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  1. Hello everyone, I just released an update to Helix Help,, to match the 3.15 release. This includes all of the new models, release notes, and other information. Along with this release many of the models have been updated with better descriptions and some bugs have been squashed. I am currently working on some clean up/including some additional information. I hope you all enjoy firmware 3.15! It's a doozy! Jason
  2. The HX Stomp XL can use up to 8 blocks of whatever you want (all effects, all cabs, all amps, mix and match, doesn’t matter). All that matters is the DSP limit. Some effects (poly pitch for example) use tons of DSP. You could use it in the way you describe. Blocks can be placed anywhere in the chain. For what it’s worth, I love the form factor. It’s easy to use and fun to tinker with. I do agree that you might wanna look at the HX Effects instead as that is specifically designed for what you are asking for. Hope this helps.
  3. I just made another quick update to Helix Help today with an improvement to the search box. It will now tell you the model type (amp, preamp, distortion, etc) as you type out your search terms. See the attached image for an example.
  4. Hello everybody, I just wanted to let you all know that I released a new version of Helix Help ( today with updated information related to 3.10. This includes the new models, release notes, as well as an updated "Reset Options" section with information regarding the HX Stomp XL. More updates will be coming over the next few weeks to tighten things up a bit, add more reference guides, and stomp out a few bugs. Thanks! Jason
  5. The reset options for the HX Stomp XL are exactly the same as they are on the HX Stomp. Helix Help will be updated with this information in the next update to the site. There are a lot of moving parts for this next update so I'm tightening things up to make sure I have an awesome release for everybody to enjoy. In the meantime, here is a screenshot of the reset options for the HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL: Helix H
  6. Hey everybody, I was perusing the web and randomly found out that 3.0 came out! As a result, I spent some time tonight updating with all of the new models and added the new release notes. I'll be cleaning up the site a bit in the coming days and will be adding more information to each model. Just wanted you all to know that I am on it. Hope you all are well! Jason
  7. Thanks, just added this to my bug list to tackle.
  8. @Klaim I just released an update to Please let me know if I have finally squashed those unicode character gremlins you encountered. Thank you!
  9. Yep, those Unicode characters are still on my list. Tough because I don’t have a way to duplicate the issue. I hope to address it in the next update this weekend though.
  10. I updated Helix Help with light and dark theme switching (dark is default), removed the duplicate Vintage Digital listing, fixed a documentation issue related to IRs, and added a simple blog feature. FYI: The theme selector uses a browser cookie to remember your theme selection. The cookie lasts for 1 year after your last visit to Helix Help. Let me know if you all would like theme switching based off of your system settings as well. @Schmalle I noted your suggestion about mic models and will see what I can do.
  11. Not to worry... the theme is fully switchable and I’ll implement that very soon. You’ll be able to choose between the standard dark view or a light mode as well. Stay tuned.
  12. Hello all, Today I released a huge update to Helix Help ( On the surface, it looks the same, only much prettier and more refined. Beneath the surface it is an entirely new code architecture that will give me much more control over updates in the future. Some enhancements you’ll notice right off the bat: Models now show up in the search box at the top of the page. You can now search by artist such as Clapton, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, etc. Its much, much faster. It just looks so much better and better matches the Helix look and feel. As with any major change, I’m sure some bugs will creep in here and there and I’ll be on the lookout for them. If you come across anything, please shoot me a message via the contact form on the site. Keep on playing. Jason
  13. Thanks for the kind words regarding, @cgar18 and everyone else. @Lynxpaw Helix Help has been a passion project of mine that I basically created for myself. It just happened to be picked up by a large part of the Helix community over the years. If its not your cup of tea, that’s ok, there are other options already available and you can always create your own personal guide. If you’d like to improve the crappiness of Helix Help instead, please feel free to send me some suggestions or a feature list you’d like to see and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen (just use the contact form on the site). Your ideas would likely make Helix Help way better and that is really all I care about. Lets make it awesome and more helpful for the community together! I hope you all have a great day! Keep on playing.
  14. @Klaim thank you for the info. I’ll dig in and see what I can do.
  15. that’s very interesting. I can’t replicate that issue. What browser and operating system are you using?
