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  1. I tried these with my firehawk 1500 and EV Zlx12p(stereo pa set up with subs)They are amazing. All of your presets have been tones you can use right out of the box. I have purchased other presets from suggestions on the line 6 forum, but very few are good sounding without massive amounts of tweaking. Giving credit where credit is due would be the 3sigma presets (very basic good starts, nothing fancy, still need tweaks and your own effects). They are the only other close to usable tones I have tried. I have purchased several different tones looking for the holy grail. fremen's are darn close. I know people will say that you have to make your own tones, but it takes way too much time. I am a working musician and These tones have made my life easier. fremen your stuff sings. Some of the lead tones are Nuno B. reminiscent. You are a mastermind of soul and feel for guitar tones. Thank you for the hard work, I know how long it takes me to make just one great tone.....that's why I wait for yours. I hardly ever post, but I have to recognize greatness! Manage LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1m
  2. Line 6 Tony posted this that might help http://line6.com/support/topic/14544-firehawk-troubleshooting-including-lock-up-help/?p=105860 I was having the same problem. Read in the firehawk floor unit forums, there is some documents in regards to loading incompatible corrupt patches. I have included it above. If the patch causes your amp to go silent, there could be some problems with that patch. If you like the sound of the patch...screen shot it and create your own. Ever since I started from a new patch and made my own recreating setting from the patches I liked I haven't had any issues. I hated the amp because of the issues you described, I now am loving it!
  3. My firehawk is also cutting out when changing patches and loading patches. It does it a lot more often when I use the iPad software. It seems like every 2 or 3 patches I load from the iPad it stops working and I have to power off and on to get sound again. The android app doesn't cause this problem nearly as much, sometimes it won't cause it to go silent at all. When switching patches with the Fbv 3 it also shuts the sound off, but once again a quick power off and the sound is there again. It got better when I did a re flash but the problem is still exists. Has anyone found a way to fix this or know where the problem is coming from? I love the sounds but this problem renders the amp unusable and not dependable for live applications. Is it early production serial # problem? If it was a bad component why does the android app have less effect on the shutdowns? It has to be firmware - software related. I have owned and do own a lot of line 6 gear and have never had a problem like this. Line 6 can you confirm this is a bug or bad amp? Thank you
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