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Best guitar model for Metal

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Hi everyone!


I feel that most of the guitar models of my JTV-59 sound too warm and floppy for my heavy tones. I have this feeling when I plug my Variax on my POD HD500 or when I plug it on my tube amp Spider Valve HD100.


When I plug my guitar LTD Viper 500-s with EMG pickups on them, my heavy sounds are much more dry and punchy.


I've read that Les-Paul models are commonly used to that purpose, and also that specific settings can be adjusted with the Workbench HD for example to move pickups towards the bridge to gain more bite in the tone.


Do you please have any suggestions for adequate guitar models or settings on the Variax, to obtain incisive and punchy heavy tones?



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There is no "best" anything in Variax Land, and no magic settings. Modeling is a strange world...you can try different combinations of guitar bodies and pickups, but you're probably better off trying other amp models, and/or tweaking your existing patches on the POD to better suit the guitar you're using. I've got patches specific to each guitar that I use regularly...for example, I find it's rare to be able to use a guitar (or a Variax model) with single coils along with a patch that I dialed in using high-output humbuckers. They're never gonna sound the same...

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I have a JTV59.


I use the magnetic PU's whenever possible... I only use modelling for acoustic or different tunings. My JTV 59 mag pickups into my Helix make for great metal sounds IMO.

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I had modeled my "Vogel Custom Guitar" with bridge EMG 81, using the LP Special as the fundament.

Interesting was, that I used some kind of a lipstick singelcoil PU to get 95 % there, soundwise.


If you are interested I could make screenshots of my settings by the time…


And please take a closer look at this thread if you want to switch a regular guitar and a Variax on your needs, using the same patches


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