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  1. I guess it would work and the routing looks right but its going to be a PITA to have a computer sitting on the head :) An M5 would be a better option. -B
  2. I've used the EX1 as a volume pedal with the shortboard (so I can use a cocked wah with the other) but I don't have a S4 so I couldn't tell you what is what as far as assigns go for it. You could just use it as a vol pedal and use the fbv's pedal for a function assign if it lets you. I'm there is more info in the manual. -B
  3. Don't party just yet Hoss..... IIRC the $ tag is more than my HD :blink: I love the pc editor concept and the switching too. The remainder of one band and I were looking at either a looper or a drum machine for a duo at one point. One day I have to hit ideascale and throw my L6 (GNX4) thing up there. The GNX4 recorded, looped, did midi drums and still had some hp under the hood. L6 could do an amazing job for a floorboard workstation - Build it off a HD300 platform to start and see if it has wheels. NAMM gives me GAS :ph34r: -B
  4. Nope, its separate. So is the License Manager and Pod Farm. -B
  5. Hi Brazz-Meister, Check this one out: -> looks awesome. I've been using EZ Drummer into Reaper to make some jam tracks which I load into a digitech Jamman. There are some decent tutorials on you tube where you can build your own drum tracks via vsts I am curious as to the results of the recommendations given here too. :) Good Thread, Bill
  6. Hmmm a reflash shouldn't be causing all that. Left arrow on power up does Global reset - right arrow for testing and calibration. <- which you have to do. Those are some relevant links. Hang in there. -B
  7. Off the top of my head I can't recall another method - someone else may pop in for ya. You have the older Pod 2 which has an eprom, if that is toasted its real bad news as L6 is out of them. Wish I had some better news. -B
  8. Hey There and Welcome to the forum. Schematics and diagrams are usually for authorized service centers only. You "may" get lucky off a google search. But for a volume pot it shouldn't be too hard to take the unit apart if you take your time and take pictures as you go. I don't have a UX8 so take this with a grain of salt (based off taking various rack fx apart). 1) chassis screws. There are going to be ~ 8 - 10 located on the top, back and maybe sides (to get the cover off). 2) Then all knobs with washers and nuts (front and back) 3) Depending on how the pot is mounted (assume main pcb) the mobo is going to have to come out. 4) Desolder / Resolder -> be careful on how much heat you use and make it clean. 5) Reverse the process. Pictures and little cups (or similar) marked with what goes where. It can get messy. -B
  9. Ouch that does not look good. It looks like something has gone awry in the memory. You can try a reset: POD/POD 2.0/Bass POD/POD Pro: press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for ~ 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A Hope that does it. -B
  10. You can edit the X3 directly without Gearbox. The X3 in theory never has to be connected to a computer for normal use. Sit down with the manual to get a good grasp of the menus as there are a bunch of options. Gearbox just makes it easier. -B
  11. Be sure to double check your in/out settings - guitar - input 1 for ex. You may also try Flash from file. DL the flash memory to your desktop and try it from there via L6 Monkey. Was there an issue that prompted the initial flash? Were you able to use the usb before and was everything cool with Monkey prior? -B
  12. Well lets not go there regarding the OPs choice :) I have heard some excellent stuff through Boss equipment GT10, ME50, etc... AaronArdvark here (hope I got his name right) puts up some great clips involving both. Competition is good. BTW another Sabbath album!!! \m/ Bill \m/
  13. Dude............ have you seen the amount of knobs on there? I know its no HD but its still 10 and some do multiple functions :) You can open L6 edit and see what amps and effects are being used without connecting the Pod. But you should become a software guy it makes it alot easier. Rectified amp (Marshall type - not too much gain) and use the neck pickup for his bluesier tones switch to the neck for the leads. You will have to screw around with the EQ for your setup. Effects - with Slash its up to the song if there will be a splash of delay or dry. You can do it my man! Bill
  14. Shop around and see if you can find one of the newer models that take the floorboard too. The bigger Spiders (1x12s and up "I think" not sure which ones so be sure to do a lil research). The floorboard really opens up the amp for live use. -B
  15. Here ya go :) -B
  16. Hey there, Post a link to the vid - never heard of anyone doing that. Most of booze I spilled in amps has resulted in bad results :) Cost of repair is probably more than another used one costs. -B
  17. Tough to say offhand but the usual culprit is the cable. -B
  18. Yep sure is - under the drop down menu for the OS choose Mac :) BTW - when you look for the midi/usb cable use a M-Audio Uno it is the recommended one. -B
  19. I hear what you mean - it does seems kind of "mushed". It is in the direction of the vid's tone but not quite there. Try looking at what Zaphodboy suggested and see if it can clear up the tone. Different guitars = different tones and patches will be off till some adjustment is done. -B
  20. You are lucky you still found a Radio Shack that had some parts :) -B
  21. Pretty schnazzy Brazzy. I did something similar for a Jamman looper. You have 3 switches there btw :) Any wiring other than 1 switch to 1 jack? -B
  22. I am not sure how much of this would apply to Win8 (don't have it) but in the older Windows versions you could go into the power management settings via Device Manager - Hardware to the USB Root Hub. It might be worth a trip through the search engine to see if there is a setting which is causing this. -B
  23. Hey There, I wouldn't use any pedals when using the Spider they never seem to work/sound well together. If you are looking for a basic pedal setup for a standard amp (for me who prefers the high gain sounds) it would be Distortion -> EQ -> Digital Delay. Obviously there are endless variations which quickly have you into the full pedalboard mode. Volume pedal, noise gate, modulation, etc............ I still have my XTL and it still rocks the metal pack really breaths some life into the XT series. -B EDIT: Had to find this link for you that bjnette put up! Well worth a watch.
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