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  1. Yeah, June preorder for me too, expecting first batch. Hearing same thing. And what's with this talk about being mad about "delays"? We don't have much to do until we get 'em but opine, so opine we shall. Mad? Naw... I told myself "Sometime in October" back in June, and so far, I haven't disappointed myself.
  2. Hell with a few grains of salt, I qualified it 4 different ways and threw the whole lost shaker of salt at ya!
  3. The really short answer is Line 6 says they're still on track basically to have the units ready to ship to dealers let's say by the end of September/early October. So right now, barring unforseen delays, you could expect if you're in the first lot of shipments from retailers to receive your Helix by mid Octoberish. All subject to change and delay at any friggin time, ok? ;-)
  4. Alright, I have to comment. DI, you've been terrific on all the forums, answering countless questions, putting up with (some) negative comments, being a great source of information, etc. Well above what I would normally expect for a product not in G.R. Kudos to you, we all appreciate it. But there's no reason for you to imply Sweetwater isn't being accurate or telling the truth. I've dealt with my rep for years and he has always been dead on with new product introduction information. In early July he told me LINE 6 is estimating 4 to 5 weeks out. Today he emailed me "LINE 6 has given us an update, and unfortunately it was to let us know that it will be another five or six weeks before we see our first shipment of the Helix boards." So yeah, it's still within your original window of end of summer, fine. But it was pushed out from the initial word from Line 6 to Sweetwater, and they are getting their updates from Line 6. I understand all about the squishyness of new product ship dates, but let's let your retailers do their part of the job to inform us (pre) customers. I presume that's why you keep them in the loop.
  5. "Wondering how our Variax guitars sound? Head on over to the brand new Variax sound samples page and hear all 30 of them recorded direct via USB with our new flagship guitar processor Helix! Click HERE to listen - "
  6. Well with the iTrack Dock, it essentially has 1) a usb midi interface that would accept Helix USB out, 2) analog input from Helix analog out, 3) direct guitar input (because it has a 24 bit 96khz A/D converter, essentially an Apogee Jam, but integrated), 4) phantom powered microphone direct input 5) direct monitoring of input signals 6) independent headphone volume etc. So basically the convenience to swap and/or use all of those inputs without ever touching the iPad lightening connector.
  7. Easy mate, I didn't realize you had the golden ear curse. Helpful for everyone to know, as the next answers will feel less like punishment to you with that context provided. I was just trying to pre-answer your question "are you sure you know what latency sounds like?" by saying I do based on monitoring various parts of the signal path when recording.
  8. OK, and I guess the iTrack Dock above would be a good "parallel solution" as it has USB midi input too? So Helix USB out to iTrack (or Apple CCK) USB in? Can I assume the "USB Midi" on the iTrack will work with that setup? What would be the ideal analog output from Helix if I didn't use the USB midi output, assuming I'm using either the iTrack Dock or Apogee Jam/Sonic Port?
  9. You know this means mid to late August by default, right? :D
  10. Since we have time to talk about such things, I thought I'd start a thread on recording with Helix and the iPad. What are the options? Assume a couple of scenarios: Using Helix for amps/effects and sending wet signal to iPad with recording app Using Helix for dry signal sent to amp/effect app in iPad, then recorded on the iPad Assume a variety of existing connections, let's go with these options: Apogee Jam (Or Sonic Port) Apple camera connector Focusrite iTrack Dock What would be the best Helix outputs/cables for each of these digital interfaces with the iPad? What are the possibilities? Feel free to also offer up your own scenarios currently with HD Pods as part of this. Midi is optional, I'm not sure I know what to do with it. Thanks!
  11. I second this. Never perceived any latency out of my HD500, so I wouldn't expect it with Helix's additional horsepower and coding efficiencies over time. And I know what latency feels and sounds like, as I record.
  12. No one should pay $1,500 for this, nor buy it from a company who won't allow you to return it after evaluating it in the comfort of your own home. Just sayin'.....
