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  1. DarthHollis

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I was leaving it off but I noticed recently that my clean sounds were kind of harsh. I tried adding a compressor (which I hate to do) and that didn't work. Finally it dawned on me to try the pad and it instantly made my clean tones better. I am using fairly high output pickups (EVH). I don't really hear much of a difference with distorted tones. Listen to your ears and try out all of your guitars before you decide. I still don't understand exactly what the Pad feature does, technically.
  2. DarthHollis

    Best way to set up stereo?

    Stereo is a choice. How well it works will be based on your application. If you only play small bars or there is another guitar player in the band, I would probably rule out going stereo unless you use IEMs. That's only because you get to hear the stereo. The wet/dry is more about having control of the wet signal and is really not stereo, per se. This also depends on what the wet signal is. EVH uses wet/dry/wet but really the only thing that is wet is a delay that he barely uses. He wants to keep the dry signal in the middle completely unprocessed. Every once in a while he kicks in the delay and it's 398ms on one side and about 800ms on the other side. I think that even in a small bar stereo can be a benefit if done correctly. I mostly play small bars with an audience of less than 100 people and every patch I use is stereo. I am careful to make the patches so that if someone is only able to hear one side they are not going to "miss" any part of the signal. I am hearing the stereo in my IEMs (which I use to save my hearing and because less stage volume means a better overall sound) and the crowd more hears a thicker guitar sound rather than "stereo." Some patches I use two amps (like for Alice in Chains) but I am always using a TC Mimiq pedal in a loop after the amp but before the reverb. I just really like that sound. Using things like harmony, delay and reverb where you hear a different effect in each side won't make as much sense in a live setting as it will through headphones or a home stereo. So for example you don't want a 5th harmony on the left, your dry guitar in the middle and an octave up on the right. The full effect of that won't be heard all throughout the bar. I think you need to experiment but also be prepared to make changes on the fly, if needed. Think like somebody in the audience. Most importantly, make it sound how you want to hear it. What's going to make you play better? Just remember if the audience can't tell the difference it doesn't matter.
  3. DarthHollis

    HX Stomp - mimiq?

    I put the Mimiq in a stereo loop as the last thing only before stereo delay and reverb. I get a weird phasing issue with the Double Take so I don't use that on guitar. I did start using my HX Stomp for vocal processing and I think the Double Take is good for giving vocals a nice stereo separation.
  4. DarthHollis

    HX Stomp - mimiq?

    The Double Take (in the Modulation FX) is similar but is not as good in my opinion. I prefer to use a small pitch shift on the right side set to only about 8 cents or so and to 100% mix. I also add 25-30ms of delay (available in Simple Pitch FX). Dry left side and pitch shift of right. This is my preferred way to go stereo if my Mimiq is not available.
  5. DarthHollis

    Anyone else having footswitch failures?

    CLEAN THE FOOTSWITCHES. There is an official procedure to do this (I believe I saw it posted by Chad Boston). No WD-40 or other lubricants are needed. I have had switches stop working and as soon as I cleaned them they worked fine. Fine dust, dirt and liquid particles can get in the switches and cause "malfunctions." This is an easy fix that probably works 99.9% of the time. I have owned my Helix for 3 years with no problems that could not be easily fixed by myself doing a quick search on the internet.
  6. DarthHollis

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    I saw a video for the G10S from Thoman in Europe. It's a version of the G10 that is made for pedalboards and has a normal 9v power so you can power it like normal pedals. It's also metal and has more options like multiple channels, and some cable length modelling.
  7. DarthHollis


    Do you have an FX loop block in the Helix? That has to be engaged and set to the right output level (line or instrument). I highly suggest you use one of the templates from the setlists. There is one for 4CM. Setlist #8 - Templates, patch 2A - 4-Cable Method.
  8. DarthHollis


    First thing I would suggest is turning the volume knob on the Helix all the way up. That is unity gain. Then make sure your connections are correct and that you are using the correct Line/Instrument level that is appropriate with the JJ input and FX loop. The FX loop in the JJ is probably instrument level but I do not know. If it's line level that could be a problem. Last thing is are you using a really long cable? More that 15 feet and you will probably notice a loss of high end, even in the FX loop. I did using 30' cable with my 5150 III. If you can provide more info we will continue to try to help.
  9. DarthHollis

