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  1. Its there: Be sure to select the FPP as the unit :) Welcome to the forums btw! -B
  2. Its all good Brazz! I'm just happy its the male end and not the female - being all proper and such the measurements may get tricky :rolleyes: The jack length for the headphones should be the same as the guitar cable jack. -B
  3. Sorry - don't have the amp in front of me - I'll go look it up. Could be channel A Here ya go: Spider I, II, III, IV, Micro, and Valve Series: Hold down the A (or clean) button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds -B
  4. Don't let Brazzy start the "Mine's bigger than yours" argument :) -B
  5. I hear what you are saying about the toe pressure - My 13's have an issue if sitting in a chair (no leverage) but over time, with use, the switch seemed to loosen up a bit.
  6. Excellent power of recall Tex! Tex :rolleyes: EDIT: deleted EDIT II: When in doubt -> reflash. -B
  7. Hey There, You can try doing a reset on it. IIRC its Hold the "A" button while powering up. If that doesn't do it you should put in a support ticket as it might need to go in for repair. -B
  8. Real nice my man!!! Great tone and playing. Did you have any "where's my floyd moments?" I was gettting ready to do a few dive bombs for you while just listening! :) Thanks for sharing. Bill
  9. The new version of ASIO4ALL was released in 6/2014 (IIRC) which supposedly fixed alot of problems with drops and stutters. But L6 stuff does like its own drivers. -B
  10. Never heard of "low volume" problems - my HD500 run into a power amp/line in is quite mind numbingly loud and with the USB cable connected (when editing) I've never have heard any static or noises (on ~ 4 different amps SS & tube). You may have other issues going on - whether with the unit or other equipment. Just sayin' -B
  11. Does the tuner pick up a signal? The flash memory for the HD400 is the firmware. You can DL the flash and use the install offline approach. Can you try a different USB cable and if that fails look for an old PC just to see if its the unit and not a PC issue? I know it can be quite maddening. -B
  12. I would still stick it out my man. The HD500 can be a cold b**ch of frustration but it can also be the tone machine. Maybe you should consider a factory reset - get it back to the baseline over the top preprogramed tones and step by step it after that. -B
  13. Hmmmm - no ones questioniing your creds my man. The L6 PS doesn't have any secret chips they are mass produced like the rest of them. I would say based upon having the same issue with the Digitech MFX that its probably a faulty generic PS. I have used the odd generic PS with GNXs over the years. TIP: for any one out there: use a grey sharpie to write what the PS is for :) Its crazy but as Sherlock said If the problem cannot be solved with the rational we must assume the irrational (or something like that). -B
  14. I would suggest you head over to Customtone and download some of the patches there and try them out (if you haven't already). When you find some that are in the distortion range you like open them up in an editor and see how they are set up. Sometimes you have to play around with the cabs/preamps/eqs and a ready made patch will get you in the ballpark. :) -B
  15. I have read about some people having issues with the UX2 and Win8. Like Brazzster said do a complete uninstall/install of the L6 software and make sure that asio4all is not being used. IIRC someone had mentioned "not" installing L6 Monkey but never listed why or the results, just thought I would throw that in there to complete my guesswork :) All the drivers can be downloaded and installed without the Monkey (be sure to get the right version too - it happens). :) Hope you get it working. -B
  16. Hi Jim - Welcome to the forums - sorry it had to be because of your HD400. I would go through and double check your input and output settings on the unit itself and make sure it has sound to an amp/headphones. Then work from there. It may be that a reflash might be needed. Not sure what the Yamaha USB codec is but if its its a usb hub of some sort that may be the problem. Maybe you could try the HD straight in to your DAW. -B
  17. Hey There - I just did a fresh install of PF2 on XPsp3 and there were no issues. It can be a PC problem so if you are having issues you should list the details (including system stuff and what error messages). -B
  18. Who cares if it sounds like poop just don't stop playing, lol. :)

    1. Brazzy


      Good One!!!! :)

    2. BillBee


      Got it from "The Man" myself!

    3. Brazzy
  19. Well there is something out of spec (barrel size, amps, etc) - a PS is a PS regardless of the name on it. I wonder if tip polarity matters to AC? (not my wheel house) :)
  20. You did get an AC power supply right? Ha - ole lightening fingers Zap beat me to it :)
  21. You know Brazz, I just got done with a 'puter fresh install and installed Riffworks as it happened to be on the DVD I made of Line 6 drivers and utilities. I will have to check it out as I never really paid much attention to it. You may spill your Funky Munk story when ready :) -B
  22. Yep the cheap cable is the route most try first (myself included) but they rarely work - the M-Audio Uno has the 2 midi ports (in/out like a keyboard would use) with the single out being the usb. Be sure to hit the M-Audio website for updated drivers. -B
  23. BTW The Funky Munk was pretty awesome too Brazz :) I really need to get back to working on EZ Drummer + Reaper. -B
  24. That was pretty cool Punkyboy, Loved the ambience and the overall vibe. How did you do the drums? -B
  25. You will need a midi/usb adaptor cable. The M-Audio Uno is the recommended one. -B
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