  13. Former owner of an HD500 here (sold it after Helix was introduced). I have the Helix on order. Of course the answer is personal and situation dependent. I've been waiting for something easier to program and next generation in terms of sonic quality and lo and behold, Line 6 comes out with it in the form of Helix. Had been tempted by AxeFx but price and clunky UI got in the way. And I figured it was as tweak-inducing as the HD was. I'm blessed on the whole price thing (Helix relative to HD500), after working 60 hours a week for a few decades, money isn't the issue. Time is far more precious, and I'd rather spend it playing rather than tweaking. Enough said.
  14. So before I begin, I understand the Helix is designed to work with multiple types of output amps and speakers, from FRFR to DT25/50 to guitar amps, etc. But as a now former HD500 and DT25 owner, for me, I saw the writing on the wall with the Helix. Which is why I now have a Helix and a Mission Engineering Gemini 1 on order. Helix has tons of digital processing power and brand new from-scratch HX models which represent Line 6's best effort yet to emulate tube amp tone, response, and sonic attributes. The better the fundamental signal output of Helix represents reality, the more you want an amp/speaker system to just faithfully convert that to sound, without coloring or impacting it further. I believe, partially from what I've heard so far and partially on educated faith that Helix is good enough to just go FRFR and forget the other options. I considered and listened to Stagesource and am taking another leap of faith - that I'll be happier with the Mission Engineering Gemini offering given its features and form factor. I'll be happy to report back what I observe with this pairing once I have it in hand and have had some time with it. But I'm beyond excited because 1) I'll spend far less time getting the tones I want with this new interface/UI and less dependencies compared to the HD500 and 2) the anticipated quality of Helix, based on like-powered Kemper and AxeFx products.
  15. Hey now, how about that. Now Marcus and I both say August. While he didn't qualify his answer, I still say "subject to change" haha.
  16. All I know is I have a long history with my rep including new product introductions. He's shot straight with me always. Including when the vendor updates him with new availability dates. If and when I hear anything more, I'll try to post it here.
  17. Easy, Sparky. My trusted Sweetwater rep. told me that's what Line 6 just told them. Also, note my heavily qualified previous post.
  18. I've just been told "4 to 5 weeks out" as of today. The way things go, I'll assume 5 weeks at a minimum and say it looks like current estimate is week of August 17 for shipment to the stores. I hope I'm not laughing at this post the end of September, but we've all been there before, right?
  19. Mission Engineering Gemini 1 - several ways to get it for 15% off this weekend.
  20. I'll concede I'm premature, but I've never been satisfied before. What I've always wanted as the ideal, all the check marks are met or exceeded "on paper". I'm hopeful to confirm, we'll see.
  21. Exactly, relax everyone, more variety will come out - I agree with illustrating first the various important features and overall sonic improvement. Then get to the variety. When it sounds stunning on my iPhone speaker, color me impressed. I preordered and made the leap to putting my DT25 up for sale. I yearn for simplicity and playing time - and a stunning back line that just does what I want it to. Gonna buy a Stagesource and I believe I'll be set forever.
  22. On fractal audio true bypass, this might be what they're hanging their hat on... "All Fractal Audio products use full-differential analog processing which is expensive. I can almost guarantee that the Helix will be a single-ended design as all their previous products are single-ended. We also use premium op-amps and film caps whereas competitors use cheap TL07x op-amps and electrolytic caps. The results of this philosophy are manifested in the FX-8. It is the first all-digital effects processor that has zero "tone suck". No one else was able to do it until now. But it wasn't cheap to do that. It requires expensive components and careful design."
  23. Igloo, first of all, you are doing a heroic job in being responsive to all the questions we're firing away on here and other forums, thanks for that! So putting midi aside, can I use Helix and the L6 LINK only to feed the DT25 1) Helix preamp and 2) "pre-power amplifier" effects to the power amp in the DT25, then also have 3) time-based effects in the effects loop of the DT25 power amp? Or would I have to do 4CM to achieve that last part?
  24. What is the specified impedance for headphones?
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