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  1. bbaron

    Volume drop

    Hi Machineco, I have experienced something near to what you've described. During several rehearsals, my setup for the current patch was changing spontaneously without any action !!! (volume, bass, treble,...) I've shut down my samsung S6, thinking it was a BT interference and it carried on ! It was exactly as if someone was playing with my FH knobs. No explanation. I hope it will not happen during a gig...
  2. Hi eljingy, Last time I tried to use the bluestack emulator, it was not possible to setup the BT connection. Did you succeed in it or do you suppose it should run ? If it does run and if the BT connection is stable, it will be a nice answer for all the FH users expecting a PC interface. Thank you for sharing your experience, Bernard
  3. Hi, There are multiple threads related to that subject. At that point the answer is : no native FX App for windows 10 no success in using android emulator (problems with the BT connection) no global update on the FX for 18 months no visibility and no commitment from line6 on the availability of a W10 app If you succeed in using an android emulator, let us know. If not, keep your ipad for the FX App : it does the job. Cheers Bernard
  4. Yes there is a short latency (300-400 ms) when switching from A to B. When I play with my band, none can hear it. No fix for that. I red in this forum that the HD500X was not in this case but I did not experienced it by myself.
  5. Hi Orkaman, If you want to get exactly what you are describing with your screen shots, you can do it by using 2 contiguous presets. For ex you create A and B presets based on the same tones and you save : A with Stomp1 ON, Stomp2 OFF, Delay OFF B with Stomp 1 OFF, Stomp2 ON, Delay ON Does it answer ? Bernard
  6. Same conclusion. I have only tried bluestack and I did not succeed with the bluetooth issue.
  7. Can you post your message in your native language ? Probably someone will answer or translate ?
  8. The FH is designed to be set up from a tablet or a smarphone. I doubt Line6 will add a PC Editor. On my side, I find it very confortable to be able to change the settings during a gig from a tablet where I also have my set list and the lyrics.
  9. bbaron

    Firehawk Update

    No info available concerning any FX update.
  10. Hi Jamiegodo, You have posted your question in the "Are you happy with the FX" thread on purpose ! One can easily understand how frustrating it can be when you have to spend few hours to get your brand new device up and running ! I have red some posts suggesting to line6 to remove the possibility of updating the FX firmware thru bluetooth. It is a good suggestion because it never works properly. In addition, one can be surprised that a brand new device is still delivered with the intial firmware which is 2 years old... Never the less, because the thread is "are you happy with the FX", my answer is YES. If you still have patience enough (and/or some support from this forum or from Line6) you will not be disappointed with the sound you get from the FX and how easy and flexible it is to create tones and use them as well in home situation as rehearsal or gig situation. Get updated and have fun :) Bernard
  11. Yes but no experience with the devices you are mentionning :wacko:
  12. Hi Paul, There is an easy workaround : you just define a second patch beside the first one, with exactly the same setup except for the reverb. It produces exactly the result you are looking for (if I clearly understood your question... :ph34r: ) Bernard
  13. Hi Gkf9, I have both Ampifi & Firehawk. I use the Amplifi for training at home. No need for a pedal board in this case, my samsung phone in enough to switch between effects. I use the firehawk for rehearsal and gigs with my band. I appreciate having both. And although the line 6 update and communication policy seems out of age, I would recommand this 2 devices : they do what I am looking for and what the line 6 marketing was describing. Bernard
  14. Thank you DonPf for having taken the time to give us this feedback, Very valuable ! :) Bernard
  15. Thank you Andy for the link. Is there a liste that de-ambiguises the ampli and pedals names updated for the FH ? I've found POD X3 Model Gallery (Rev A) - English. Is the latest reference ? Thanks for your support
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