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  1. All good tips.. you can try to reflash the memory as well - but save that one for last. Be sure to nab the Line 6 Monkey in the DL section.
  2. Well assuming it actually worked when you bought it. Sit down with the manual. Check to make sure the output knob in the back is set on something other than zero. Try running an mp3 player in the jack. Check the channel volume settings. Other than that it could be bad output jacks, they do crack at the solder joints.
  3. Was it working when you bought it? Sometimes the little sliding switch on the back by the jacks (IIRC pad?) can get bumped and be in an inbetween position causing this. Other than that I wouldn't take anything apart as you might not be able to return it afterwards. -B
  4. To me, they sound pretty much the same. The Pods are excellent for the MFX that they are, but you are better off saving the $ and putting it towards something more current or a floorboard for it.
  5. If you can find the Eprom.But I would check to see if the upgrade was already done first.
  6. He had to model his modeled tone because the original was too intimidating.
  7. If the FPP wah/volume pedal is like the other L6 gear it uses little photo-optic sensors which can go bad. It could be that your issue is related to those. You might want to run a search to see if similar problems like yours were posted before. Just an idea. Bill
  8. I've never heard of a way to globally set patch level. Its on my wish list too so maybe someone knows a trick or two. I just head down into the basement crank things up and just hit the save button :-) Its better to get a feel for the sound/tone out of a larger amp at volume then a practice amp at "wife" volumes btw.
  9. Hola, Estoy utilizando el traductor de google. Si el ESN está leyendo 0000000000 .. el problema es, probablemente, con un chip en el interior de la unidad se debe colocar un lugar de una llamada a la línea 6 de servicio al cliente o abrir un ticket de soporte.
  10. Hey There, Never had this problem on an amp BUT my XTLive would do this once in a while. IIRC the popular opinion was that dust or something had collected in the pot (encoder?). The remedy was with the unit powered off spin the knob one way then the other a bunch of times. It helped with what knob probs the XTL had - still once in a while I have to repeat the procedure. With an amp you do have gobs more vibrations but its worth a shot. Hope that works, -B
  11. Hey Charlie, FRFRs are IMO more true to the device, but a nice tube power amp seems to add something to it, vibe(?). That said even PAs vary - speakers, type of cab - but in the end its all good ;)
  12. Hmmmm never really had a problem with it being noticably flat before but I'll keep my ears open :) Unless...... your other gear is 4Hz sharp! j/k Thanks for the info! B
  13. I have to concur with Palico - I love hearing the stereo effects through a PA, but 9/10 I run the PODs into a power amp/cab or the line in of a head/combo (or 2 if I feel like lugging extra stuff that day) :) If its not my amp and there is no "line in" I'll just set the eq flat and hope for the best - sometimes switching the ouput setting to what "feels right". -B
  14. Well if you "are sure" the cable is fine ;-) Here are some Pod posts that go over similar problems with the midi/usb thing: Go ahead and read those. You will have to check how the cables are connected in->out and out->in. See if your OS is seeing the cables because if Vyzex isn't then it could be a config issue either in the program or your computer. Didn't Vyzex have a pretty decent help file? Honestly I am not the patron saint of MAudio but they have solved similar issues like yours. Good Luck! B
  15. Hmmm the old 1st gen floorboard. I can't say that there was a calibration method. IIRC when you fire up L6Edit you can set the max and min values for the wah there. Been a long time since I fired up the old Pod Pro. You are going to need a midi/usb cable to work with L6Edit. Pop the $$ for a MAudio Uno or at least an equivalent. If you get the cheap chinese one chances are you will return here asking why the Pod can't connect. -B
  16. Its the midi cable cable 9/10. The cheapo chinese ones usually do not reliably work. Try the MAudio Uno midi/usb cable. If you do a forum search you will find lots of problems with midi/usb cables, with the common fault being the cheap ones. -B
  17. Hello there Jack! Let me start off with - I know nothing of Macs - but maybe we can snare a few of the guys who do who can help you. Does your Mac recognize the XT at all? If not you "may" have to upgrade the flash memory using the usb/midi cable route (IIRC). What version flash memory does your XT have? Have you ever been able to connect it via usb before? (or is the first time you are trying?) -Bill
  18. Try it on your old XP computer with the ins/outs reversed and there are some utilities on the MAudio site which would help you. It could be a PC problem did you try and connect your pod on your friend's pc? L6Edit should "see" the cable for the ins and outs. There is a bit of a help section (IIRC). But really head to the MAudio site and check for new drivers - PITA I know - but the pods usually connect to the XP systems. Compatibility mode = let's the OS "downgrade" itself to run a program (simplfied explaination). -B
  19. Oooo I see what you mean that is nasty in a bad way. What Spider? If it has an effects loop I would run it through that. But the question would be why would you want to? (unless its for FBV control) the Spider (whichever) should for the most part be equal to the Pod's. Does the pod sound fine on another amp (amp set for a clean channel/or line in'ed)? and if the Spider sounds good on its own - it may be that the two just weren't meant to be together. I've never had much luck running anything into the old Spider II I have but then again it never needed much (other than wishing for a foot control) :-) If you are dead set on it - set the spider on the cleanest setting with no effects at all then "try" the pod at the lowest fx setting and gradually increase them. It "may" work but it will probably sound pretty bad. Later! B
  20. You will need a quality midi/usb cable MAudio Uno for ex. and a copy of Line 6 Edit. (Skip the chinese midi/usb - they may or may not work and you do get what you pay for and trust me "we" all buy them (its $3 vs $45) but eventually we all put out the $45). If everything is good -> L6Edit should detect the Midi/Usb in preferences (or auto detect it) and away you go. Screw around with the interface, its fairly intuitive. A good resource is the search forums feature here is problems arise. Like don't connect to a hub, what OS is supported...etc... Rock On! B
  21. Hey Fellas, Yes it can be a major pain but 9/10 it is the midi->usb cable or an os issue. For ex. WinXP can actually have too many usb hub/devices instances (iirc) it only allows for a finite amount. I had to go through the Device Manager and scour them out (30+) to get the ole trusty FPP connected again. If it is an OS system higher than WinXP I can't offer much help other than to try compatibility mode (?). The Pod 2.0 will connect but get some good cables. When you do a search here for Pod 2.0 connection problems the majority of issues are solved with quality USB/Midi cables. -B
  22. Based on the lack of respones I would say it would be a good idea to give Line 6 a call or at the least open a support ticket. -Bill
  23. Awesome my man - I needed these too! I finally picked up a used HD500 and the guy had blanked every preset except one :-) I wanted to at least hear the factory ones. +1 for the win!
  24. Just going off of memory here but did you turn off the amp/cab modeling? This older thread link might help you: I know this link will be redundant for you but in case any one else comes looking here: -Bill
  25. You have quite a few options. You can go L6 or even a 3rd party midi controller. Go here: Lots of floor boards :-)
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