    Van Halen 1 album tone

    It won't because of the amp and cab but I can give you the FX settings. Signal chain from left to right: Script Mod Phase: Rate 1.5, Mix 50%, Level +1.0cB Gray Flanger: Rate 4.0, Width 4.0, Manual 4.0, Regen 10.0, Mix 50%, Level 0.0dB Transistor Tape Delay: Time 218ms, Feedback 0%, Wow Flutr 3.6, Mix 13%, Level +6.0dB, Headroom 0.0, Trails off (this doesn't replicate the ending of Eruption, you have to use an expression pedal to help recreate that. That's it for in front of the amp. Only Plate reverb is used after the amp or pre-amp or however you want to say it. The guitar was originally recorded raw to the left side of the stereo spectrum with a plate reverb on the far right of the stereo spectrum. For most applications just put a plate reverb in your amp's FX loop. Plate Reverb: Decay 5.6, Predelay 29ms, Low Cut 89Hx, High Cut 4.6kHz (don't be afraid to go higher), Mix 38%, Level 0.0dB. I hope this helps you. Thank you for watching my YouTube video.
  10. DarthHollis

    Van Halen 1 album tone

    Thank you everyone! Here is a patch specifically for the Stomp: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4221804/
  11. DarthHollis

    Van Halen 1 album tone

    I was able to download it fine and to load it using HX Edit. Send me a message or FB me (Josh Hollis in Dunedin, FL) and I will be happy to send a new version it to you. Do you need a version for HX Stomp?
  12. DarthHollis

    MXR Phaser & Flanger. What am I missing?

    Run the phaser and flanger before the amp. Distortion in the amp seems to make the sound a little more pronounced. What phil_m sad above it true. For script phase I change the speed to 1.5. That's all I change and it sounds great. For Flanger I set everything at 40% except the Regen I set to 100%. This is pretty much the exact EVH sound to my ears.
  13. DarthHollis

    4cm or FRFR?

    You will get a lot of opinions about what to do but the only way you will know is to try it yourself. I was using a 5150 III 50 watt in 4CM and it worked great. I got tired of carrying the extra head and 2x12 cab and I had a great direct tone that I was using to practice at home. Since I already had two monitors for vocals up front I bought one extra monitor so I could run my guitar in stereo in front of me (bonus!). I also got a new digital mixer, XR18, that has no moving parts that need to get cleaned. It also allowed me to have 6 separate monitor mixes. I was noticing that with having 4 monitors total that there was a lot of bleed to FOH and it was impacting the sound. I looked into using IEMs and subsequently went that direction. I was also able to get my drummer to use IEMs and he has his own stereo feed. We now only have two monitors on stage for the singer and bass player. I highly recommend that you try before you buy if at all possible. There are such a wide variety of powered speakers out there. Take your Helix to the store and plug in to as many as they let you. I also want to note that I run the sound for our band using a tablet attached to my mic stand. I haven't relied on a soundman except for maybe 4 times over the last 3 years. If I was to have a soundman I would just bring one or two of my own EV monitors and use them as the guitar amps for me.
  14. DarthHollis

    Unchained settings -or- recommend pedal

    Thanks, j_hotch. That's my most watched video by far. For me, to get the most authentic sound you must have the flanger before the amp. You also have to have enough gain on the amp. Not too much, but if you don't have enough there is no swoosh. The other thing is the technique. The guitar is tuned to drop D and a half step down. The low string is C# and it's pretty flabby. I use a 46 gauge. When you use your pick you need to scrape the string as you do the chugging part. Here are my exact settings: Gray Flanger Rate 4.0 Width 4.0 Manual 4.0 Regen 10.0 Mix 50% Level 0.0
  15. DarthHollis

    Helix with Pedaltrain boards

    I was looking into the Classic Pro as well. My thinking was really only to hide the cables and power supplys under the board. I have been using a RoadCases USA 32"x16" case. I just have to take the lid off and hook up a few cables. I also attached a railing flange to the bottom and I attach a mic stand to that. This board is heavy and I think a pedaltrain would be even more weight. I also don't think I would like the angle of the pedaltrain, especially for using the wah. I like it flat on the ground.