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  1. Hi everyone, I did a bit of searching on this, but I couldn't find an answer. From what I understand, the Kinky Comp is based on the Xotic SP compressor. However, the controls for the Helix model are completely different than that of the SP compressor. Has anyone ever answered how the controls match up on the model compared to the real-life version?
  2. Yes, you're correct. I was trying to give the simplest example in what sets them apart
  3. I think the main differentiator is that Stomp mode is changing the Bypass state of a pedal, whereas Snapshot mode actually recalls a State of a pedal (this is in simplest terms). For example, say you had one Stomp switch (in stomp mode) that turns on 2 effects and turns off another. Then, the next stomp switch, you wanted to turn on a different effect, and only turn off 1 of the effects from the previous state. You can't really do that, since you are only affecting bypass state. In snapshot mode, you can completely recall a snapshot of effect/paramaters states.
  4. Do you have a link where you are seeing this price?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEP5Qvtf800&t=156s This video by Chad Huskey shows really easy patch creation using a Plexi and stock cabs. No tweaking at all, and sounds exactly how I would envision a miced, isolated cab would sound through monitors. Does this sound too bright to people?
  6. Using Helix Floor since last October. I play out twice a month, with the Helix being left on for at least 3 hours at a time (not including rehearsals/home practices). I also use patches with 7-8 snapshots. I've had zero issues. It has been completely rock-solid for me.....*touches wood*. I would certainly contact support.
  7. Yeah, I believe this bug has been there since they implemented the snapshot LED color changes. I remember coming across this.
  8. markus506

    Yamaha THR100HD

    I run it exactly as you said....2 cleanish amps, and run the helix as a full stereo output to the amp. It works well that way. I also see your point with wanting presets, however, I bought it before the helix with the intention of using it as a 2-channel amp. It suited my purposes, but, I agree, it would certainly make sense to make it preset based.
  9. Also, make sure the loops are set to 'instrument' level (I think they default to this)
  10. Same here. However, I have also found that if I go to an older preset that has NOT been fixed, go through the snapshots so it is stuck on 'EXP 1', THEN go back to a previously fixed preset and start changing snapshots, it will also get stuck on 'EXP 1'. Strange behaviour.
  11. No, I haven't heard anything yet. I am hoping that support will view this thread, and be able to reproduce, because it's a pretty obvious issue.
  12. I've had issues with USB 3.0, where it would drop connection fairly frequently. It seems much more stable using USB 2.0.
  13. Just select 'Helix' in the far left, then your OS in the far right dropdown. Hit 'Go' and the editor should be the first item that pops up. Scroll down and 'get download' will download the file for you.
  14. Yes, I've run 7 CM. Wired up the same as 4 CM, just need an extra effects loop, and use the other 1/4" output. There is a starting template for it under Bank 8 'TEMPLATES' in the Helix firmware.
  15. Thanks for confirming, guys. I'll point support in my ticket to this thread.
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