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  1. thanks for all your replies! I am going to test this head and cab i mentioned on the beginning and see if it's good enough for my purposes!
  2. Ok so the connection would be guitar -> pod set to max volume in combo output mode Pod left output to fx return of the amp . Main volume of the amp controls the output This will bypass the channels of the amp but keep the warmth of the tubes correct? And redial all the effects to maximize the effectiveness
  3. I am going to sound really stupid because I haven't used an amp in ages and lately I just use the pod direct to a p.a system , but I'll question it anyway.... How do I plug it all in? What's the best guaranteed way to get good results? I expect I should probably disable cab simulation on the pod as well
  4. Hello POD HD experts . I have a question that I hope can be answered by your infinite wisdom! A friend of mine is selling a valve amp head and cabinet that goes with it. For the purpose of his discussion the amp is the Fame T64 Rs which is valve powered . I was thinking of getting it since he's selling it for very cheap and the and the amp itself is in mint condition. This amp has an fx loop so I was thinking of using this amp for the power and "essence" of the tubes and using the awesome amps of the pod HD. I have seen some videos of the 4 cable method but my question is as follows: can I get the warmth and the power of the tubes and use the amps of the pod hd? And if so , how do I accomplish it? Thanks in advance for all your replies
  5. 1- Actually it depends on the song. some songs I use the same preset and just do a small "tap dance" to get to the other sound relative to that song. for example: having a big delay beginning the song and removing it entirely for the next part of the song. Other times during the same song I need to go to a solo that has different effects and different amps and so I completely change patch 2- Before a gig I get the setlist we designed as a band and arrange the presets in a way that it makes it ergonomic and less time consuming. Meaning Song 1 in bank 1 (presets 1 to 2) Song 2 in bank 1 (3 to 4) and so on. it depends on the song and of course it depends of my management in part 1 of the question! 3- I use setlists like...well...setlists. I have all my presets saved on my pc and for every gig depending on the setlist I rearrange them using POD HD X Edit. Also for safety purposes I make backups of all the setlists so if I need to play the same or a similar setlist I just upload it. It's a bit time consuming at the beginning but the perks are immense
  6. Hello everyone! I noticed in the last few months that the wire of the PSU of the HD500X is too flimsy. So I decided that the best idea was to get myself a pedalcase to hold it down all in place. the case holds things with velcro so I have a few doubts and I was hoping I could get some insight on how can I mount the HD500X to it knowing that we have those small rubber feet on the bottom of the HD500X. Anybody have any ideas on how to assemble it all? I saw old forums that had some clues but unfortunatly there's no pictures anymore so I don't know what was the main idea behind them. Hope to hear some thoughts! THanks
  7. the best idea is to plug the sound direct from the POD, if you monitor the POD via the pc you'll have the latency problems. Just plug your "jamming audio" to the cd/aux input of the POD, and use the POD as your main audio interface for everything. I am sure you'll find a way to make it work
  8. IF I am happy? Let's put it this way: I go anywhere to play and people ask: "don't you want an amp?" ...I say..."no...just plug XLR direct to it and flat EQ..." they look at me kinda funny and think I am probably insane. but then, I start playing the thing and it sounds great out of the box....by the end of the set the sound guys come and THANK ME for making their jobs easier while still sounding great... SO...am I happy? make your own conclusions about that ;) SPOILER: YES OH GOD YES I AM HAPPY
  9. best thing to do at this point is probably swap units...get to the vendor ask for a swap and see if the problem persists...if it does, it's probably something that you are doing, although I don't see anything wrong about what you are doing with your POD
  10. Well i want this tone! ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFfeQgRcaEE if you can do it you will be my guitar hero! :P
  11. My contributions have been mentioned before but what the hell...here they go again: Mesa Boogie Mark II C+ Mesa Boogie Mark IV both with the clean and distorted channels of course! :P
  12. I actually DO expect the Mesa models coming out..The metronome is the wish part :P I expect the Mesa stuff because the last we saw those was back on the Xt Live if I am not mistaken and it would be good to have the HD modelling we have access to now with those specific amp models
  13. how did a "firmware expectations" thread turn into a HD500 vs Axe FXII thread? Not enough of those already? ;) No, but seriously folks: Axe Fx sounds better? ..maybe Is it more expensive? Most definitely Let's just all agree to disagree and that the beauty of the sound is in the ear of the beholder and also this: budget goes a long way. I would never spend the 3k worth of the axe fx rack plus 1k or so for the controller and extra stuff so I could get the sound I would like. I love the sounds I get from the HD500X I own and I am perfectly happy with it. Hopefully, all of us can find the sound satisfaction we are looking for. Back to topic: I would love to get on the next firmware update some extra amp models: namely the Mesa Boogie Mark IV or V. Hell..I would be happy with the return of the prodigal son Mark II C+ Also I think adding a metronome could be useful for practicing. Other than that, I am happy :)
  14. I get enough volume from mine in both settings but it can take a bit of workaround. For private practice I created a setlist of sounds/presets where in the mixer section of the POD HD500X and I have another setlist of sounds for live/P.A use. Some sounds may have some Panning so make sure that for amp use you set it all to 0% and for P.A , set it to whatever you would like to hear because some effects like delays are really affected by that and you may also experience difference in volumes. Instead of messing around with channel volumes and such, if you mess in the mixer section (just after the amp blocks) you can get better results The trick is to make the sounds on both systems so that you are pleased with them. Plug the POD HD500X to a P.A and work from there! Don't forget to change the the switch next to the expression pedal to "line" and go into the settings of the POD to get it for Studio/Direct for P.A and for Power Amp/Combo if you are using an amp
  15. I corrupted the flash on mine just 12 hours after owning it :P I saved a setlist as a patch and sent it to the POD, she didn't enjoy it! but I got it back to work again. I believe there is another procedure that you can do to get it back to work but you solved your problem in some other way and that's what matters! :)
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