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On the TC Helicon Talkbox Synth, I wonder do you have to "sing" the phrases into the mic for it to work, or do you just move your mouth on the mic (like on a tube thru a Banshee 2)?


Edited: Just RTFM. it states: Using the Pedal,  Vocalize into the mic while playing guitar to hear the effect. Don’t worry about singing in tune; the pitch of the effect comes from your guitar.

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I would like to have the vocoder back.
Was there 20 people total using that model on the HD series? maybe. Well, one of them was me :-D

I wonder how much work would it be to "just port the model" to Helix, as they did with the reverbs and wahs, for example.

Lots of us would be happy to just be able to use past models on the Helix, even if they're not re-modelled, but I guess L6 prefers to focus on HX generation models, whichever they are.
At launch, I seem to remember they said reverbs would be re-done in HX, am I right?

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On 5/7/2023 at 8:37 PM, anothermohammad said:


you actually have to sing but the note doesn't matter. if you just moved your mouth on the mic no sound woild come out of the talk box

You’re about 5 years too late with your comment. 


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