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  1. It is a little tight zipping it up but at this price it works very well.
  2. Queue up that Steely Dan song....... :) Ground issues are almost always the problem.
  3. I ran into similar problem. I resolved by uninstalling > rebooting > reinstalling by right clicking and choose run as administrator on the installer file.
  4. I got a digital signature error when I tried to install it on my Windows 10 machine.
  5. Appears Line 6 failed to properly digitally sign the exe installer file. I am getting a unknown publisher error in Windows 10. Need to fix this ASAP..... Update: I was able to install by uninstalling then rebooting then reinstalled by running installer as Administrator (right click choose "Run as Administrator").
  6. You mean like this? http://line6.com/support/topic/17938-helix-fw-106-available-next-week/
  7. I am using this one. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006KEILD8?keywords=novation%2025%20key&qid=1453529325&ref_=sr_1_5&sr=8-5
  8. So straight to 2.0 with a model pack it is then? :)
  9. I received this as a Christmas present. Works pretty well so far. http://www.amazon.com/Novation-25-Backpack-Style-Controller-Keyboards/dp/B006KEILD8/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1451276266&sr=1-1&keywords=novation&refinements=p_89%3ANovation
  10. That is some good information as I did not try doing that. I simply had FOH turn the phantom power off. At lest now if play where turning it off is not a option I have a possible work around. Also wonder about the combo with line vs mic as well. Thanks, phil_m
  11. Sorry, But I have no idea what you are hearing. Perhaps you can post some example preset recordings on soundcloud or youtube to illustrate what you are hearing?
  12. What is the setting for the XLR outputs? Mic or Line?
  13. I was still on the firmware before 1.03 and I was able to resolve this. Are you certain that phantom power is off?
  14. You could just not have a speaker cab in the preset...... done no more cab. I know this is not global but the Helix is so easy to edit it is literally one button to bypass and then click save twice.
  15. I had to install the firmware twice when I got the red face of death.
  16. This just started happening to me. I really this to work correctly. I have song that I have to learn..........
  17. So I just tried to use my Helix live and got this very loud white noise or hissing sound from the XLR output. We troubleshot the noise to the fact that the channel had phantom power on. Turned off phantom power the noise was gone. The helix is now dead silent, the front of house asked me if it was still powered on.......
  18. I had this issue and all I did was reinstall the firmware from a Windows 8 computer (my main pc is Windows 10) and it has been fine ever since.
  19. Same here with Windows 10. Used a Windows 8.1 machine and had to perform the firmware install twice to get rid of the red :o face.
  20. So Line 6's solution was to increase my lifetime activations to 15. Still not sure why this is even a thing and I will run into this again after I activate 5 more devices in a few years maybe less. My feedback is to do away with this and provide some freedom to its users.
  21. No this is includes all activations over time. Plus you can only have 4 devices active at a time.
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