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  1. Good call my man! Never even thought about that. -B
  2. BillBee

    USB port

    I do like the ldea of a PC interface. I have a feeling that there are some goodies in the works and that the current Amplifis are just the beginning.
  3. IS Pod Farm 2 showing that all the model packs are authorized? (IIRC in the about tab). If not authorized you may have to use PF V1.
  4. Hey Mark, I couldn't tell you if it is the same problem but if you browse through the HD section similar threads are there. -B
  5. Thanks! That was really informative on Vai's take on pedal order and stereo fx. I always ran a pedal board like the demo Boss one - all lined up in a specific order - never thought about the tonal variety (like the delay in front etc..). Love those Boss coffee cups too! Bill
  6. <delete the quote> The guy is just frustrated with a faulty 2 month+ (expensive) unit and stated above that the units were on back order so he sourced it from the US. Probably didn't even realize the warrenty wouldn't travel past the countries borders. But that's neither here at this point. Ken, You know if it is just the footswitch that needs repair it might not be a bad idea to take it in for an estimate. At our local shop its $75 to open the case and see what's wrong - then apply the cost towards the repair. -B
  7. If you find those wee lil tactile switches in there sometimes a shot of DeOxit can put some life back in them. Just take some pics as you go along JIC :)
  8. Hey Flattop, You just need the manual for it :) Offhand it may be located under the "Help" or Manuals tab (IIRC they are installed with the editor) but in case its not I found a copy online here: UgH! - let me try pasting the link again! Pocket POD Pilot's Guide.pdf edit: my link-fu is weak so copy the text of the link and pop it in your browser. Sorry 'bout that! Once you get the hang of it its pretty straight forward. Hope that helps! Bill
  9. Hey there, I know, I've tried myself with not much luck but it was just a small practice model not the big boy you've got so I just dropped the idea and moved on. Threw the info up there in hopes that you had more success than I did. BTW what pedals are you trying to use up front? -B Edit: found a thread where some dudes were going over the use of FX up front - might point you in the right direction:)
  10. Hey my man, I know you did the unistall/reinstall of the drivers and software already. But have a read here perhaps this method will help: I don't have a Win7 box so I couldn't really go more into depth. -B
  11. Hey Cowboy! The following assumes the XTL is working as it should btw: If you never hooked your XTL up to the computer before then you may have never actually owned any model packs except for the FX Junkie and Power Pack (IRRC). If you had bought it used, loaded with the other Packs then yep connecting it online would see that they were unauthorized. Now if you did buy the model packs you can run the L6 lisence Manager which will see the Packs in your Account and authorize the XTL. Which you might want to do anyway to get it all registered. If you need to get in touch with L6 you can go two ways - A Support Ticket or Call Tech Support. -B
  12. I have an old Spider II (been a while since I dusted it off so it may be a III) and it never like pedals going into the front. It would accept some mild modulations but not ODs/Dist very well. Probably because I never read this L6 info: Q: Can I use an external effects pedal or processor with a Spider series amplifier? A: Effects pedals will almost always work well in front of the Spider series amplifiers. Just be certain that the output level of the external effect is not set too high as it could overload the input of the Spider. Most rack-mount processors are designed for line level use and often don't sound quite right when connected to the front of an amplifier. Start out with the levels really low and gradually increase them. IMO the SIIIs sound real good and really don't need much if any added pedals. Shame they don't have an FX loop. For more Spider info: Hope you get it sorted! Bill
  13. Hey my man and welcome to the board! I don't use the ole Pocket Pod too much but the times I have I've not ran into that problem. Could you be possibly over loading the input, introducing some clipping that is causing that? (signal overload). Resetting with the restart? Does it happen on a variety of settings? -> Keep in mind I'm am guessing hoping for a settings issue rather than a parts problem. As far as what could be wrong I couldn't really hazard a guess - the price of an out of warrenty repair would probably be more than its worth (just having them look at it). -B
  14. I will have to run the ole spyware adware thing myself soon. Some of those thing are a PITA and getting to be fairly realistic looking. The ole "your system is $%$%#$%! click here to fix it" ones always amuse me :) Glad you got it sorted out! -Bill
  15. Ugh.... not what I had hoped for you Ken. Might be time to a) sell it as is on the -Bay or b) see what a repair would cost. Sorry my man, hopelully the service manager will be able to authorize it. I can understand a subordinate not wanting to take that on his shoulders and decide to pass it higher. Bill
  16. Hi Paul and welcome to the L6 board :) For a factory reset: POD/POD 2.0/Bass POD/POD Pro: press and hold the up and down arrow buttons as you power the unit on for ~ 5-7 seconds or until it goes to the preset 1-A For a clean electric/acoustic setting... hmmmm... perhaps the Black Panel model or the Jazz with little gain, sprinkle in some compression but don't have the gain too high there either. Mix in some chorus or reverb. I would recommend you give the ole manual a good read and try out the L6 Edit software. Tweak some of the existing patches and get a feel for where the models lead you. Some are really over the top in effects or high gain btw. After you get familiar with the interface L6 Customtone has lots of Pod patches and there are some pretty decent electric/Ac patches in there. -Bill
  17. Hey there and welcome to the forum! Sweet amp too! The 4 cable method of connecting it should work well. The link should get you started in the right direction. -Bill
  18. Oh I know - I still use an RP 1000 on occassion but alas no IPAD (or iphone) here my friend, but I have always liked the idea of the IPB setup. But yeah L6 could really run with something like that - watch where ya stomp! :) -B
  19. I hear ya Charlie and my eyes are not getting any younger either :-)
  20. Hey There! Go here and have a lil read. It should help you out! -Bill
  21. Hey Brazzy, I am starting to agree too. I used one in the rack setup as some spots seemed to almost "brown out" so why not on the floor. -B
  22. They would have to increase the size too as these ole pickle finger may be jabbing multiple items at once :-) FO was right - Ideascale is the place to put the ideas on. I am thinking about a L6 Pocket Pot built into the FB4 chassis similar to the Zoom MS50G... with a touch screen ;) -B
  23. Excellent my man! That turned out really good. Nice pics too, you can never go wrong with a cute pooch and a hot dog toy :) -B
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