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  1. What I was suggesting is that if you want to start on beat 3, press to overdub on E.g. beat 1, then start playing on beat 3, stop playing on the next beat 3, then turn off overdubbing at your convenience. I don't see how that could introduce a 0.5s gap? There's no harm in a 'double' recording of no sound.
  2. @harryguenter When you create a loop, timing the beginning and end is obviously crucial. But there's no requirement to time an overdub accurately*. Just tap to overdub at any point in the loop, as long as you start/stop playing at the correct point you're fine. Some standalone loopers have 'hold down to overdub' which I would find annoying. On the floor units you would probably be able to set this up using command centre if you wanted (separate actions for press and release), but I suspect these options are not available for the Stomp which doesn't have the 6-button looper. The looper in the Helix isn't perfect. I've not come across your issue, but it seems that there is limited memory for it to function. If you 'undo' a layer and then immediately overdub, you can get weird artefacts where some of the previous layer (the first half a second or so of the loop) are evident in the new overdub. Which can really ruin it! You have to be careful not to be too quick with the overdubs. I use the looper loads, but it's the one feature that is a tiny bit disappointing in the Helix. I have never thought I needed any other pedals / amps etc but a better looper (with drum tracks please) would be killer. Suspect it's pie in the sky though. If you have a separate footswitch for 'record' then pressing that immediately deletes any previous loops and starts recording. So this can solve the issue of 1s unwanted playback. *I'm sure there are some people that might want to initiate an overdub at a specific point (E.g. at the peak of a swell or something difficult to achieve another way), but for most cases it really shouldn't matter.
  3. Even though we might think of electronics being bombproof, things do expand/contract/bend due to thermal conditions causing soldered connections to work loose, and things corrode due to changing humidity etc. Obviously actually using the product increases the rate of those things, but there will be a certain amount of ageing. So, all other things being equal, I'd rather have a unit that was manufactured more recently. That said, it's probably a non-issue for 99% of units, and the Helix that's most useful is the one in front of you now. I'm definitely in the camp of "it doesn't matter", but I can see why it might bother some people.
  4. Perhaps I have missed something, but can't you assign that via command centre? Certainly, the footswitches can output midi signals, and you can assign commands (E.g. footswitches) to the various looper functions. I assume you also assign external midi commands to the looper. But the 30s limit is indeed annoying. The ability to switch multiple loops on/off would be good too, although I get both these functionalities through my iPad via USB and Loopy HD.
  5. I have an RC-3 and a Helix floor. The RC-3 doesn't do a lot that the Helix looper won't do, so I rarely use them together. It's just easier to chuck a looper block at the end of the Helix signal chain. As I understand it, the looper doesn't 'cost' much DSP, and you're already using a block for send/return, although footswitches are in short supply on the Stomp. I just use a USB cable from my phone or iPad if I want backing tracks.
  6. This is how I know if my socks are becoming threadbare (thin enough to get a capacitance reading, I guess). It's kind of annoying. If using 'normal' foot switch assignments, then touching the button only takes you to that block's options, which doesn't take you off the home screen.
  7. I don't know about the exp footswitch compatibility, but for a normal footswitch, instead of setting the switch to 'next preset', trying setting it to a specific preset. E.g. In preset 1, FS selects preset 2 In preset 2, FS selects preset 3 In preset 3, FS selects preset 1 (I have a single footswitch that does this to flip between two presets when I'm looping.)
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