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  1. The Android app does this at times. From the app go to Settings, Log out and then back in. Lame, but it should work after that. For Saving, hit cloud icon at the top. After it is in My Tones, when you click it it goes to the editor. From there, you click the cloud icon at the top and will see Publish to Line 6 cloud.
  2. I concur- it's not exactly plug and play, the get the drivers.
  3. Anyone with a Samsung tried using the sidesync software? in part, basically allows phone operation through the pc. Might be able to use it that way as well. When I get a chance I'll have to try it myself.
  4. I use a similar setup. My headphones also have the inline controls (extra band on the connector for the Mic). Anyway, I have to slightly pull the plug out from the adaptor, just barely. all the way in and it will give me terrible output. After the adjustment, sounds fantastic. hope that helps.
  5. Nice! I like the idea from lifting at the bottom, rather than adding bulk to the buttons on top. I usually pull mine outside of a case so I was thinking of getting larger adhesive rubber feet/bumpers to get the angle I want.
  6. For a quicker response, you'd likely have better luck putting in a ticket (or call)- http://line6.com/support/tickets Especially if you want a more direct answer than waiting around in a forum for other users to answer. The forums have always been more of a user support channel IMO. I generally check the forums for my answer first, if I don't get what I'm looking for, I'll start a ticket up. Forums: "Explore our forums where tens of thousands of other users talk about Line 6 gear and help each other." (from http://line6.com/support)
  7. No trying to be a jerk....but cracks me up how folks automatically assume a forum is equal to a support desk, when it's clearly stated what things are done and where on the site. The Forums - or "community driven support desk" as it was put- was fairly accurate to certain degree only because the line 6 forums are noted as "Explore our forums where tens of thousands of other users talk about Line 6 gear and help each other." (quoted from (http://line6.com/support)...and that's where we are now...but then again, I think for bugs and other issues that snarky comments or remarks provide little more than mild amusement, you might want to also hit up technical support... To contact technical support directly you go here: http://line6.com/support/tickets (yep, it says it's a "A place to contact our expert support staff directly." at http://line6.com/support/technical-support ) To inquire about ideas and things you'd like to see different about the firehawk- it's likely a support ticket ain't gonna do it....neither is a post on the forum....but if you drop it at the "Line 6 ideas" area, folks can vote on it and hopefully get a feature added at https://line6.ideascale.com
  8. Interesting. I used mine on stage for the first time this past Sunday- I ran through the house via XLR out and the 1/4" to an old SWR 30watt LA8 amp (being used as a personal monitor)...no worries. But I too started out primarily using headphones in the initial weeks I got it. but the sound was pretty consistent out of a couple of other amps I had- so, not sure what you've got going on. Are you on the latest firmware,etc.? Have you tried building a tone that sounds right (or tweaking one you've done) to sound how you want out of your YX10P fist, then plug in your headphones to hear what the difference is? For me, I know a VOX AC emulation patch I had sounded a bit better out of my head phones and I wind up having to tweak it a little when it's out of the monitor. Also, have you tried the output out of anything else powered (i.e. another powered monitor or running to an amp BUT still using "LINE" mode) to see if it's the unit/patch giving you the extra highs or if it's just on the YX10P?...or even running other user patches to test for differences to determine if it is possible the firehawk itself, the patch or the YX10P that's the culprit. Just a couple of suggestions.
  9. just gotta ask - but you did set the button to "line" rather than amp?
  10. what are your connections and how are you running out of the firehwawk?
  11. I had this happen to me after I did the last firmware update to 1.3. On android, I went to the system>applications and cleared the app cache & app data, uninstalled then reinstalled the app- it's worked fine since then.
  12. Gotta ask- did you install (or try reinstalling) the drivers on your PC? http://line6.com/software/index.html When I tried the firmware update, I plugged straight in- not thinking I'd need the drivers (which I was under the impression they were just for ASIO/Recording)...the updater wouldn't recognize it... After installed the drivers- it showed up, no sweat. Just curious, but how did you try the update initially?
