footswitch and tell it which state other switches should be when you engage it. Hit your lead boost? It automatically engages your crunch channel. Hit your clean channel? Automatically disengages your crunch and lead.
  14. Picked mine up at ups this morning. I'll hook it up and give it a go tonight when the wife goes to bed.
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