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Pickup Specs on the JTV 89 F

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Hi all,


As my post title states, I'm trying to find out the pickup specs in the JTV 89 F, the reason being I have another guitar that truly love just as much as the JTV, but I hate the bridge pup on it. I'm looking to either buy an actual JTV bridge pup, or find a replacement that is a close match specwise. Specifically, I'd like to know what Alnico magnet type is used in that pup along with the DCR if anyone knows. Allegedly this pup is a high output PAF style pup, but a lot of different alnico magnet types have been used in the PAF family and I want to make sure I get an exact match if possible. In researching this I looked at the Seymour Duncan 59 and Little 59 for possible replacements, as this guitar is an SSS pu configuration. The regular 59 boasts an alnico 5, but the Little 59 is ceramic. This worries me as ceramic pickups tend to sound to brittle to my ear. And as for the Alnico 5, I have no idea if that is the magnet used in the JTV 89 pickup set. Any help is, of course, appreciated.  Thanks!

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L6 won't even divulge pickup HEIGHT specs...let alone what's actually under the hood. Doesn't much matter anyway. Having the info isn't gonna help you much. Even if you went out and bought another pickup that claims to have the same magnet in it, there's no predictive value there. Buying pickups is a crap-shoot. Always was, always will be. I've transferred the same pickup from one guitar to another, and had it sound VERY different. It's the combination of guitar and pick-up that either works, or doesn't. Bottom line, if you don't like the pickup in the other axe, try something else. It's all guesswork anyway.

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Any splittable pu should do the trick. So think 4 wire pups here. Then you can utilize the switching array for magnetics in the same way L6 does with the stock P.U.s in your JTV. You'll want to research pups which not only allow you to split the coils, but sound good in that configuration. Not all split coil pups are created equal. Some sound terrible when split, either sounding to thin and/or sounding too shrill. So you'll want humbuckers with a good track record utilizing split coils. Good luck to you!

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