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  1. Has anyone tried setting a footswitch to control the Whammy 5, sending a preset over midi? For example, I would like to send a command to set the Whammy to 2 semitones down, and have the whammy's expression pedal at a 64 value. Basically, a half step detune.
  2. Anybody running an M5/9/13 in the loop of an HD? I'm wondering how well MIDI implementation works with that setup.
  3. I've been using k240s open backs for about a year. The do roll off some brightness, but they are great for practicing and dialing in some effects. And they are comfortable to play with for longer than other phones I've used.
  4. I use all my stomps in the fx loop. Whammy 5, vpjr, and ge7 all come in handy, and are better than the Pod versions.
  5. I've set the exp-1 as a blend knob for the octave up, which is nice and subtle for adding bright accents without being in your face the whole time. I'm thinking that putting the Whammy after delay with long repeats would be pretty cool.
  6. We all know the in-the-box pitch shifter doesn't do what we all want. So, if you are like me and use a Whammy5/POG/Micro POG with your Pod HD, where do you keep it in the chain? I have tried it before, in the loop, before/after amp models, and before/after delays. So far, I like putting it in the FX loop before the amps. Anyone do something different? I'm toying around with getting a MIDI switcher to quick select Whammy presets, but I'll spend a little more time with it first.
  7. No, this is for going to a live board.
  8. I play mostly clean patches, use the studio/direct output mode, and am currently using dual xlrs to the board. My master knob is up all the way, and my mixer levels are both at zero dB. I am going to try raising my amp volume levels without overdriving, but what else can I do to get more volume?
  9. iOS-only doesn't make sense anymore. Android is big enough that for changing settings, either OS should be compatible. Mobile device audio still puts IK and digitech in the toy category for me.
  10. Do you have any delay or reverb in there before the pre amp? That could be a reason as well.
  11. I use my 500 hooked up to Ableton as an interface for gigs. I use a software reverb, and some compression. I have never noticed any delay, even with the loop engaged.
  12. DB, I keep an eq pedal in my case for that reason. Although mine is used for a bit of high-mid peakiness that often needs tuning out. The violin needs special attention in that area, and the eq takes care of it. I put mine in the loop, position variable based on the type of patch. I'm sure that a gobal eq could have made its way into the design, but whatevs. I don't always use it, but I never leave home without it.
  13. Mine are set universally: FX loop, boost, miscellaneous, delay.
  14. Hmmm. I get close to zero noticeable latency with Ableton(free version) through the Pod, but there is a plugin and sends cap. I may just upgrade to Live Intro next time it goes on sale. I only need it for multi comp and reverb, for now.
  15. Is anyone doing this? The plusses are:no need for a separate interface, more processing headroom (dual tones plus pitch and reverb comes to mind), cheaper than Ableton. Any minuses? There doesn't seem to be a demo version, so I've never tried it.
  16. Alternatively, you could add a volume pedal with appropriate cut, bound to the same footswitch.
  17. If I were using fs 1-8, I would ignore convention, and go by what I use most. I switch pitch and delay on and off more than anything else, and some never get switched off. I would also reserve the one next to the tap tempo switch for something subtle, like eq. Yes, I accidently went from my echo wash patch to my lead channel patch while trying to set a new tempo. Did not. Go. Unnoticed. I think the longer you use it, the more likely it is that you will switch to bank mode. The only plus to fs mode is that if you stay in one patch most of the time, you retain delay/verb spillover when bypassing.
  18. That's pretty much how the NS-2 works. I also ran mine in the same type of chain.
  19. Do you use a volume pedal block? If you haven't already, you can assign exp 1 or 2 to the volume knob on the amp models to free up a block.
  20. You could put everything else besides the fx loop block on the other side of a parallel chain. Check for delay through the chain; I would guess that there may be a time difference between the two chains.
  21. Yeah, I tried it out, and I ended up going back to Ableton set up for post-Pod to get my multi-band comp. Works better than the Firebox in the fx loop(which is what I was doing before), no noticeable latency. I may keep Amplitube in an aux channel if I want to throw more delays on, for whatever reason.
  22. What kind of setup? And what kind of latency are you getting?
  23. And would I be able to send MIDI commands over USB when changing patches?
  24. Has anyone tried it live with Amplitube or Guitar Rig?
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