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  1. rommelnatera

    Spider V remote app not working on my windows 8 laptop

    I am having the same issue, but I have windows 10. What can I do about it? The app crashes every time I try to load the tones I downloaded.
  2. rommelnatera

    Spider remote- downloading tone files

    I have the same question, but also I notice my app crashes every time I try to open a downloaded tone I have on my computer. The only way I can see on the software is if I have wifi and open the cloud on the app directly. Anybody?
  3. rommelnatera

    Version 2.0 of V Remote does not work for Windows

    Hi guys! I downloaded the software to my computer, and also downloaded a couple of tones. I am trying to open those tones with the app, but it crashes every time and it won't let me use it. Anybody with the same issue? Thank you!