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  1. Hey Fellas - don't ask me for tech details as this stuff is not my wheel house: Symptom: Unit switches to "Tuner" mode by itself, or display is erratic. -Check the +5V regulator. On some rev. pcb's it lies next to a trace. It should not, however, be lying on top of the trace. If it is, loosen the hex standoff heat sink and slide the top of the regulator over so it is not on top of the trace. So if you know a tech guy or one pops up here maybe they decipher the above. If it works please let the others know. -B
  2. Hi There! Just guessing here as I never bothered trying to authorise my Pocket Pod (man it looked bad when I just typed "PP" B) ) but assuming the L6 License Manager could detect it and Azteca did the authorization wouldn't the serial show up there (after the web page loaded). I think my Toneport and XT's #s were there and matched that on the sticker (hard coded). Then he could write it down and then go to the reg page. Again assuming the L6L Manager would detect it. Not at home so I can't try it myself. Just thinking :) Bill
  3. Haaa! That was cool! :lol:
  4. Excellent my man! You had me digging out my old XT the other day and now I might drag that out next week to practice (into a Rocktron 120 btw)!
  5. Hey JC, Just wondering if you had a chance to try it out yet? If so how did it go? B) B
  6. Haa! I was wondering were it went Phil! :) But you are right on the specs, in one older post I read where the DC-3G might output ~ 3a so I wouldn't even plug the Sanyo unit in. Call me paranoid but the HDx is a bit pricey to ''try'' an offspec ps. BTW did L6 change the barrel size so the PX can't be accidently plugged in? (Still saving for an HD myself). -B
  7. No biggie Gabs, I shot over there and checked it out (hope I got the right model) Hold on! RockOn! B
  8. I guess the best thing to do would be to check out your manuals and see if the Juice Box can output the power requirements for the HDx. Oooh -> You might want to check with support to see if "not" using the factory power supply would void the warrenty.
  9. Hello There! I am using an old WinXP box and the ole Pod V2 connects right up using the crappo chinese one or the M-Audio Uno 1x1. I know the usb/midi thing can be exceptionally frustrating when it doesn't work but don't give up hope. Start from the start. (I'm not at home so I may have something wrong - correct me fellas!) ** You cannot use a USB hub so for a PC use the USB ports on the rear of the machine not the front** 1) Usb/midi adaptor ''out'' -> Pod ''in'' and Usb/midi ''in'' -> Pod ''out'' (In the name of Dio it would have been nice if it was color coded ''yellow to yellow and red to red"). 2) Fire up L6Edit - Now if the Pod is not seen here you should go to L6E ''preferences" and select the USB/Midi for the 'ins and outs''. If your usb/midi cable is not showing up there - then you have to figure out why your 'puter is not seeing it. In theory that should be all you need. But life and computers are screwy. So you can try these: 1) Try the Usb/Midi connections reversed - in -> in and out -> out. Why? I don't know but it worked with a different cable I had. Reverse them and try 1 and 2 above. 2) 64 bit? Mac -> check to make sure the right version is supported (I've no idea regarding Maverick, Mountain Lion etc). I'm sure there is a Mac user here who can add some more ideas of what to check. Hope it works! Bill
  10. I responded to the PM but JIC - yep - the good ole ''line in''. Unless I am usuing an amp with a sweet preamp I always run them this way. Let the modeler model. But as I wrote - just set the volumes at a real low level to start with and turn the head on after the XTL is.
  11. Hey There, Your Bud has options. He can use the head as a power amp and run the XTL into the return ''or go" Guitar-> head -> send-> XTL input->XTL out-> return (looks right and would use the head's pre) :-) I prefer the simple power amp method -> nice and simple and let's the XTL do its thing. IMO Solid State can sound real good. -B
  12. Hi There, To my understanding Gearbox never had a 64 bit vst, its the old editor and the last version was put out in 2010. They do have Win7 support in the last GB release just not the 64 bit plugins. The latest version of PF2 should have all the 64 bit DAW support you need. I don't see why both cannot be installed (I want to say I read that PF should be installed first - so you might want to run a search on that). I have GB and PF2 running on an old WinXp box with no issues. -Bill
  13. Man that is crazy. Is it the correct floorboard? There are several versions of the FBs and Spiders, not all work together. I would have thought that a bad wah board meant no sound. Not sure if the newer FBVs (with the usb port) can be re-mapped or reset if that is what you have. -B
  14. Hey - its been a long time since I opened up a Pod Pro but there might be a fuse inside as it has an internal PS. Be careful and don't zap yourself though. Just an idea. Almost forgot, this page is priceless: B
  15. Hey there - first off I am using WinXP so take this with a grain of salt :-) Check your cable connections first. The USB/Midi Out -> FPP Midi In & USB/Midi In -> FPP Midi Out. Your Midi/USB adaptor is known for being ''iffy'' the recommended one is the M-Audio Midisport Uno, its a bit more $$ but it is a quality peice. I use the Uno myself. If there is a '32 bit'/XP compatibility mode maybe try that. Hope I helped! Bill
  16. Doesn't the XTL have a PAD button/switch option to tame hot/active pickups? Just a thought. -Bill
  17. Sorry to hear that. I don't know if the info in this FAQ will help but it's worth a try (mid part to the bottom of page): If none of that helps you might have to contact L6 support. Hope it works out! Bill
  18. The simplest way is to use the effects loop (line in -> effects receive) jack and use your amp as a power amp. With the amp off, turn the FPP on, turn the volume way down, and have the volume pedal backed off then turn the amp on - then adjust your volume levels on the FPP. This will help save a mighty blast and pop through your amp. There are other methods - like using your amps pre and looping the FPP. I use the above with a combo at practice as its quick and easy.
  19. Hi there if you are having a problem like that then something is certainly wrong - mine has ran for 4+ hours and never had a shutdown issue. a) Try it with another power supply (borrow one if you can) remember it is ''AC 9v 2000ma'' not ''DC''. b) If it still is over heating and shutting down - it will most likely have to go to an authorized service rep. - ie: a Support Ticket will help you get that info. As far as I know there are no internal parts that ''us mere mortals'' can just order and ''pop in'' like ram for the ole 'puter. :) Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but do the above to start the process. -Bill
  20. Hey Dustin, if the above doesn't sort things out - consider these: Always check your cable and guitar direct to the amp first. Bad cables and output jacks are suspect No. 1. :) With everything plugged in and on, try gently wiggling the input jack to see if it has a crack between it and the pcb board (solder joint). It can happen when stepped on. If it was a sporadic issue resolved when knobs were being turned (scratchy pot syndrome) sometimes turning them all one way and back a number of times (or in the FPPs case, in circles for some) ''may'' clear it up. Hope you get the FPP back to normal. Bill
  21. Let's see if this helps: First always use the usb ports on the rear of the computer (assuming it is a desktop). When connecting your usb/midi adapter you have connect it like this: the cable port marked "out" into the Pod's port marked "in" then connect the other one (in -> out). It is odd but its the first thing to check. The plug in the usb side and fire up L6 Monkey. If it still doesn't work try reversing them. Out-> Out and In -> In. Yes I know it shouldn't work but I have a few GNXs which will only connect that way. On a WinXp machine the Pod 2 and Floorpod Plus connect reliably using the cheapo USB/Midi cable and also the M-Audio Uno. As far as the driver goes I wouldn't worry about it until the L6 Monkey ''sees the pod'' then you can use that to update any driver issues. Hope that helps! Bill
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