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  1. Hey there - I have a pocket pod and while it is pretty nice and portable you have to stick with the Vyzex software and AFAIK you will have to try and recreate the PF2 tones for it - I say try as amps/models are huge in PF not so in the PP. You can go the L6 Custom Tone and DL alot of patches though.
  2. Well it looks like you have gone through the usual things to try - you could try a spare power supply if you have access to one. Sometime when the ps starts to go things can get screwy. But like the guy in the old thread said it could be an issue with the XT's usb.
  3. Well my man - the page you quoted is from the "Assembly" section of the manual which is supposed to be used during final prep. Its not a statement of widespread failure by any stretch - but it does tell of a relationship between the two (delay/sram). The unit probably worked fine years ago (they came out in '07). You will have to more than likely take it to a service center and "hope" they won't just want to replace the board "if" that is the problem or return it to the seller. Fact is SRam can go bad, so can other parts. Sometimes the best answer is the one you don't want to hear. I do agree though it has some excellent sounds and is pretty easy to work with. Good Luck! Bill
  4. Hey Man, IIRC Gearbox loads XT tones into the X3 fairly well (model packs being the same). I was screwing around with these about a month ago and they were loading up fine. A batch convertor would be sweet - so would a segregated tone section X3/metal/blues/clean the big downside of the massive zip file is you get the good, the bad and the fugly. -B
  5. Hey There, It does look like you followed the right proceedures: Q: How do I calibrate the pedal on my PODxt Live? A: 1. Make sure there is nothing connected to your PODxt live aside from the power cable. 2. Power up the PODxt Live while holding down the Bank Up pedal 3. Press the Amp pedal (this will reset the current settings) 4. Move the pedal all the way to the heel back position, then all the way forward until the toe switch clicks. You will want to stand up and shift all of your weight to the toe position until you see the WAH light turn on. 5. Wait 10 seconds, then power the PODxt Live off and back on again. 6. Your pedal is now calibrated. If its not holding the recalibration or not letting you recalibrate - there may be a problem with the volume pedal itself, in which case a support ticket would be the way to go. -B
  6. I am hoping for another bean as well. I still like the POD/FBV combination.
  7. There ya go! -B
  8. FWIW - years ago I switched the floyd trem block on an Ibanez RG to a big ole brass one which increased the bridge mass and did "seem" to increase the sustain not night and day but it did increase. There may be something out there that one could retro fit into the JTV. Like Matt said there are ways to tweak a guitar for more sustain (though to be honest a good compressor/sustainer works wonders). Thought I would throw that out there for ya.
  9. The OS won't matter as far as the amps go. UX2s have a few versions - red faced, black faced and whether they came with PF2 or will have to use PF1. Even then if the L6 License Manager is not run for authorization none of the model packs will work unless PF2 Platinum (or model packs purchased) are up and running as a standalone. So +1 to the Zap! -B
  10. Its a toughie my man, it could be a cold solder joint on a ground for ex. but the best thing to do is not throw money at it. FPPs are plenty and can be had cheaper. AFAIK there was never a problem with the FPPs other than occasional solder/component issue. I've used a FPP for years for quick jams and general abuse and its never fizzed/buzzed like that unless dialed in to do so. I know your pain the -Bay has treated me to a few recycled lemons, which I suspect is why they were there in the first place. Let your wallet be your guide :) Bill
  11. I would like to see Line 6 put out a multi-track Guitar Workstation like the old GNX4s. I would take it in HD300 version (L6 GW300) - so the left over processor power could run a looper, drums, flash memory an all in one sit down and record floor board with usb for DAWs, deep editing. A fancy lad can dream! B
  12. Back to the OP.... it does seem like there is a general waiting for the next leap in MFX tech (without requiring a credit check mind you). Big props to Digital_Igloo for his honest post. I too hope for the next gen killer L6 unit (no iOS and yes I want a desktop version too) but until then I am sated. But no worries - where there is a void someone will step up. -B
  13. Oh I know your dilema - I still have a X3L and XTPro I have been hemming and hawing about a trip to the service center :) I would start a support ticket and see what the L6 guys say. If its just out of warranty - you never know - L6 can be pretty cool. L6 usually only sends the parts to authorized service centers but it can't hurt to ask them. 9/10 MoBo replacement should be done by someone who knows because if you crew something up they normally charge even more to repair. -B
  14. Honestly as the guys above said it depends on the price. I've seen broken X3's go for ~ $80 on -bay whereas if you wait you could probably score a working one ~ $120. For ex. I picked up a spare (w/ ps) for ~$80 because of a missing knob. Good luck on it - I know the allure of a possible deal! -B
  15. Hey There, Welcome to the forums - you should cruise over to the HD section as you might receive a faster and more relevant reply. Be sure to list your setup and what you have tried so far and any revelant messages from L6 Monkey. Standard 1st tests usually are: Try a different usb cable - do not use a hub btw Power supply too - if you have one Try it on a different pc -B
  16. Awesome! I shall have the wife dig out my two sizes too small Venom Shirt!! It is a shame there was no patch settings included.... if I say please Zap? B) Lay down your soul to the gods rock and roll!!! \m/ B \m/ PS: SLAYER!!!!!!!!! I feel better now - thankyou.
  17. Sorry my man I don't have an X3 Pro - but it should work in the loop - you might have to dig into the manual and look for the settings of the FX loop. Should be an easy search, as the 4 Cable method uses the FX loop.
  18. Just offhand - you should try downloading the flash file to your harddrive and try the "update from file" option. Sometimes the "net" times out and screws the process up. Hope that works! B
  19. Yep used to do that all the time and it does sound sweet- if you ever get a chance try it with an X3 running the dual tones - one panned left one panned right :)
  20. Hey there and welcome to the board my man. I use a Digitech Jamman and I had to play with the input level (for recording the loop - without clipping) and the output to get a level that was loud enough (in balance to the MFX output. I always ran it at the tail of the chain so its signal wouldn't be coloring (inputed/inserted) to any upstream fx creating unwanted havoc. I know its not specifically for your setup but give it a run at the end of chain. -B
  21. Does the tuner work? It will let you know if it is receiving a signal. Remember that amp should have a channel and master knob so make sure both are "on". If nothing -> Try a factory reset How do I perform a factory Reset on the Spider IV series amplifiers? A: Hold the “A†button as you power the unit on, then press the presets encoder once. Hope that works, if not strongly consider submitting a Support Ticket. -B
  22. Hey Jeff, I was checking this out - the guy does a pretty good setup on the unit - X3L should take these real well :)
  23. If no-one pops up with a setting change for you - you still should consider what Brazzy did - reflash the unit. It will reset everything including stuff a factory reset doesn't. If all else fails submit a support ticket to the L6 guys.
  24. Love Rocktron power amps!
  25. Hey Man, Have a read I think this may help you :)
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