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  1. A simple SPDT push-on push-of switch will work. You can even plug in a (normally open) keyboard sustain pedal and it will work as a non-latching momentary switch. The 10k resistor is unneccesary
  2. HEY HEY! I'm using the Quicco Sound mi.1and it's working excellently. I had a Livid Instruments Guitar Wing connected to the Helix through an iPad via Bluetooth yesterday, super fun. The Quicco unit seems to have a decent range, like 20 feet (line of sight) Really opens up some possibilities! I'll be using this with Mainstage and Ableton both.
  3. Heyyyyy just wondering if note on/note off messages will be able to be used as parameter triggers, i.e. bypass, any time soon or ever. .... or will the synth get midi in? :) Not expecting it THIS update ANybody got a clue?
  4. I've had 50s tube amps and modern boutique things as well as gotten my hands dirty fixing those things... In my most used gig patch I have no speaker IR or onboard speaker emulation in my chain. The end of my chain goes out the FX loop 4 output and that goes to an EHX 44 Magnum and on into a 10" Vox Night Lil' Train cabinet. It feels fantastic and sounds amazing. YES like a tube amp does. Yes my guitarist purist buddies are annoyed. :)
  5. I dunno BUT a tiny version with half the inputs/DSP/FX loops, only 4 buttons and a few knobs, and expression inputs -no pedal- would probably sell.
  6. I'm using an EHX 44 Magnum and couldn't be happier. So easy. I have a vox 10" cab, a 2x12 boogie, a Marshall 4x12, and a fun 4x8 I built for kicks. So, gig pending I bring the right cabinet.
  7. Lately my own rig is awesome and I love it but soon I'll be re-wiring and setting it up, especially with the new MIDI sync options coming down the pipe. So excited. Right now I have FX SEND 4 as the last thing in my chain and that's feeding an Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum power amp which is then plugged into a Vox Night Train 10" 30 watt speaker cabinet. Easiest gigs ever in my life. Helix (with 44 magnum velcroed to side), guitar, 10" cabinet. Awesome. Make me wonder why they didn't just build a power amp into the Helix. :) /jk Thanks Line6 and this community which is also involved nicely. That is all, sharing some love
  8. Wellllll... Would be nice to get a promo code for a discount for registered users, -like i'm getting for the new Microtonic PO32 Teenage Engineering bundle... already own Microtonic so I get a discount on a PO32 which includes Microtonic as part of their current promotional bundle. BUT whatever, so goes the sales cycle.
  9. Maybe reported: If you simultaneously change a parameter on the Helix while changeing a parameter on the desktop app (OSX) both things gank. The desktop app is hung. The Helix still passes signal through the current chain as-is but doesn't respond to any buttons or changes. Restarting the desktop app does not fix, it fails to reconnect to the Helix. Just bought my Helix two days ago. Love it. Merry Christmas to me :)
  10. YES! I definitely could use a snapshot toggle button ALOT, especially because I plan on using the Helix for not just guitar but also vocals and fiddle.
  11. It should be fairly easy to get Mindcrime approximations but before that their guitar sounds were... not as great... and it's actually harder to get those sounds than it is "good ones". But if you slam a Marshall JCM 800 with a tube screamer and a ds-1 then put too much reverb on it you can get right up near to the guitar sounds from The Warning pretty fast. Just need a liberal supply of pre-delay on the verb.
  12. Very interesting and awesome! I've been a professional live engineer (as well as a guitarist and fiddle player) for around 20 years and have never considered a d112 on chunky guitar. Duh! Of course! I'm going to have to try a 52a for some scooped sounds also!
  13. It shouldn't even be that hard to implement. MIDI sync IN for delay times. MIDI sync OUT for whatever we want to do with it. MIDI sync IN for THE LOOPER... The Looper which, IMO, should be syncable to tempo and have lockable configurations per patch for beats/bars length. Which also shouldn't hard, scripting-wise. While I'm at it, I'm not sure MMC is working properly.
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