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  1. I use the studio devil plug with guitar straight into the interface. I won't record guitar through my pod unless I have no other option. Now, my electric violin is another story. It actually sounds better through the pod direct than with a mic'ed amp. As for guitar, I prefer to track as simple a chain as I can, and add any other effects in post. So typically, overdrive and/or eq and compression is about it for tracking. Any other effects would be parallel tracked with the uneffected signal, or added afterwards.
  2. I know what I'm doing with my birthday money...
  3. Just got it today. Fits like a glove; I would definitely say this is the case to get if you are looking for one. If you can't see it, I ended up going with the EHX pedalboard case $40.00 anywhere, room for an expression pedal, power supply, and power strip or cables.
  4. Does anyone know if the new hot hand 3 expression controller is compatible with the HD 500?
  5. Studio devil british valve custom. Freeware, sounds awesome. Put Softube Saturation Knob after it (also free) for some extra dirt.
  6. BlueViolince

    Wha Wha

    I was using an rmc2 before the pod, but you can do cool things like adjust the amp eq and gain using the onboard pedal to suit the pod wah through the whole sweep, or crank up delay repeats when the toe is down(if you like that kind of thing). Plus you can keep the benefits of a higher Z input when plugging guitar into pod directly.
  7. I didn't realize the 500 X was that big. The regular 500 is something like 22 x 12. Adding an expression pedal puts it at around 27 inches wide.
  8. I actually had a pt-pro when I first got my pod, and then sold it after I dropped all the rest of my pedals. It's just more weight than I want to carry, and especially just for holding an expression pedal next to the pod. I need something light with a shoulder strap, ideally.
  9. Just saw the Electro Harmonix pedal bag, on the cheap side of the spectrum. Only $39.99, and 27" x 12", which is perfect. Looks like enough room for one expression pedal, plus power supply and cables.
  10. I have done the same thing for most of my patches. You can also tie gain, treble/bass/etc, and wah to the pedal at the same time to get unrealistically ideal tonal sweep whenever you use the wah. I have a dual amp patch that does this very well. Slight bass/midbass boost at toe down, and treble boost and at toe up.
  11. The best one I've seen to date is the Gator 12*24 mixer case. A little more than I want to spend, and you would have to put expression pedals below the pod for transport.
  12. Put it right before the delay, or otherwise after all gain staging.
  13. Does anyone know of a case that can comfortably fit the HD500 next to an expression/volume pedal, such as a VP JR or crybaby sized enclosure? I would go with a GK2110 or the SKB equivalent, but I can't tell if my expression pedal will fit in the front pocket of either of those. Doesn't look like it. I'm actually considering a gun bag, like this one: Don't really want to go the ata case route, but I need something better than the gym bag I'm using now, with better protection for the knobs.
  14. You need to set the global parameters properly for an acoustic sound. I don't have a manual in front of me, but I think I set my room resonance higher, high pass filter at 100hz (for violin, may be lower for guitar), and I will check the rest of my settings when I can. Output mode is direct/PA. Basically, treat your cab simulation as an acoustic guitar body, and tweak until it sounds right. I use the Hiwatt model for all of my clean tones.
  15. I'm just telling you what I know. The only other thin I can tell you is to play around with your master volume, and have the soundman adjust your input gain and monitor level. That's a house issue, and in no way a problem with your own equipment.
  16. I'm just telling you what I know. The only other thin I can tell you is to play around with your master volume, and have the soundman adjust your input gain and monitor level. That's a house issue, and in no way a problem with your own equipment.
  17. I have learned to trust my tones when using in-ears. I play electric violin, and in-ears seem to make it sound awful. No complaints from soundman or audience, but distorted in my ears. I don't know why. Make sure your sounds are solid in FOH during warm up/sound check, and resist the urge to tweak during the set. The more I use iems, the less I like them, and I've used rolls, aviom, and everything in between. My guess is that the iems usually run on low current, and any acoustic or bass-heavy tones are vulnerable to clipping. Trust your tones and use earbuds that match the impedance of the monitor sstem, or as close as possible. Tweak at home, hands off the knobs during the set.
  18. The Hiway is as flat any as I've heard.
  19. You could wire a pot through one side of an unlatching DPDT switch(if you can find one), and run a jumper across the other pole. Works like a regular footswitch, but runs the control signal through the pot(or resistor) when you step on it, then returns to 0 ohms when you release. I would use a pot rather than a resistor, so that you can set the momentary resistance to anywhere in the range that you want, rather than being locked into one value.
  20. It is? Huh, I guess I should have checked first. Probably an easy way is to set exp-1 to pitch, then make sure the percentage is visible on the screen, and jot down the number when you hit the desired interval, so you can set it as the min or max. I never understood why they would use such non-intuitive values for parameters.
  21. No problem. I assumed the desktop software was similar to the 500, at least as far as parameters were concerned, but I didn't know for sure.
  22. The pitch glide works with semitones, which there are thirteen of in any given scale, from tonic to octave. In a major scale, a fourth would be +5, and a fifth would be +7 semitones, or something like that. Just count half steps from your original pitch to where you want the shift to hit. Don't take those numbers to the bank, since I don't know the key or scale of that particular song. The concept is there. So, for the given numbers, min setting might be +5, and max setting would be +7. Start there and play around until you get what you're looking for. Just remember, pitch glide is not intelligent, so it will only give the absolute interval, with no regard for the key or mode you're playing in. That's one reason I gave up on smart harmony pedals, since I shift in and out of modes so much without knowing what I'm doing, as far as theory is concerned.
  23. Oh, I realize that L6 is trying to sell more gear, and I haven't even looked for updates on Monkey in months. It was more of an afterthought/sidebar to my title question. And I thought I was done with stompboxes...
  24. I'm just saying, 8 blocks are there, no matter what's in them. The fx loop takes up a space, whether it uses dsp or not. I have patches that aren't maxed out on dsp, but have no room for the loop because every block is full.
  25. ... Not that I've checked Monkey once in the past three months expecting to see a new update...
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