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  1. First thing I would do is try another power supply - just in case, but it could be you need to set the contrast back. There are a few threads in the archives regarding this problem. This one: goes over setting contrast back. I have an XTPro with the same issue and I am afraid its going to "the shop" hope you have better results. -B
  2. Well shipping times don't necessarily equate to the mfg of the cables but if you can get them to work its all good. Did some searching and found this: I'm still using WinXP so I can't tell you much about Win7 but the few threads I came acrossed point to a Java issue. L6Edit shows your midi interface under the preferences for the ins/outs so that's a start.
  3. Sorry about that Phil. I've just started the midi experience and it get my fingers typing faster than my brain B) Is this right? We cannot remap the XTL as its CCs for the FSs have a set midi map but we can use a "midi event trigger interface" to do it by dedicating a FS send CC. As an option I wonder if the 2nd exp pedal could be set to %Rmix (IIRC tweak) and then picked up by the 11R? It had quite a few Reverb CCs (I took a peak at the manual). Fascinating stuff - I am trying to make peace with a FCB myself - sometimes it seems there are too many options. -Bill
  4. Go here: Just enter in the info :)
  5. Is it possible to use the Reverb Mix CC to send a %mix? Either %mix you want or 0% mix for off? I think that's how the XT bean can be set up for an external midi pedal for reverb control via expression pedal. Just thinking - its a good question.
  6. Hey Again! Really check out the manual for that head. You will be suprised at how many features are built in. Check it out here:
  7. Lets get some more info.Though to be honest you should be able to use L6Edit regardless of the Flash - unless your PC and L6Edit aren't configured correctly. Version of Pod? The older Pod 2.0's will not update via Monkey, only by upgrading the Chip. Does it say "Pedal" or "FBV" where the pedal jack is? If it says "Pedal", it is an older version and cannot be upgraded by Monkey. Type of Midi/USB cable? Brand name? (please don't say the cheap chinese ones). OS system? When you connect to L6Edit what happens? Messages? How do you have the MIDI preferences set up? If you do have the PodV2 FBV version you could try updating the flash memory "offline" you can DL it off the DL page: Requires v2.5 or higher (POD 2.0 2006 FBV edition) This resolves a problem with the transfer of single POD patches between units via MIDI. Previous releases did the following: - enabled FBV2 Foot Controller support (2.53) - resolved the inability to Save and Recall Channels and Amp Model defaults with customized Cab pairings. (2.52) Please use Line 6 Monkey 1.15 to perform the update (a MIDI interface is required). If your current firmware version is 2.2 or earlier, please see the text for version 2.3, as an eprom update is required (no updatability via MIDI is provided.) OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98SE, Mac OS X, Mac OS Tiger, Windows Vista, Mac OS Leopard, Windows 7, Mac OS Snow Leopard, Windows 8 ( 80.22 KB ) Get Download
  8. Hey there (again) :-) I've been looking at the older posts and such and there have been some people that had problems with Win7/Gearbox/X3. Its crazy but if you had an old WinXP machine you could see how it runs on that. Does Win7 have an XP compatibility mode? It must be driving you nuts. :blink: Bill
  9. Oooo I see what you mean. Its been too long for me to remember the X3 editing exactly but I want to say you are right, the way you have to do it currently does not seem correct. If you have the X3 setup right in 'preferences' and is updated correctly via Monkey it should work fine (should). The XTL fires right up in GB in one window. Hopefully, someone more competent in this than me will come by and help. Be sure to list your computer specs (OS, type) to aid anyone who comes by. -Bill
  10. Hey There! Is your problem similar to this: I would give it a read as it mentions running the L6 License Manager. If that doesn't help I would shoot an email to support due to the "update required" part. -Bill
  11. Hey There, I don't know if this will help much but any reply is better than none (I hope). My X3L is currently DOA so I fired up the trusty XTL and DL'ed the LB patches. IMO they are indeed a great starting point but I would bet they sound different through his rig and his fingers so I would go in and tweak them for your setup. Start with the EQ and cab (the usual suspects). I admit I am confused on the "sometimes they are 2 tones and others one" part. If you mean all the patches are not dual toned or some are some are not - who knows except ole LB himself. :) The other part of "variety of sounds depending on how you DL'd them" if you are referring to putting them into your X3L you might have to check the X3Ls configs/settings (output and such) and compare them to see what parameters have changed. Firmware will not randomly change tones (though a random preset generator would be interesting). Its been a while since I've had a useable X3L and after awhile I start mix the menus/options up :blink: but I hope I pointed you in the right direction! Bill EDIT: The random parameter change issue may be a known Gearbox prob: "GearBox will not always save the correct amp model and/or settings when transferring to an X3 unit. The work-around at this point is to edit a parameter (i.e. move the volume knob up and then back to the original position), and then the tone will store/transfer correctly. " Go figure eh?
