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  1. 29% here. 2 audio tracks, 1 instrument track. Loaded different patches, the same CPU hike. PT 12.8 (HDX) Mac Pro 6 core Buffer size: 512 64 gig ram OS 10.12.5 Very concerned about this CPU issue as well.
  2. rinkydink

    Glenn Delaune

    Another satisfied customer here. He knows his stuff... including strumming his collections of guits!
  3. To the gurus, beta testers and the support team at LINE6: Thank You! This is just a Snapshot of how I really feel about my Helix at the moment!!
  4. Many thanks, Duncan!!
  5. Is it advisable, or a common practice to load the newest factory presets when updating firmware?
  6. Outstanding, Chris! Looking forward to using these presets and seeing more of your vids. Much oblige to you. And yes, really digging your playing, m8!!
  7. Hmm. Mine turned solid green as well.
  8. Had the 500 as well. Loving the Helix. So far, after 2 months, no problem with the switches. Studio work is more fun with this unit.
  9. Happy to say that mine is coming Monday from GC. I preordered it online just last Wednesday, June 1. Tried Sweetwater but my sales rep said it was going to be available by the end of this month since they have quite a bit of a waiting list.
  10. Or if you should sell your patch, I'll buy it!
  11. Wait till Line6 finds out about the 1.12 beta!
  12. A HD500 owner as well. No comparison with what a Helix can do, live or when tracking in a studio.
  13. Here ya go. It's not a snug fit so it breathes a little.
  14. This one worked really well for me! Gator Case: G-MULTIFX-2411
  15. Thanks, HonestOpinion for the heads up. Appreciate it!
  16. Had my first crash as well. Recording a tune and it just froze while activating a foot switch, and the Editor quit at the same time. Tried relaunching the Editor but quit right away. Had to restart Helix. Running 1.12 on a Mac 10.11.5.
  17. Also, if you're running the Helix Editor, at the bottom of the patch selected, click on the "Footswitch Assign" then "Custom Label" above it will appear, then replace "Multiple.." by typing in your new custom label.
  18. I'm a fan of his patches. Just "salt to taste".
  19. Welcome to Helix world. All the best!
  20. Less is more for me. Very happy with HD500. Happier and very content with the Helix. It's more than sufficient for me... live or in the studio. ;)
  21. Awesome. I'll head on to 3 Sigma. Thanks again!
  22. Great sound once again! You mentioned: "* I used a Friedman 2a cab IR from 3 Sigma, worked surprising well" I noticed on your screen shot that you put that in front of an active stock Helix cab. So apparently the 2 active cabs are intentional to get this sound, correct? I've heard great things about 3 Sigma. Currently an owner of some fine Ownhammer IRs. Will have to check them out. Thanks again for sharing!
  23. Thanks. I went there but the only updates available were for the driver and the 1.12 Editor which I already downloaded. Come to find out, when I launched the Line 6 Updater, I did not have the USB plugged in with Helix. Problem solved.... Sorry to hijack this thread.
  24. Where is the actual link for the 1.12 firmware? Clicked the pinned "Latest Helix Firmware (1.12)" but cannot find a link anywhere on that page. I have the Line 6 Updater (1.09) but when I launch it, it just says "Select device to update" with a blank black screen. Sorry, a newbie here. Thanks!
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