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  1. i just want to have a preset to have both sounds at the same time .... like in the original recording when both playing the solo part in 5:40 then adding a pitch shifter to have this 2 voicing effect
  2. Hi i found this Hotel California Preset with seperate Snapshots for Felder and Walsh ..... is it possible to combine those 2 into a new Snaphots so that you can have both sounds at the same time ? thanks
  3. my wishlist for 2.50 * preset spillover * Mark IIC+ * improved Tuner * improved USB driver * Helix Edit WITH Tuner function * bigger selection of wah pedals
  4. correct its a "controller interface" ... and a tuner should be standard for this price range
  5. totally agree on this .... the Helix built in tuner is a mess ... btw. dont understand why a tuner in the helix Edit is still missing
  6. Sounds for me as a proof that its a hardware problem of the LTs
  7. Since i have my LT i have also problems with the unit ... not so much with disconnecting (happened 3 times) but more with the audio using the LT interface with backingtracks. The ( Windows PC) audio stopped working after a while and i need to restart the PC. The other problem is that the Updater doesnt work on 2 PCs ... it only works with an 8 (!) year old laptop ... Ive used many other different Effects units with USB support but ive never faced any problems with all my PCs. As only LT users reporting similar USB problems, it could be either a software problem (Line 6 USB / Audio driver) or a hardware problem so that they maybe used different (cheaper) USB connectors in all LT units. I wish Line 6 would give us a little bit more support here
  8. i allready opened a ticket but line6 couldnt help ... btw. this specific issue have other users too .... check this thread out http://line6.com/support/topic/30402-at-the-end-of-my-rope-helix-usb-issues/ so lets hope that firmware 2.30 fixes the USB problems
  9. Ok ... "next few weeks" sound much better than "three month" .. sorry when i did get you wrong here ... my bad But "support" means for me fixing software issues and not extending the standard warranty .... the Helix is a great unit (thats why I changed) ... but an extended warranty doesnt help much when standard tools like the editor doesnt work properly or the audio driver crashes ... and i know thats these issues have other users too In fact that the Helix is 2 years old now, its a little sad that those problems havent been fixed yet But OK lets wait for the upcoming FW ...
  10. three months ? .. you must be kidding regarding the AXE ... sure its a little longer on the market than the Helix and the FW doesnt come that often anymore in the past, but they really tried to fix problems in a short time which isnt that bad i think ... especially when look at the price for this unit sorry but this is exactly what i think .. it leads to that conclusion. For a higher priced product i expect a little more support ! ... Were not talking about a Zoom Multi for 150 bucks
  11. Im new to Line 6 ... i used a AXE FX before which had lots of Firmware Updates within a week or a month ... the bad thing was that those updates changed the sound so that you had to tweak a lot to get back your sound ... My issue i have with the Helix is that the (helix) audio driver crashed after a while so that you have to restart the PC. The Updater also doesnt work and crashed everytime ... but is useless anyway without any update (so a minor problem). Even Line 6 support was not able to help. In case of the AXE FX ... after lots of FW you really tweak more than playing guitar ... BUT it also means that they care about issues which users have .... in the case of Line 6 its a little sad that the last FW was in April and it seems they care a lot more about other products ...
  12. no one faced this issue yet or can provide any help on this ??
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