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  1. Yes Sir! From your mouth to the "who ever decides this stuff's" ear. I didn't even know there was an IE 11 out!?! Sigh.....................
  2. I hear ya Brazzy - I have been on a Mel Brooks kick lately. Now gimmie some paw :) -B
  3. Browsers are dependent on having all the "other" browser stuff up to date too. Java is a biggie (flash sometimes as well). Firefox and IE 9 (<- honestly works like a champ) -B
  4. This quote brought to you by IE 9 :)
  5. Haaaa - just watch out for those cute lil wabbits (unless you have your holy hand grenade) :) Rock On! B
  6. If you think that was fun wait until you run a virus scan on your pc :-) Good time to take a beer break! Good Buddy! :) -B
  7. Gearbox is a pretty decent program considering its age - 9/10 a good read of the manual will straighten out those wrinkles :) -B
  8. Hey Jammin Joe! You can download the flash memory to your hardrive and then use the flash from file via monkey. Cruise over to the L6 Software page put in your info and away you go! -B
  9. Hey Kat - I just happen to have an AX3000g and to be honest, you are going to have to sit down with the manual and get familiar with it. Korg's Soundeditor program will be a great help :-) -B
  10. I hope it works out Ken - Support Tickets work but take a little longer and we had a holiday yesterday. At three months your HD is still a baby. That feeling of anxiety during a set is not good - I feel for ya my man. -B
  11. Hey Brazzy, I had bookmarked that link years and years (and possibly years) ago :-) It is a big momma of a file! -B
  12. Hey there, When checking out midi conrollers I had come across this page: It might have what you were looking for. I settled on a Rocktron Midimate (sometimes use a ART X-15) so I never bought one from the above link. But it looks like they offer a 2-3 button one with whatever you require per request. The usual 2 - button controllers I have are the Tech 21 Midi Mouse and the Rocktron Midi Exchange - both only step up or down (or jump depending on how its set). Hope that helps! -B
  13. Always follow the L6 specs - I just threw Ali up there as an example. Have a good one my man! Bill
  14. Ooooo I forgot about that part Jeff. You can always roll the dice with: Though you might find a source from China on -Bay there are a bunch of international sellers on there. Cheers! Bill
  15. Hey Ken, If you bought it new (even from the US) open a support ticket and plead your case. The L6 guys can be pretty cool about repairs for stuff purchased new 2-3 months ago. FWIW - I reluctantly used some ReOxit on a GNX 4 which was having massive tactile switch issues - like they were dead - worked like a charm. But surgery should be an option of last hope. Worth a shot. Bill
  16. Hey Jeff! Hope its all going good! They have them on the -Bay, Amazon and most online stores. Cheers! Bill
  17. O'Yeah even if you can score a used MKI shortboard (you can always use it later on a Pod bean, Pro (Xt and up) and what ever else takes it. The Express is ok but the shortboard really gives control and flexibility. You can always pop by your local music store and try it out.
  18. I here ya - think of what could break and what is the minimum amount of equipment you could survive with. You can drive yourself nuts thinking about it but it never hurts. For example if the amp dies (not likely but it happens) can you route a backup MFX to the board? Pedals vs MFX - it comes down to personal preference. Both have their own pain in the @ss issues at times. I have the MKI Shortboard so I can't say what you can gain by going to the MKII. Someone here will probably pop by and tell you.
  19. My initial reaction is to say there is a problem with the headphone jack. I've never taken one apart so I can't tell you how, but if you do look for bad solder points around that jack. I would take it back and either exchange it or get a refund. L6 packed alot of goodness in that little bean :)
  20. That was too funny..... I'm going to wait until the new firmware is released.....
  21. Hey Man, Not really regular gigging but.............. We play mostly covers and over the years I've used a variety of MFX and I've found that unless the song needs extra modulation (phaser/flanger or some Edge delay etc) I can usually get by without a massive amount of presets. Rock/Metal -> rhythm patch in the middle, one down is clean/less crunch, one up is lead boost (sometimes cocked wah), next bank for country same set up just less distortion on all, next bank is usually a clean with progressive modulations. ETC.... While I don't have your amp I've done the 2 button/pedals setup and found myself tap dancing at times. That can have its own set of fun if you forget to stomp what needs to be stomped on/off. Love the big LED screen on the FBV too so I know where I am at -> helps when the beer goggles are on :) -B
  22. What our good Philly friend means - via usb connection to the L6 Monkey you reinstall the operating system (flash memory) on the XTL. Don't worry we have all been there at one point or another. -B
  23. I hope you are right Zap. If an XT can via midi/usb upgrade the flash to V3 from V1, then it should work. It would be nice if we had conclusions to alot (or some) of the issues that pop up.
  24. Sometimes it takes a pretty good push to get the switch to activate the wah. Did the wah turn on normally before?
  25. The USB Firmware of 0000000 is what worries me about it being a problem with the XTs flash memory. Seen it with Xts and XTLs. A safe mode reflash "might" help you out. Just keep that in mind. If you happen to have access to an old WinXP box it might be worth a shot to trying to connect/reflash it on that. BTW MAudio Unos like in/in out/out for some odd reason. -B
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