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  1. You're a poet and don't I know it! -B
  2. Hey Bjnette - yep that puppy came out recently IIRC. Looks pretty cool for a compact pedal - think RP255 style (2 buttons with an exp pedal). I love the GC story - probably why my wife hates me going there :) Oooo pedals! Bill
  3. No prob my man - I was setting patch levels last night and had to look it up myself :) Brazzy is working on his shrubbery :P -B
  4. Like Joel (above) I too understand the OPs intent. No critism in there. The HD is a beast to tackle all at once but the rewards are there in baby steps. I've had many "Ah-ha" moments which have made it a keeper. A MFX hoarder myself I bounce around here and there but TBH I am a L6 fanboy at heart and would have steered the OP towards an X3. That said I still noodle with a GS10 and GT3 now and again! Rock On my man and hope to see you back! Bill
  5. Yep - Advanced Pilot's Guide Section 3-5, #15. -B
  6. Just guessing here my man, but you might be having "knob jitter". Sometimes the vibrations can cause the pots to vibrate which can alter the settings. Try -with the amp off - rotating the knobs a bunch of times left to right and then reverse. Sometimes that can clear up the problem. -B
  7. Awesome! I know a little german and even he was po'ed :) -B
  8. You have to use a midi/usb adaptor cable. The M-Audio Uno is pretty much the recommended one. The editor needs this to transfer the sysex data to and fro the FPP. When you installed the editor documentation was included IIRC which walks you through the needed steps.. -B
  9. When I hit the "go" button I will have the EQ also increase the mids which is the range I am fighting to be heard through. I can't win against the bass or the cymbals with the ole "scooped" setting. :) Peel that paint my man! \m/ -B
  10. Have you tried connecting to the editor and seeing if you can get it to "man up" the tone? Be sure to check your cables too through an amp or such just be sure. -B
  11. Hey There, If you are cranking out some Maiden (Up the Irons! btw) :) your X3 is more than up to the task. Its a dual toned full model packed XT really and can deliver some great rock/metal tones. I have an HD500 and I do love it (after putting in some labor of love time with the manual) but the X3 is more straight forward (to me). Its a win/win no matter how you go. Now you could get both.... hmmmmmm :ph34r: -Bill
  12. Does the guitar sound fine through a regular amp? When a selector switch needs to be replaced/cleaned it can cause an incomplete contact which can give a similar sound. Flip the pu switch up and down a bunch of times and see if it clears up. Check cables and jack too. Just saying my man - you never know. -B
  13. Can't resist.......... "Word!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.................. Is there a security chip in the S4s? -B
  14. Pretty cool idea - never seen it done on a floor unit before. Here is a link I had bm'ed for a Pod 2.0 conversion: Be sure to post the follow ups! -B
  15. Connect the midi cable in/in out/out, plug into usb port (not a hub). Start L6 Edit configure it if needed. Edit a tone or load one, save to the slot of your choice. Pretty straight forward but be sure to have a copy of the manual around. -B
  16. Hey There BJBx2 :) Been a few months since I did some editing on the ole 2.0, but for cleans (IIRC) it was the blackface amp which I would fatten up with analog delay (~224 ms) and a splash of reverb. Try the general tube preamp, which is about as clean as you can go also fatten it up with delay and maybe some lower mixed chorus. Don't be afraid to try the phaser in lieu of a chorus - I almost prefer it if it is not too heavily mixed in. You can run in stereo out to the PA which always sounds good. The times I used it with a board I ran it: left to an amp right to the PA (no floor wedge at the time). For me it's easier to dial in distortion than cleans :) Hope that helps -B
  17. Use it as "Oooo I didn't think of trying that" thing when building a patch. We (guitarists) can get pretty stubborn when it comes to things. Pedal order, tubes/ss, digital/analog, floyds...... you get the idea. Its not so much of thinking outside the box but realizing just how big the box is. Now where is my blue pill? :) -B
  18. Hey Again! You really need to beg, borrow or steal another PC (WinXp preferred) just to try it on. At least you can confirm that its not the OS you are fighting with. The XT's usb might be toast. Just saying :) -Bill
  19. Hmmmm - well if you haven't set it on fire yet :) When you do plug the DI Gold in - what is the status in the Device Manager? The big yellow "?" ? Sometimes you can go and select the "update driver" route and see if its detected or try and manually associate the driver with it. I wonder too if its a matter of windows not wanting to give up its own soundcard. Note: I don't have a Win7 but I spent last weekend doing a XP format/reinstall and had to do the choose driver route a few times. -B
  20. You probably know this already but be sure to use the 64-bit version and trying a different usb cable. Gearbox does have a 64 bit version. -B
  21. Excellent Thread :) Create "template patches" with the settings you frequently use to save time. I've hit my head's DSP limit a few times trying to find "that patch" to copy the settings from. -B
  22. Hey Silverhead, You know I don't know why they list the Pocket Pod with the L6 Monkey unless it was for that one firmware update they had, Been a few years since I had to do that one. -B
  23. Hey There, Be sure you have the latest version of Monkey installed and if that doesn't work try a different usb cable. I have one and some cables it likes, some it doesn't. If you keep having problems be sure to list your system info. BTW don't use a usb hub. -B
  24. I would take what Phil said and look into the settings you have for either the gate or compressor. Turn both off and see what happens. -B
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