  12. Its been a while since I fired it up but IIRC my UX2 came with PF 2.5 fully model packed and the Toneport Gold - PF 1. That is cool about the X3L if I ever get mine fixed it would come in handy! ^_^ Rock On! Bill
  13. Glad to hear that :) We all try the cheap ones to save some money, but when you consider the time (and frustration) spent it was cheaper to get the better cables. Congrats! Bill
  14. Tag Frank! Others seem to have this problem as well: It may have to do with the way the serial no. is kept for the older Pods: It does look like you will have to open a support ticket. The good part is that the Pod should be working fine registered or not. B) Bill
  15. I've never had much use for an external pedal with the FPP other than using a R-Tron Nitro boost after it (for a wee bit of sparkle). I did try a DS-1 as a lead boost but it never did sound acceptable (before or after the FPP) and it was simpler to just put a boost setting on an adjacent patch. That said your Spider III head probably has as many (or more) features and settings than the FPP. I can't remember off hand but if the Spider III has an effects loop try going straight into that, by passing the pre-amp of the head. If that sounds good you can start to dig into the different cabling options. If you add a FBV to the head you could probably tap dance up there with all the different options :-) Hope that helps ya! Bill
  16. Excellent post - explains the YMMV results those cables give. Thanks! B
  17. Hey There, It has been a long time since I fired up the ole GuitarPort but if I remember right it does work just like the Toneport but had more latency. I used the USB in to record in GuitarTracks (or something similar that came with it). You might want to run a search as I think Line 6 has/had a GuitarPort XT (more current). -Bill
  18. Here is a similar question:
  19. I am guessing here but it may be a problem with your volume pedal (based on the "volume pedal doesn't work" comment). Here is a link to the XTL FAQ scroll down to see the calibration proceedure: If the pedal is at fault you can set up an external expression pedal to control the volume. Hope that helped! -B
  20. You might be able to run a 'Y' cable from the XT's headphone jack (1 male, 2 female). Use one for the headphones the other for running a line in to your sound card. You will have to figure out the level volumes on your DAW. You could probably just solder the cables together yourself to save a few $. -B
  21. Try using the noise gate by changing the parameters (increase the threshold) or find a patch that doesn't have a hum, if all models have a hum then it might not be the XT's fault. Look for anything else plugged in nearby that might cause any interference (like one of those CFL bulbs or the ole computer itself) Different power outlet. Try some other cables as well - I had this (not with the XT but in general) and it was driving me nuts (forgot step 1 was -> check the cables). Love the XT and its cleans are well really clean :) -Bill
  22. Hey There I pulled up this thread from the good ole archives: The basic troubleshooting calls for: 1) Check your power supply (its AC not DC) only way I know how is to use another one. 2) Volume pedal recalibration 3) Make sure the little knob on the back is turned up 4) The slider for amp/line (the little one on the back) should be checked to make sure it didn't get bumped and is in a 1/2 position. Hope you get it going! Bill
  23. Its easy to start, Guitar -> pod(w/FBV) -> power amp/cab(s). But you have sooooo many possibilities with the stereo outs, tone one & two, delays, etc. I've never been a giant fan of manuals but after you do the simple setup and get rolling, read that puppy :-) Rock On! Bill
  24. Hey There, Go here and check it out: It's up to your ears - depending on the cost "if" you can find the eprom. IMO - I wouldn't expect a major improvement. -B
  25. Hey my man - I actually dug my Pocket Pod out (again looks bad to abreviate that B) ) and you should have a sticker inside there with a looOoong # that starts (21)P...... that is the serial No. btw. If its honeslty gone you should just bite the bullet and call/email support. -B
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