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  1. Has anyone tried to emulate these B9/C9 pedals yet? I love that sound!
  2. FX1 is used for a Whammy 5. I run ny Helix in the fx loop of my acoustic preamp/DI. My snapshots are mostly used to call up various custom presets on the Whammy.
  3. I use 2 for delay feedback, and 3 mostly for volume, on every preset, and they are global. I will have to see if changing it to a preset level setting helps. I don't usually perform without the expression pedals, but when I'm practicing, it would be nice to not have to plug everything in. The Hot Hand needs to be recharged every other few days or so, and I never remember to plug it in.
  4. When the external expression controllers are unplugged, what's the default behaviour supposed to be, next time you boot up? Do they store their last input value, or do they return to toe down, or heel down value? Assuming the Helix is turned off before the cords are unplugged.
  5. Just got a Dunlop DVP4 mini volume/expression. One DIP switch to switch over inside, and swap the direction via the global settings. I will be able to use it as a volume pedal for my mini rig as well, and it leaves lots more room in the backpack for cables. It has a good sweep for such a small pedal, plus adjustable drag on the treadle.
  6. I've had issues today, where I'm editing a preset, not connected to a computer, and it's not responding to anything; effects added, taken off, bypassed, settings changed. MIDI messages aren't going out, the sounds aren't changing. Kinda concerned, as this is only two weeks old. Do I re-flash the firmware, or just reboot it again?
  7. Has anyone else noticed a fair bit of hiss when using the XLR outputs? I use a preamp/DI with mine, but I would prefer to use a smaller preamp and go direct from the Helix. Right now, there's too much noise when I do it. I have tried both line and mic level. What else can I try to eliminate that?
  8. Sorry, I kept forgetting to post it. I don't know how useful it will be to guitarists, but there's always experimentation, right? This can be further EQ'ed in a DAW, if you want to give it a go. The original was created by this website: I processed it a few times(EQ only) to get the end product. Which may be tweaked further, we'll se.
  9. Has anyone had experience using this output to control a Pitchfork, or other pedal/processor?
  10. Since I use mine with electric violins, and I prefer acoustic tone for most of my work, I ditch the amp models for all of my clean sounds, and load the same violin IR for most of my patches. I found the IR from an academic website, and then eq'ed it to produce the sound I wanted. Works great with the Helix, and my Logidy EPSi. The quality of tone is just awesome. The overdriven bit at the end was just a throwaway patch that I slapped together on the spot.
  11. I've tried turning my volume down as well, but it really sounds more like an unbuffered bypass being engaged. I have the Helix in the efffect loop of my preamp, and I have to turn down the volume on the preamp to avoid the pop.
  12. Does anyone else get a pop from exiting tuner mode? I get it every time, at varying volumes. If my delay is on, it will echo, which leads me to believe it's switched at the input. Are there workarounds to avoid it, for anyone who's experienced this?
  13. Did a full global reset, now everything works as it should. Woo hoo!
  14. It's happening in the Editor, and on the unit. I can bypass the fx loop, adjust the mix, or remove the fx loop block completely, and it's still passing 100% mix to and from the Whammy. I can only bypass it by turning off the Whammy footswitch, or unplugging a send/return cable.
  15. On the unit display. I haven't gone back into the editor to try it.
  16. Yeah, no I've eliminated the Whammy as source of the issue. Now my Helix display is disagreeing with its hardware.
  17. I'm seeing a weird glitch where my fx loop 1 shows as bypassed, but still is active in the chain. Either bypassed or mixed down to 0%, signal is still going through external pedals.
  18. Update: this may be a totally different issue than I thought. After a few times restarting it, it now works. On the other hand, my fx loop isn't following the enabled/bypassed state as shown on the screen, nor does the fx loop mix parameter have any effect. At 50% or 0% mix, the loop passes full signal, wide open, and the only way to bypass it is to turn off the pedal. What could be happening here?
  19. On channel 3, PC 063, and the next one is CC11:000 on the same channel.
  20. I did try that, both ways. When you are editing the instant commands, should it be sending out MIDI messages as you change values, or do you need to re-select the patch? Again, I've tried this both ways, with no results.
  21. Having a problem getting external devices to see MIDI from instant commands. I have 2.20 loaded, used different cables, and cycled through all possible channels, but I'm not getting pedals to see the messages. I've also tried programming pc messages from the footswitches, but there is no response from downline devices.
  22. I've checked against the manual several times, I've tried different channels and different commands. I've swapped out MIDI cables, rebooted, and it still doesn't work. Next I will hook the Helix up to MIDI monitor to see if it's actually sending out any data.
  23. Yep. I have a spreadsheet for all the pc and cc commands, so I know what's supposed to be happening when it receives them. I'm just trying to transfer my MIDI setup from the HD500, where everything worked perfectly.
  24. Just got my Helix in. Is there a trick to setting up instant MIDI commands? I have the mode, correct outgoing channel, and PC message set, but nothing happens after I save and re-select the preset. Using a Whammy 5 on MIDI channel 3. Global settings have Omni channel and MIDI Thru selected.
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