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  1. I keep hoping we're in a woodshedding phase. Local heroes only these days...
  2. "Tuning is like you showering, you tend to do it more when there are people around..."
  3. Get the TS series up on a stand or use the Global EQ in the Helix set to only be applied to the outputs going to the TS to change low end across all patches in the monitor without changing the low end on your main outs.
  4. If you are routing the first path to the second then you want to turn off the input on the second path. It looks like guitar is selected there as well as it getting the signal routed from the first path.
  5. IR modeling a cab and speaker and mic in a certain placement and distance from the speaker, stick your ear where the mic would be and close off your other ear while listening to a real amp/cab and see if it sounds closer to the results you get without the cuts.
  6. They made it easy to touch, like many apps these days.
  7. White Punks on Dope was an early Tubes tune, Talk To Ya Later was…later heh heh
  8. I hope they do continue with a driver, but I am having the same issue with 10.8.5. Everything seems locked to 48k. Is anyone else experiencing this with OSX 10.8.5? I can't open my non 48 Pro Tools 10 sessions with HELIX as the interface through USB. Pops and clicks on regular iTunes, finder, youtube/web playback. Everything works fine with my HD500 as the interface.
  9. Looks like Mission is making a long throw pedal: https://youtu.be/yg5HH4fJ2iQ?t=49s
  10. Thanks! Do you know if larger values will change the operation and/or if there is a value above which you lose a part of the sweep?
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