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  1. You might want to rework your presets if they aren't already sounding good through a PA. What kind of setup are you using for adjusting your settings? That might be a good place to start if you don't have a good live tone. If you use headphones, expect that things will sound different in the house. Make your amp model sound good. Then EQ if necessary. Then start adding effects. It's better to get it sounding good from the ground up than trying to fix a full preset that's already loaded with FX blocks.
  2. Well, the biggest issue for me has always been rolling off the high end. In fact, my 2nd outboard EQ pedal pretty much stays in a hi roll-off state. Anything else can be ignored with the knowledge that it's good in the house, based on past experience. It's the difference between an overly dark sound and ice pick highs.
  3. I'm guessing that the new global EQ (without throwing any more drama into all this) will fix the whole cab vs, DI brightness issue. What I should be able to do, once it's updated, is get my patches sounding good through my (insert frfr of choice here), and then switch to either cans or PA and roll down the hi cut until the extra brightness is gone, correct? If I bring it down until just before the frfr cab starts to lose top end, then it should be a closer match, if it works right. I always have to end up making lots of eq adjustment when I playing direct with IEMs, and maybe that will be solved soon.
  4. Disregard my previous post. I didn't notice the three parametric bands listed along with the low cut and high cut.
  5. So from what I'm seeing, the high and low bands are pass filters, not shelving filters? Are specs available on the rough Q of the hi and low bands, or a frequency response graph? I know the amp models already have a hi pass option, would there be any thought to adding a lo pass to the models as well?
  6. I can see it now: "I'm trying to use the Global EQ, but it just makes everything really noisy." "What are the gain settings?" "I set all three bands at +12.0 dB. Is that bad?" "I set my global EQ for my (whatever) patch, and then adjusted it for another patch, but my previous settings went away. What the ^&@!!?" or: "How come I can't assign any of my footswitches to turn on Global EQ?" I might have to take a vacation from the forums for a few months after the rollout.
  7. I doubt they would change it to a preset eq, even optionally, since the whole "global EQ", meaning an eq that applies to the unit, regardless of patch selection, has been one of the number one gripes with the HD series. There are a number of EQ blocks already in the unit that can be saved into any preset, so why ask for another one?
  8. Post signal chain. After all amps, effects, and looper. The last thing that happens before you go to the physical outputs.
  9. It's meant to set once at the venue during soundcheck, and it applies to every patch. I do the same thing with my second EQ pedal. But I will probably be able to leave it at home once the firmware rolls out. Think of it as a "post output" EQ, that sits right before the outputs, and is not affected by which patch you are using.
  10. I play electric violin with a piezo pickup. I go for a traditional base violin tone, and I use the Hiwatt with its 412 cab. Zero gain, 100% sag, and it works great for me. Don't need any other corrective EQ, unless I'm using a particular set of effects. I'm looking forward to trying out the acoustic patch when the new stuff is released.
  11. I use a Sniper Boss GE7 as my room correction, and a Source Programmable EQ to level out my Whammy settings, all in the fx loop before any stereo processing.
  12. I did that with mine about a year ago. It worked pretty well. I had mine wired to a 10k pot, so I could change the switched value.
  13. No software adjustment inside the Pod for this, if that's what you're asking.
  14. Generally, you want a gate before any increase in gain, i.e., before the amp or drives, and maybe before any time-based effects, so echoes and trails don't get cut off.
  15. I think the one you linked might work. the shaft is super short, but the distance between pot and the rack is really close in this enclosure.
  16. How about just wiring nine 100k resistors in parallel with the pot? I don't know the theory behind this, so I'm throwing out guesses here.
  17. I'm thinking of turning my old crybaby into a dual expression for my hd500 and m5. It's hard to find any properly sized dual 10k linear pots. Found a few 100k and up. Could I wire resistors/pots in parallel with the main expression pots to get a 10k value, and still get a linear sweep? I did it with a 100k log pot before, but the taper was awful. Not sure if it would work the way I want it to with linear pots.
  18. Ha, I also quit MS for now. The stupid Tonedirect means that I'm not really getting any benefit out of running it through my Pod. At least, that's what I have surmised based on my experience.
  19. Yeah, I will have the M5 on its own channel. I really only want it to have expression control from one output of the Source dual pedal, and the pod's exp-2 controlling the whammy's cc. The pc going from the pod to the M5 will only be to switch the one patch on and off.
  20. I have already set my HD500 up to control my whammy. FS5-8 and FS3 are set up on all of my Pod patches for the Whammy presets. I'm trying to integrate another pedal(M5, at the moment) to adjust EQ settings to correspond with the Whammy settings. Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve any kind of MIDI translation hardware? I have a dual expression pedal inbound along with the M5. Would I be able to connect the dual expression to the Pod's exp-2 and the M5, and use MIDI out from the Pod to control CC expression on the Whammy along with EQ on the M5?
  21. Would it be able to send pc when a preset is selected with the footswitch?
  22. Can I send one MIDI pc command into the M5, and have it send out another pc command? For example, it receives pc 001, and sends out pc 084.
  23. Can the M9 send exp over MIDI while also sending PC messages? I want to switch whammy 5 settings and switch scenes at the same time, and control the whammy sweep with exp-1 while adjusting eq. Is this within M9 capabilities?
  24. I would add that you should work with the adjustable input impedance, and see what sounds best with your instrument. There's also a great resource on the various EQ fx blocks in the HD forum. I second the base patch method, as bjnette already mentioned.
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