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  1. I like the Hiwatt model, full head/cab mode. Full E.R., full sag. For reference, I've been using mine with electric violin for a clean tone for the past four years or so.
  2. I have a PE60T. I've always used Studio/Direct mode, but I haven't had a problem with going between studio monitors, house systems, and the Power Engine.
  3. I have a whammy 5 that I've already integrated with MIDI, but I want to add a source audio programmable EQ that has a different set of PC commands.
  4. Is it possible? I'm not above getting MIDI distribution hardware to make it happen, but this would enable me to do some cool stuff.
  5. Oh, okay. Second question: when I use the toe switch to go back to exp-1, is the exp-2 value going to be the max value? I assume so, but just want to make sure.
  6. I was using ABCD before, but I just switched over to FS5-8. My reason for doing this was for better MIDI implementation. I have a Whammy 5 in my FX loop. Set up like so: FS1- FX loop on/off FS2- Special effect block on/of(This changes with each patch, like turning on a boost comp or EQ, or Pitch glide FS3- Whammy bypass FS4- Tap delay on/off FS5- Whammy octave up/down blend FS6- Whammy bend octave up FS7- Whammy bend down 2 semitones FS8- Whammy shallow detune These settings are universal across all of my regular patches. As for my patch settings, they are as follows(Electric violin is my instrument): 1A- clean, reverse echo blend in w/ exp1 1B- clean, multi-delay-based chorus blend in w/ exp1 1C- clean, delay wash blended in w/exp1 1D- clean, sitar effect blend in w/ exp1 and whammy octave up blend 2A- lead(gibtone wah) 2B- cello 2C- glitch squarewave tremolo, exp1 blend between trem rates 2D- clean, synth square pattern trem blended in w/ exp1
  7. I like how the gallery pictures show the rubber peeling off of the expression pedal...
  8. Does anyone know what the exp-2 value defaults to when the expression pedal is removed? Is it the last known value, or min/max?
  9. Using a Whammy 5 with my HD500, and sending audio to Mainstage via USB from the Pod. I'm sending MIDI program changes from the Pod to the Whammy, but I would also like to send tap tempo and program changes to Mainstage. What's a good way to do that? I've looked at a few USB MIDI interfaces, but I don't want anything too bulky or expensive for the limited purpose it will fill.
  10. You could always reamp through the Pod.
  11. Just programmed the MIDI my HD500, and it is making me smile... all my favourite Whammy settings are dialed in, working perfectly. Next, I have to get myself a Source Audio EQ...
  12. This is the information I've been looking for! Thanks, Rewolf!
  13. Same for me, billorentzen. My main wah setting uses exp1 for wah, gain, eq, volume, and delay settings. Another patch uses exp1 for mixing in five delays, eq, and gain.
  14. I did something similar, but non-invasive a while ago. I hooked up an ldr in a hammond box with a 1/4" jack. Used an led lamp as my light source that I could block with my foot, and hooked up the jack to exp-2. Simple. If you can drill, solder, and use basic tools, it's as simple as positioning an external strobe light properly. Of course, do you want a strobe light flashing at your feet while you play? Might be a non-issue for some people.
  15. It was originally a plugin for Logic. It has amp modelling, effects, and access to whatever AU plugins you already own, in addition to Mainstage's full set of mixing plugs. All you need is a recording interface with low latency, and you can add whatever USB MIDI controllers you want to use. I experience no noticeable latency with my setup. This all fits into my briefcase with headphones when I'm traveling, and it takes up much less floor space for smaller venues. Think of it as similar to running Amplitube on a Mac instead of an iPhone, with higher bit depth (24 bit vs 16 bit for amplitube), better processors and effects, and choice of better convertors than the iPhone's headset jack. So something I would actually consider using live. It sounds just as good as my Pod, and I was already using my laptop for post compression/EQ.
  16. I just built the patches in Mainstage that effectively replace my most used tones in my HD500. The only downside is the lack of hardware. Gonna get an expression pedal dongle(, and use my Nanopad for selecting patches and tempo. Everything will fit in my briefcase, which I'm very happy about.
  17. Is anyone here using a UX interface for live performance with Mainstage?
  18. Hmmm... I will have to do some more research on this.
  19. I only use my fx loop and ableton when playing live. No need for it in the studio. Again, no noticeable latency.
  20. Using my HD500 with Ableton. I would like to activate plugins specific to patches on the Pod. Do these usb-MIDI cables work for that, or do I need something better?
  21. Are you using it as a recording interface? I use mine with the USB plugged into ableton live in addition to my fx loop, & I hardly noticed any latency whatsoever.
  22. Negligible. I notice more latency from my whammy 5 in the effects loop then from the effects loop itself.
  23. I did this when I first had my 500, and hadn't quit the pedals yet. I ran a nylon strap around/over the corners of the 500, and underneath the pedaltrain.
  24. So the patch that's called up on the M is specific to the fs and the patch you're selecting on the Pod? Meaning that fs1 on tone 1A can call a different M5 effect than fs1 on tone 3B.
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