  16. Hello everybody, Most of you know about my passion project, It has been awhile since I did a complete update and well... today is the day. Here is the big takeaway: Every model/block from the Helix family is now available on Helix Help including all of the available parameters per model. I simplified the models section of the site to be a single page. On this page you will find two dropdowns. The first is the model/block category, the second, is the subcategory for the selected category. Think of the category dropdown as the general block sections, ie distortions, dynamics, wah, amps, etc. Think of the subcategory dropdown as the available types within the selected category: mono, stereo, legacy, guitar, bass, etc. You can still further filter through the models by using the filter input. For instance, if you've selected the category "amp", and are on the "guitar" subcategory, type "vox" to get all of the Vox amps or type, "fender" to get all of the fender amps. That's it. I hope you guys dig the update.
  17. It is safe to use but the frequency response won’t give you the thump in the chest and will leave you disappointed. I have a Mission Engineering Gemini FRFR (which is very close to what the PowerCab offers) as well as a QSC CP12 and the CP12 stomps all over the Gemini. I highly recommend the QSC if you want to use a bass guitar as well as a guitar (or even a keyboard). It’s plenty loud as well which was a concern of mine but turned out to be unfounded. if you want stereo, just buy two and your still under the cost of the PowerCab 212 Plus and you have a great sounding PA setup too boot.
  18. It’s been ages since I’ve given an update about so I figured I should give one. Here are some of the latest updates: This past weekend I fixed an ugly issue related to some 404 errors that were brought to my attention by @HonestOpinion. All of those issues should now be resolved. If you encounter any more, please let me know via the contact form on Helix Help or right here in this thread. I updated the look of the header to have a darker look. I felt it needed to match the Helix a bit better than it did. All of the models are up to date with the latest firmware version of Helix and I’ll continue to update it as Line 6 has new releases. Behind the scenes I’m adding the firmware release version to every model and that information will display in the model lists once they become available. Other than that, I’ve been making small updates here and there to polish some things and fix minor issues. I have some big plans for more manuals and better model listings. I really want to thank all of you guys for using Helix Help. It is amazing that a website that I started just so I could more easily remember some model information on the Helix has turned into such a popular destination. As per the usual, if you find anything that needs fixed, updated, or if you just have an idea for a new feature you’d like to see, feel free to contact me anytime. I try my best to reply as quickly as I can. Thanks again.
  19. Update: Line 6 was able to reproduce after watching my video and forwarded the issue on to the development team. Just a guess but based on the severity of this issue, I imagine it’ll be in the next batch of bug fixes.
  20. I have come across an issue closely related to this. How to reproduce: 1. Go to an empty preset. 2. Change global setting to Snap/Stomp or some combination like that. 3. Go to another empty preset. 4. The Footswitches are now in Preset footstomp mode. if you go back into global settings, you need to toggle the setting to get back to whatever mode you actually want to use. I put in a bug report about it but the Line 6 dudes said they couldn’t reproduce, so I sent them a video. I know it’s definitely not an installation error as I’ve reinstalled twice and followed the instructions exactly include global resets and everything.
  21. Helix Floor, firmware 2.80. Bug 1. Set Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Preset Mode Switches to "Stomp/Snap". 2. Navigate to an empty preset. What is expected The Footswitches are in Stomp/Snap mode. What actually happens The footswitches are now in Stomp/Preset mode for every preset. Workaround? 1. Go to a preset that is not empty. 2. Set Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Preset Mode Switches to "Stomp/Snap".
  22. It was a buzz that happened when I would just turn the Helix and the Gemini 1 on. The power conditioner solved the issue issue for me.
  23. I had the same sort of issue when I was running the Helix alongside a Mission Engineering Gemini 1. It was ridiculously noisy/buzzy no matter what I tried. The solution i came up with was a Furman power conditioner (I think it was this guy: Maybe give something like that a try?
  24. One option that I haven’t seen anyone else mention is to just buy a power amp, such as a Crown XLS 2502 (you might not need all of this power amp’s power though... you could find something cheaper), and run that into a guitar cab (just check the wattage and omns for the cab). Basically, this would allow you to setup as if you are going through an FX loop (using the pre amps) but you are no longer tied to a guitar amp. Another perk of this, is it gives you control to use whatever cab you choose, whether it be a guitar cab, a bass cab, an FRFR, or a fEARful (the bass guitar version of FRFR).
  25. For future reference:
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