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  1. Hey my man, this thread is from January :) I have both cases, they are pretty much the same construction and either is a good choice - for a soft case - IMO. The only difference is the RR one can be used as a pedalboard itself (flop the top back or under). -B
  2. You should be able to score a replacement power supply elsewhere. I found an online retailer here (US) that had the factory HD's PS noticably less then L6, with warranty too. You can try the -Bay too but caveat emptor and all that :)
  3. Hi Chris! Thanks for the information! I have noticed the same phenom on other midi devices using the cheaper cables (devices like R-Tron Chameleon, Voodu Valve, D-Tech 2101). The short messages get through but seem to time out on the longer ones (sysex dumps for ex.). Excellent program btw I have used that one myself - still waiting for the XT version :) -Bill
  4. Well expansion packs would be re-authorized through the L6 License Manager so no problem on that one. So the usb connection would be the issue. If everything worked before it may be an issue with your PC. Try seeing if it connects to another PC (be sure not to use a usb hub).
  5. Looks like a bad flash my man. Go here and read the page. You will be trying to reflash it agian. At the bottom are instructions for "Safe Mode" hopefully you won't need that. You can also download the flash file and load it off the harddrive. -B
  6. Budget-wise for the HD I would just pick up a small SS 1x12 combo that had an FX loop - you should be able to score one used pretty cheap. Marshall, Peavey the usual suspects. The Spider IV while a neat lil amp does not have an FX loop and with the HD you really don't need any of its effects and modeling. -B
  7. You can save it to an empty slot via Gearbox. IIRC you can drop and drag the presets too.
  8. Good visual! Did you run the L6 License Manager too? If all else fails shoot a 'support ticket' this L6 can probably fix fast. -B
  9. Power amp my man, either SS or Tube. I love the Peavey Classic 50/50 - the tube power amps gave it something (mojo?) tough for me to describe but the more cranked the sweeter it got (still miss it **sniff**). That said I also like the SS Roctron Velocity power amps - pretty neutral. Crate Power Blocks were pretty nice too. Typically a Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) yields good results for a head. But you can also get a pretty decent used head and run a 4 cable routing or into the Loop Return. Lots of options. Connect as above :)
  10. All good advice. Boiled down version ... (IMO of course) is you are going to be setting things up as if you were adding your 3 three stomp boxes. I got to run a Floor Pod Plus (basic of the basic pods) though a Mesa 2x12 (Subway?) right into the front end (set as clean and neutral as it goes) and it was paint peeling goodness - the HD should do no less. Don't give up! -B
  11. Hey Triryche this wouldn't happen to be related to the asio4all and L6 driver conflict I read about would it? Where the DAWs only like one driver at a time. Just thinking..... -B
  12. You need to have an Editor, use the above and choose the Line 6 editor (for Win 8) in conjunction with Midi/usb cables - M-Audio Uno for ex. -B
  13. IIRC, you can by turning the amp knob all the way to the left (or right) - its one or the other but it does turn it off. -B
  14. IIRC isn't the serial number automatically filled in when the L6 License Manager does its authorization? I have an old Gearbox like that and I think that is how I ended up finding it out as the sticker was fairly mangled (the complete # at least). If you eventually need one - support or such - the L6 Support guys will help you out via the ole Support Ticket.
  15. I don't have Win8.1 (so grain of salt here) but its probably a Reaper setup issue like enabling sound monitoring/and using the correct input L6 Driver (lots of menus in there). I'm not at home so I can't give you more specifics.. Was a vid I used to get my feet wet with reaper. -B
  16. Sweet I am glad you got that figured out. Toe switches vary so much between companies too - D-tech lets you set the pressure to activate the switch - which would be a pretty cool addition to the floorboards - just might have to find out how to put that on the ideascale or suggestion page.
  17. This does blow - I did a search and whew there have been some interesting threads about "pops, crackles, spikes. etc." - iirc there were ideas such as "turning indexing off" , "graphic card interference" "amd processor support" and more. Never really came across a certain "fix" As it was working fine, the big question would be "what changed?" (the UX1 or your PC). I would try the UX1 on a different pc just to narrow the field down a bit - if it checks out good - head back to the laptop and check the input and output settings (DAW, Farm, Windows internal volume settings for out) PF is working its just the signal into the DAW. After that I venture into the land of guesswork :( -Run a virus trojan/adware scan - can't hurt anyway. -Try the laptop in a different room on battery only - who knows - The unistall/reinstall shuffle. Wish I could be more help. B
  18. Well if the "hands" move it is seeing a signal. I would try it into an amp but be sure to turn the UX2's volume down first. Other than that my man, unless you can answer the questions posted above, it looks like you should be talking to the place/person you got it from. Hopefully they can help you set it up or at least confirm whether it is functional or not.
  19. Hey Daniel, It looks like the UX2 is detected by Windows and installed. So L6 License Manager and Monkey detected it? PodFarm too? When PodFarm is started it plays through that fine? or Is the problem that Cubase is not picking up the guitar signal? If so you might have to go into Cubase Settings and choose UX2 as the input - never used Cubase so I am guessing a bit. -B
  20. Is the UX2 new? if not when was the last time it worked and on what system? Oh and is this the black-faced or red-faced version? -B
  21. I hit this in Reaper with a UX2 (super distorted in a bad way) turned out I had the UX2 output screamingly high. Make sure that UX1 knob is not "full tilt" ~ between 4 - 6 is fine. I hope its just a setting issue in the DAW or UX1.
  22. Ahhh yes good recall there BigChas! L6 should have some interns compile a big list of FAQs based off the forums :)
  23. Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion but nonetheless to the best of my knowledge "no" the L6 Monkey is cool. 9/10 its either a pc/unit malfunction/configuration issue. I prefer dl'ing the flashes to the hd then updating from file - superstitious I suppose B)
  24. Are you running a dual signal chain? 1 for guitar, 2 for mic? I've used this way for Pod Farm.
  25. Sorry Jeff - I am at a loss at this point. You have tried all the usual ways to make sure its not something with the unit itself (that I know of at least). -Different cables -Different PCs (XP and 7) -Deleting and reinstalling drivers -Power Supply If L6 Monkey would "see it" I would try a reflash of the memory as a last resort (but that is a wild guess on my part). You could still try using a usb/midi adaptor (MAudio Uno) if you haven't already and try to read/write through those. You can always open a support ticket and L6 will let you know if there are any service centers in your area - you never know it "might" not be too bad. -Bill
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