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FS: Line 6 POD HD500x - New w/receipt from AMS - $250


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I read over the TOS in regards to the forum here and didn't see anything in regards to posting a Line 6 item I have for sale, however, if there is an issue, please contact me and just to let me know.


I have for sale a new POD HD500x FX processor I bought from AMS about a year ago and it has been sitting idle in the box with all but 1 initial use. It's in perfect condition and still has the plastic on the LCD display. I have the OEM accessories as well as the receipt from AMS. The FX are indeed awesome with this, however, I am more of an 'old school' type of player and prefer mixing and matching good 'ol pedals and such and thus want to sell this to someone who could get more use out of it. The menu options and programming options are endless, so if your into the DSP, this is just one of the coolest processors around. I thought I might dabble into the newer types of processing hardware, but I just seem to be stuck with good old analog hardware when it comes to audio.


I paid just about $475.00 and I am asking $250.00...which is a steal. Shipping is included via USPS Priority Service w/ insurance of course to anywhere in the CONUS. The unit has NOT been registered (added to) my equipment list here @ Line 6, so you can register without any issues.


Payment is via Paypal or if you happen to live in northern central Illinois (DeKalb/Ottawa/Aurora area), via 1/2 way meet and buy.  You can try it out for a week and if you do not like it, I will take it back providing you pay for the return shipping w/ insurance. I just want someone here to get first shot at it before I list it on eBay or Amazon.


You can contact me at:  n944la '@' gmail dot com  or  with my Paypal email address below. 

My business Paypal account is:  sales 'at'



Part #: 99-060-1805

Serial #:  (21) P5S1L6425000814



Thank You



Tim Dickerson


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I don't know the rules either. 

But, $250 is hardly a steal. In theory, because it wasn't used, one may think it is a decent price. But, in reality, it is not a car, it doesn't have an odometer, we can't tell if it has been used or not. Plus, it is electronics. If you had a Windows 95 computer sitting unused in an unopened box - is worth anything because it wasn't used? 


$200-250 seems to be the current going rate for these things since the new one came out and there are more of them available on the used market.

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Hi guys


Thanks for all the input. I just thought $250 would be a good asking price....even if it is been used extensively and is in perfect condition. I don't know what to say about that fact. This is why I will allow someone to return it if they don't like it. All I can say is that it was used once and give you my word. I do see that it is still being made and sold for $499.00, so I think that $250.00 is a fair price. I'm not looking to get anymore....I just want someone to have a shot at having one w/o paying the retail price.


I have a 100% feedback rating on our eBay site, so people can at least see that I am honest person....for whatever that's worth. I can always put it up for sale there and someone would have the extra 'protection' so to speak with regards to any problems. I suppose I could make a short video of it being, I don't think that would matter.


I will let it sit here for a bit longer to see.





Tim Dickerson


Digital Audio Productions

FutureNET Systems

Sandwich  IL 

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I think $250 is a fair price. In fact, for used equipment, I would almost prefer it to be used more. If electronic equipment has a hardware fault, that fault is most likely going to appear in the first few hours of use, but not necessarily the first few minutes. The fact that the 1 yr warranty has expired (or is about to) would be a bit of a concern to me with such little use, but the price is fair.


As for 'rules' about this type of post, it's OK for Line 6 gear. We just don't want this to be a buy/sell/trade place for all kinds of stuff.

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I would be totally interested but unfortunately I'm from Serbia, Europe. I was just planning to buy one. Too bad about the timing, I was visiting Chicago during this summer. It's a great price though, here in Serbia the price in the stores is around 580$. Cheers

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Tnx again guys for your input. Sorry abt the timing issue there....that would have been perfect could have come to the studio here and demo'd it first as well. $580...yikes!....that is quite a bit more for sure.


Cheapest is $383 you not going to raise the price at all...hopefully someone will come along shortly.


The rest of my own personal Line 6 goodies (DT50 amps and so) are sweet, and sound fantastic with my PRS Cstom 24 Wood Library axe, so those I keep for sure.









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