  13. I get there's a tiny gap between regular changes, I was aware of that and am OK with that part of it, at least for what I'm playing on stage at the moment. That's one gap/delay in switching I know was mentioned in the forum. This looks like the normal gap - not my video but shows it-- this is gap is not what I'm referring to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyD_34oxrCo I'm talking about an actual long delay between multiple times when the firehawk doesn't seem to catch up. When time permits, I'll post a video to clarify, as I don't want to confuse the two I'm referring about. I'm thinking that the second one I was referring to - the super long delay/lag is what others were suggesting turning off bluetooth, though I don't concern myself too much with the long "catch up" switching....honestly, I don't think anyone changes that way because it the time on the particular patch isn't long enough to play anything...it's like literally hitting the button one after the other after the other. Overall it isn't a device killer, just curious in general about noticing it. In regard to the small gap...I certainly agree- seamless changes would be fantastic for normal channel changes, that initial "small" gap between changes that was mentioned. In my old GSP2101, there was a second PPC card (read as more memory/processing power) you could install in it (I had one) and it would allow for seamless changes where you literally could not tell you changed the channel as it would carry the tone out into the next- seriously awesome.
  14. Has any one had issue with the Android app after the last firehawk firmware (1.30) update? I started getting an invalid token, or expired token and have to login again after a bit. The Android app was last updated in Feb. and is currently at 1.30.2 ...talking about two versions here- the firmware of the firehawk AND the android app version. I have cleared the app cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app....BUT I have not yet had a chance to try it again...so hopefully, that will do it. If the issue persists, I'll likely try a factory reset on the firehawk with the newer firmware (1.30) still installed. Also, I didn't notice it before, but I also didn't hit the pedals (ABCD) that quickly either....is the same lag you all are talking about when you hit a series of the bank buttons to quickly in succession? Like A, to C, to B or whatever but rapidly before the unit changes and it takes a bit to catch up. I wouldn't normally stomp the buttons that quickly....my normal changes are fine for what I'm doing though. I just didn't notice that before (and will likely not notice it again)...but thought I'd ask.
  15. yeppers...being one of those "buy a product for what it does now" folks, I went ahead and picked up a Firehawk this past week. Future updates/improvements would be nice to see, but I didn't purchased based on that and it wasn't a deal breaker for me...and now that I have it, I certainly don't feel abandoned. TBH at first, I wasn't sure what to make of using the app for mostly accessing the pedal...I come from the old school of spending hours tweaking patches from my old GSP 2101 and have also been primarily just using stomp boxes over the years. So, from that perspective, yeah- you gotta detach from that "future proof" mentality a little. but after I settled in the fact that it is why I chose that over the HD500x- the convenience of the app (I'm never without my phone or tablet), as well as the current feature list in the Firehawk....here I am. I should mention that at first I primarily was playing from headphones and wasn't so sure about the Firehawk at first. The past few days I finally was able to spend some quality time and plugged it in a few different amps I have (1 being the 4 cable method) the others gave me an opportunity to compare the output sound...and I can honestly say after tweaking some of the tones and finding a couple decent sounding ones in the cloud- I am extremely pleased with this pedal. I'm looking forward to including this into rotation of my live/ stage sound. It gets plenty of tones that I thought were fantastic out of the different amps I tested it on. But just as with anything, you need to spend a little time with it to tailor it to your personal tastes...there is no such thing as a "God patch" that's going to make everyone's ears tingle with joy as if they're hearing unicorns and rainbows aligning with the universe perfectly. It all comes down to personal taste and preference. In my 35+ years of playing, everything requires movement of those little knobs and dials when you first plug it in...I have yet to play a pedal, amp or effects board that sounds perfect out of the box...and of course that will never happen. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my purchase and hope that others aren't discouraged because of some folks negative feelings about their unrealistic expectations that products need to be updated forever - beyond their advertised functionality ....and of course that'll never happen either- everything has a shelf life- including that latest and greatest that is always around the corner.
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