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  1. I don't expect Line 6 to just out and out agree with you publicly, but as an DT25 owner, the writing is on the wall with Helix, especially with signal routing through LINK. The optimum one cable sound source is an FRFR like StageSource with Helix.
  2. I'm likely going to get the Helix and if the modeling is as good as it's supposed to be, there's no reason to have my DT25. I'm going to do what Line 6 obviously wants me to do, and that's use it with an FRFR like the StageSource.
  3. I'm less concerned with topology programming than I am with the whole routing issue as explained in my post. Kinda doubt we see a manual until after it's released.
  4. From another thread, @Digital_Igloo responded: It's important to note that Helix does not behave like HD500X when it comes to L6 LINK communication. It acts much more like HD500X and StageSource; that is, one DT will receive a mono signal and two will split the signal hard left and right. There's no tapping off from various points in the signal, although Helix's flexible routing makes this very easy to accomplish this manually. Unfortunately, at launch, there will also be no automatic topology recall, although if you're willing to hook up a MIDI cable as well, some of this can be accomplished via the Command Center page's Instant commands. Helix's engine is completely different from HD500X's, and much of the functionality of the current DT Dream Rig simply can't apply to the new routing architecture. We're still not sure how deep down the L6 LINK rabbit hole we want to go, so anything's possible. ------------------------------------ Could you expand on this a bit? I own a DT25 and it seems the L6 LINK for Helix is in no way the L6 LINK for my HD500. I now understand the manual reconfiguration comment (midi for topology recall) but you're saying also that while there's a signal coming out of L6 LINK from Helix, it's not electronically controlled and configurable as far as routing like it is with the HD500, through the single L6 LINK cable. So essentially, except for limited fixed scenarios, L6 LINK is pretty worthless on Helix with my DT 25 for flexible, on the fly patch configuration changes. I'm going to have to hardwire multiple pairs of cables in a 4 wire+ fashion and of course even that is manual if I want to change it, or will there be a way to connect cables to the DT25 that is flexible enough that the routing in Helix will be the equivalent of the L6 LINK, but you won't have the convenience of a single cable connection? Please give an example or two in your answer to illustrate....thanks.
  5. Indeed! Once you get over being indignant that such a setup is needed, you really appreciate finally being able to hear a great tone.
  6. I just discovered a solution to this whole thing which will allow you to use any low impedance (normal headphones you would use with your ipod, iphone, smartphone, stereo) headphones. I actually bought a new pair of Beyerdynamic 250 ohm before my discovery and to me they still sounded like crap plugged directly into my HD500. So I after I sent them back, in frustration, I happened to plug my stereo speaker powered studio monitors into the headphone jack of the HD500. Hey, that sounds pretty good. Next, I plugged my old headphones into the headphone jack in the front of my studio monitor speaker. Eureka! And to think I've been pondering how to get a decent sound for over a year. If you have powered monitors with a headphone jack, try it! You'll like it. Cheers
  7. I swear that FBV line on the Spec page was not there Thursday, thanks.
  8. Wait, where does it say it works with the MKII's or FBVs??
  9. OK, so I've been a Line 6 customer for quite a while. Mostly play as a hobby, but have performed with bands. Current setup is an HD500 and an FRFR speaker. Thought that AMPLIFi might be interesting from the smartphone/tablet "drag and drop" perspective as far as programming and because it's an integrated unit. But quickly realized after introduction yesterday ... wait - no expression pedals or foot switch capability? OK, now I realize what Line 6 is doing with this new entry... 1) Create a new category/family of product line for Line 6. 2) Don't cannibalize existing Line 6 product families. 3) Address a new part of the guitarist market.(Basically younger, more casual user) 4) Start market/product testing next generation programming and ease of use that eventually will make its way into next gen products "up the chain" like DT family etc. I'm sure I could come up with more bullet points, but that's what I conclude if I look at this from a marketing perspective and not so much from a "what I would like" perspective. Based on comments I've seen so far, hopefully Line 6/Yamaha hears the following points moving into the future for more serious guitarists: * Drag and drop mobile smartphone/tablet programming wirelessly would be a fantastic improvement for POD HD and integrated Effects/AMP/FRFR units * Ditto cloud uploading/downloading * Expression pedal/foot switch needs to be included or a separate option * Lots of interest in lower weight units for transporting * * (Feel free to add your own)
  10. Haha caught my lack of precision in posting, good for you! Really meant that it's fact most who've commented on the boards with their opinion on HD500 presets feel this's old news.
  11. Yes, I was talking about factory presets. Always looking for great tones, so thought I would ask if there's anything new here, and there isn't apparently. FYI, it's old news here that the HD500 factory presets are almost universally bad - the worst of any product previously made by Line6, but not looking for a debate. Just an accepted fact by most.
  12. Are the presets included with the 500X any better than the 500 presets? We know that was a weakness - anything change for the better? If so, are they compatible with the 500? I'm curious if you could just change the filename and they would be.
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