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Using Helix mic for vocals barely audible through headphones


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Has anyone else tried to use the mic input on the Helix for vocals? When using just headphones, are you able to hear anything without turning the mic gain way up (which causes distortion) as well as the headphones volume?


I've tried with a few different mics of varying types and nothing really helps (SM57, Neumann TLM102 w/phantom power turned on).


I tried the template for guitar and vocals and I notice the same issue there. 


Its just entirely too quiet. Forget about hearing any sort of vocal if you are playing a guitar/bass at the same time.


Am I the only one encountering this volume issue with the mic input?



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Thanks for the replies everybody.


After further investigation, It looks like I just needed to add a noise gate to the chain to get rid of the extra noise created by pumping up the gain (in global settings I set it about 40db). My patch's mic preamp had the gain at 5 and level at 10. 


I guess I'm just used to a better mic pre with a lower noise floor.

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